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Do this to increase your blog’s traffic

It’s important that everyone can find your MLB.com Blog posts in social media, and unfortunately it requires a manual intervention by each blogger to add that capability to your blog. It’s really easy, and you are just losing traffic by not taking a moment to make it happen.

In your dashboard, go to Settings–>Sharing. Then just drag all of the Share icons and then hit Save. Then each of your individual posts (Permalink) will display those icons at the bottom, so that your readers can instantly share/email/print/etc. As admins, we’re going to be doing that immediately for all of the Latest Leaders (unless it’s already done) immediately after we post the new rankings.

– Mark

@MLB Blog

Check out the new @MLB blog just created to support the @MLB account I tweet on. And if you’re on Twitter, follow me over there! Among other things, it will always be THE official source for verified/confirmed players who are on Twitter and want to be found there. If they aren’t on that list, then they are bogus. You’ll also find pics of Twitter followers, Twitter Giveaway rules, whatever else is worth more than 140 characters from time to time. – Mark

MLB Tweeps roster

Here is the latest MLB Tweeps roster for those of you on Twitter. Carlos Delgado is latest player addition. Please leave your own Twitter names in comments here. Possible MLB Tweeps reported by fans are authenticated here by the MLB.com beat writers for each team, who simply ask that player or exec. Please note that I am now tweeting @MLB so be a regular there! Updated 1:52 p.m. ET May 28:

Official Major League Baseball Twitter

Wear Spikes
@carlosdelgado21 – Carlos Delgado
@cc_sabathia – CC Sabathia
@chaddurbin – Chad Durbin
@chrisgetz – Chris Getz
@coco_crisp – Coco Crisp
@davidortiz – David Ortiz
@gator4god – Matt LaPorta
@joakimsoria – Joakim Soria
@moyerfoundation – Jamie Moyer
@nickswisher – Nick Swisher
@str8edgeracer – CJ Wilson
@todalion – Todd Wellemeyer
@detroit_tigers – Curtis Granderson

Don’t Wear Spikes
@Ask14 – Jim Rice
@ticketservices (A’s)

Max Madness for the Latest Leaders

Great idea by our friends at The Max: “It’s March (in case you didn’t realize), and that means college basketball madness is straight ahead. In anticipation of the NCAA Tournament, The Max has decided to hold a tournament of its own. Max Madness pits the most recent MLBlogs leaders up against each other in a one-on-one tournament to crown the unofficial Max Champion of MLBlogs. Check back every day for a new matchup.” Vote now!

Keep an eye on the Pro Blogs drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage, as it is growing fast, especially with players. We are in the process of facilitating prospect blogs for all 30 organizations, and many of them are under way. Casey Weathers (Rockies) and Javy Guerra (Dodgers) just posted their introductions. Torii Hunter, who was among our postseason MLBloggers last October, will resume his blog on a regular basis starting sometime next week. We should have around 40 player MLBlogs scrolling soon.

Get a TOUCH 2009 Sneak Peek over at our friend Alyssa Milano’s MLBlog. Funny to see that she outlasted a few of her comment trolls here in the community. Here is a suggestion for you to spice up your MLBlog: Do what Alyssa did and create your own music video on Animoto.com, then put the embed code in your MLBlogs post.

The Triple-A Indianapolis Indians are now represented on MLBlogs. Daron Sutton, whose MLBlog was created on our Opening Day of April 18, 2005, is now at this URL: http://sutshut.mlblogs.com

I have been posting regular updates on our Official MLBlogs Twitter, so be sure to follow us there so you are current on developments around the MLBlogosphere. Or just follow @mlblogs if you already are on Twitter.

Around the Sphere

MLBlogs welcomes many new blogs being created around the clock in this
especially high-optimism, high-volume crankup time for baseball
blogging. Welcome to Yankees 3B prospect Bradley Suttle, who just introduced himself at A lesson in Suttle-ty. Welcome to our MLB.com colleague Doug Miller, whose byline is familiar to millions of baseball fans. Welcome to Terry’s Tidbits from the Harrisburg Senators Double-A club.

The YES Blog is really good. All of the YES Network blogs are.

Zoë Rice just posted the best lookaround so far of CitiField. Pick me up some tickets! Also, we have a number of MLBlogger fans on the scene in Florida and Arizona, including Don of Rockpile Rant, so take a look at their great photos and reports. Lots of Fantasy drafts going on from what we can see, so make sure you are using the Fantasy 411 MLBlog’s help.

Thousands of followers so far on Twitter for our combined MLB forces there and countless more to come. Confirmed MLB tweeps so far:


Aforementioned Zoë is on there as well at @ZoeHelena, as are so many of you. They go hand-in-hand now, just as this MLBlogs Network does with MLB.com and all 30 club sites. What a powerful time to be a baseball fan! If you are new to Twitter, go to http://www.twitter.com and add any of those titles at the end of the URL without the @ sign.

It’s been great to have live games back, and to get back into the MLB.TV habit. Watched Cards-Mets today at home while packing for a Saturday move within the NY area. Surrounded by large boxes and lots of fellow MLBloggers and tweeps, life is good.

Around the Sphere

Post of the week on MLBlogs….

Happy Spring Training! I will be updating my annual IT’S HERE story on the MLB.com and club homepages through the first days of reporting, and it has been a blast to read all your posts about the first day of spring — like this one from Kaybee. Kind of sad that even on this special day we seem obligated to consecutively type the first, 18th, 15th and fourth letters of the alphabet….

Good tunes….

Sorry for the side panel outage tonight, folks. Have heard from a lot of you about a minor coding snafu and it has been resolved. Side panels are all reporting here for Spring Training now, and thanks for your patience….

Happy 200th birthday to Abe Lincoln…by the way, we’d like to announce that MLBlogs will be open on President’s Day.   🙂 …

There’s a bit of confusion about the process of obtaining permission to comment on a blog.

The way to do this is to log in to your MLB.com account from the blog on which you wish to become a commenter. You’ll only need to do this once for that blog, then you have comment permissions.

Note that if you’re already logged in and go to a blog to which you have not yet received permission to comment, you’ll see a message indicating you don’t have permission to comment if you attempt to do so. The solution in this case is to log out, then go log in via that blog, and you’ll be all set going forward as far as commenting on that specific blog….

Zoe has a quiz for you…

All but a few of the 30 MLB.com beat writer blogs are now populated as of this writing. The links are in my previous post. Please drop in on them with comments, as our crew is now settled in or on the way to Arizona/Florida and would love to hear from you.

We have indexed all the writers in the PRO BLOGS drop-down on the MLBlogs.com homepage, and here’s another great way to find all of them at once: See the new MLBlog of Jen Langosch, our Pirates beat writer at MLB.com. Thanks, Jen….

Really looking to our friend Alyssa Milano’s new book coming out next month. Alyssa just posted again to her touch ’em all MLBlog this week, as she is about to start her third year of MLBlogging and I think eighth year as a Dodgers season ticket holder….

Join us on the Official MLBlogs Twitter or follow @mlblogs over there.

Join our Twitter community!

I’m currently on vacation, but in the meantime make sure you join MLBlogs’ community on Twitter. It’s a great way to meet other MLBloggers and publicize your blog!

Just surf over to http://www.twitter.com/mlblogs or if you’re already on Twitter, start following @mlblogs.

Stop trading MLBloggers!

OK, just having a little headline fun there. We just lost our top 2008 player blogger now that Mark DeRosa has been shipped from the Cubs to the Indians. With any luck, he will want to still blog while with the Tribe, but as we have seen with cases such as Joe Blanton, it rarely works out that way. Just in case, rest assured that we are putting in a word with AC, our popular MLB.com Indians correspondent who blogs at CastroTurf. Mark was phenomenal as a Cubs MLBlogger. He maintained the MLBlog jointly through postseason with our excellent and longtime MLB.com Cubs correspondent, Carrie Muskat, and I can attest for how conscientious he was in wanting to be frequent and compelling. All of his posts are now marked as unpublished and it’s an Indians template…just in case.   🙂  Life moves on…

Brian Fuentes was not an MLBlogger. But we are sure that a lot of MLBloggers are going to have something to say about him replacing K-Rod as the Angels’ new closer. Just announced.

We are gradually building the list of followers at our new Official MLBlogs Twitter! Seen it yet? It is the latest way to be a key part of this MLBlogs community, and to promote yourself. Go to http://www.twitter.com/mlblogs and you can find it. If you already are on Twitter, just follow @mlblogs — and if you aren’t, then it’s (real) easy to sign up there and then go to that URL and follow us. I will be maintaining that Twitter as well as this community blog, so we now have at least three centers of social networking (also a Facebook page if you search there for MLBlogs and join up). Werbie’s there, Rock Pile Ranter, mthrilla, even Red Sox Chick (offspring of Red Sox Hen) from a past MLBlogs life! Early squatters on our new Twitter page are dominated by Red Sox fans, so others might want to jump right in — especially all of you who often complain about Red Sox and Yankee fans getting too much attention! Start tweeting! In 140 characters, just say what you’ve blogged about and be sure to paste your Permalink into http://is.gd so that you’ll have a tiny URL. (Tinier than tinyurl.com btw.)

Make sure you are all over the remote BEFORE 6 p.m. ET on Thursday. You do not want to miss the first syllable or image uttered when the MLB Network goes on the air at that time. It will make television history — forget sports and sports networks — when it demolishes the record for largest cable network launch into 50 million homes, about 20 million more than the previous high. Almost everyone will have this, and it will mesh with MLBlogging perfectly. I promise to keep asking Tony Petitti’s crew how we might be able to use the MLBlogs Network in synergy for that new world. Who knows…anything is possible. First let’s get it launched! I have written about 4,000 stories leading up to the launch of it and the latest is on MLB.com in case you have further questions. Thanks to Elizabeth in Miami from the MLBlogosphere for being a part of the main launch preview story! Oh yeah, she’s following our Official MLBlogs Twitter, too! If you’re not tweetin’ then you’re not meetin’.

Happy New Year from us at MLBlogs!

Happy New Year

TWITTER UPDATE! 10:52 a.m. ET Dec. 30: Just created our Official MLBlog Twitter! Go to http://www.twitter.com/mlblogs to follow, or if you already have a Twitter account, follow us there at @mlblogs — and let’s start off 2009 with some tweets. If you are new to Twitter, a “tweet” is a 140-character (max) post, and it’s a great way to further grow your MLBlogs community and get to know other MLBloggers. I saw that SBNation has one of these, and don’t worry, we are not making our own into a twitterfeed bot place! It will be inhabited by actual, living, breathing baseball bloggers! Leave any questions/comments here and have fun with it!

Hope everyone had fun opening their presents. We launch the MLB Network at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday, so make sure you check the channel locator at mlbnetwork.com and be ready to watch the first greeting and then blog about it. Happy New Year in a brand-new way…

I was just wondering which Sunshine State team’s one-year comeback was better in 2008: The Rays or the Dolphins? That thought just occurred to me watching Miami last night. I guess we should wait and see how far the Fins go.

As always, remember to leave tweets with your full URL here just to drive others over to your MLBlog. It’s one of the many little things you can do to promote your blog.

More Random MRA:

Random MRA:

Discovering a discovery site

Tonight I got a tweet from @TechCrunch on Twitter extolling the virtues of LOUD3R, one of the newest discovery sites after Digg, Reddit, Techmeme and the like. It has a network of 30 topic-specific semantic search engines, and tonight I played around with one of them, PITCH3R. You can click a subdirectory there and find specific topics such as “All-Star Game” — and looking through there, Alyssa’s latest post just a few hours ago had ascended in the top 10. If you click the headline, you’ll see the lede and be prompted to go to the actual page for the full article. It will be interesting to see how many MLBlogs are “discovered” there. Their server was down when I went there a little after midnight ET but eventually I got in, and you have to register and after that, you are able to “Submit A Story” and “Submit A Source” from their main nav. Can’t hurt if you’re all about getting traffic to your blog. I like the mix of results so far, a really diverse blend of sources and voices. Worth tinkering around with, seems pretty cool if you’re a fellow Magellan out discovering. For each site, LOUD3R gathers and publishes content (including photos and videos) from blogs, news and editorial sites. Each site has a source list and a semantic glossary of terms that teach the engine how to identify the best content. The content is ranked with a point system, pushing the highest ranked to the top. The engine also learns from user behavior, community feedback and human editors. What ways do you discover information for your blogs?