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Congratulations to the Phillies

PHILADELPHIA — That was just an unbelievable scene, and there are so many things I will never forget about what happened here in Philly. More than anything, it was just talking to the fans. Even more than talking to the players. I have been doing this every day, and tonight it was to the point that I would just walk up to fans with my MLB.com cap and I didn’t even have to introduce myself — they would just start telling me their stories. Some were in tears. I am kind of braced for the celebration-streets news, but overall it was just a fabulous scene as a baseball fan.

Here I am on the field as Jamie Moyer and grounds crew members behind me try to dig up the pitching rubber. It took forever to pry it up out of the packed clay. Then Jamie carried it around above his head like it was the Commissioner’s Trophy. It was his trophy. He earned it. He stepped on that pitching rubber how many times this year? Everyone celebrated in their own way. I just liked being out on the grass. I didn’t want to leave it.


It has been a wild postseason. I started with the Cubs, and was instructed to stay with the Cubs as far as they go. They didn’t go far. Then I was with the Dodgers. Then it was off to the World Series, and the scene in St. Pete was a pure joy to experience for a change. Then this. What I love especially about our golden era in Major League Baseball is that we are spreading this around, spreading the love. Last year, the Rockies. There is always new excitement somewhere. It’s so different than the old days, when it was elite and even predictable.

Most everyone is leaving. I am going to stay here through the parade, might even ride in it. I will head back to New York City Friday night, then go to the Expo on Saturday to pick up my registration/bib number, and then I run the New York City Marathon on Sunday morning. I was sweating bullets the last few days wondering if I’d just lost my marathon because of the weather, but even if we had gone back to Florida I was safe. Now I can rest a little bit for it and carbo-load. It is just an incredible week. Sorry for the infrequency of posting here, but we have been cranking out content on a constant basis at MLB.com and that rules all…and some marathon training mixed in to keep it going. I’ll be back with Latest Leaders this next week.

Make sure you hit Jesse’s MLBlog, and check out the one we just launched for Colin Ballester of the Nationals. That’s Bally’s Blog, our latest MLB player. Shane Victorino was still blogging at last check, and I told Joe Blanton during the clubhouse champagne celebration that it would be great to have him back in the MLBlogs fold; he started the season with Big Joe’s Bluegrass Blog, if you’ll recall from his Oakland days. Thanks also to our buddy October Gonzo; he helped draw a huge crowd here, and all of you benefited indirectly from it. OG is wrapping it up, and yes, we’ll have more space to promote other folks now.  🙂

OK, leave lots of comments and don’t forget to include your full URL so people can find their way to your blog. What do you have planned for the offseason? We plan to launch the NUMBER ONE HOT STOVE BLOG anywhere. Our Trade Talk blog shot to the top of all trade-deadline blogs on the Internet in terms of traffic, maintained by our 30 on-the-scene correspondents with each club. We’ll do the same for the whole offseason. You definitely will want to line that up on your blogroll and get the RSS feed; we’ll let you know when it’s live. I’ll be putting my MLB.com Gift Guru hat back on, and you will be sick of seeing me trumpet the wonders of the MLB.com Shop by the time the late December holidays hit. That’s me.

Congratulations again to the Philadelphia Phillies. Champions of the world in 2008. Wow.

– Mark/MLB.com

Skylight’s Last Gleaming

I am quoting Patti LaBelle directly there from her unique rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” before Game 4. Here, you can see the Skylight’s Last Gleaming and the rockets bursting in air as I used my Canon A540 to take the following video of the last pitch of Game 4 and the fireworks. Enjoy and keep on blogging!

Unbelievable night in America

This is amazing. I am sitting here tonight at our MLB office with the FOX feed of Phillies vs. Dodgers immediately to my left, and the live Presidential Election Debate on our MLB.com video player right in front of me on this laptop (now minimized as I type). I wrote this article on the MLB.com homepage to introduce baseball fans and voters to an amazing first: Being able to watch a live MLB playoff game and a Presidential Election Debate at the same time. It was always a choice in life before, and MLB always won because the broadcaster couldn’t mess with its profitable event. Some commenters on that article page said they thought it was the best thing we’ve ever done at MLB.com. I can’t disagree as I’m sitting here soaking up this night. I have my own thoughts on what I’m seeing in this possible clinch broadcast in both mediums, and I’m just curious what other MLBloggers think of following both settings simultaneously. Here are some screen shots. Just look at Baseball and Politics together, so quintessentially American. I’m just amazed at seeing the candidates on our video player. What say you?



Ethier MLBlog in WSJ; Z and Jeter posts galore


Around the Sphere

AndreEthier301.JPGWSJ writes about an MLBlogger: Great piece by Hannah Karp (with video) about Dining with ‘Dre, the MLBlog about cuisine, maintained by Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier. . . . Phillies fans are feeling good. This could be the second straight year for a dazzling September comeback by those guys. BTW, do you realize that right now the red-hot Marlins have a record that would be good for a share of the NL West lead? They are playing some great ball…actually not out of it. . . . Restless Crew fan. . . . While so many people are caught up in the Cubs’ developments, you may have noticed that the other Chicago team is very much on postseason course:  http://bradcws.mlblogs.com/archives/2008/09/grand_day_for_the_white_sox.html


Making sure you saw Mark DeRosa’s latest post from neutral-site Milwaukee before he made a huge play to help preserve Carlos Zambrano’s no-hitter. Also making sure everyone sees all the great posts about the no-hitter, starting with:







That’s the MLB.com article by our friend Rafael in Venezuela, who also posted this on his Space Race MLBlog: http://spacerace.mlblogs.com/

This Cub fan said it was a bad idea to move the series: http://bluecheese.mlblogs.com/ (he wrote that before the no-hitter).

Please feel free to post your Permalinks if you’ve blogged about Z and this incredible ongoing Cub story…

the same goes for all these Jeter blogs. The captain just caught Lou
Gehrig for No. 1 all-time with most hits at Yankee Stadium. Examples






Add the Trade Talk blog

Make sure you put the brand-new Trade Talk blog on your browser toolbar strip or save the RSS feed to your blogreader — whatever it takes to make this an around-the-clock fixture in your life between now and the July 31 trading deadline. It is constantly updated by our 30 Major League Baseball team correspondents here at MLB.com. We’re the only media outlet that staffs every MLB press box with two dedicated beat writers on a traveling basis, and they are at the source of discussions with the general managers and player personnel folks. They are also routinely talking to each other and asking the right questions of those execs, knowing each club’s up-to-date needs and stances on the issues. Jump into this blog with your comments, ask your questions, tell them and others what you are hearing in the rumor mill as well, and make Trade Talk a staple in your trading season life.

Welcome to Phillies Red Pinstripes, who started an MLBlog this month. We also want to thank that blog’s author for providing the link back to our All-Star coverage index area from the reposting of my colleague Ken Mandel’s article about Chase Utley’s All-Star voting update. With that AP settlement case involving The Drudge Retort in the news recently, it’s worth pointing out that common courtesy here. The MLBlogs Network has an “official affiliate/unofficial opinions” relationship to MLB.com, but please just credit and put a link back if you do reproduce one of our writers’ articles from MLB.com and the 30 club sites.

Welcome also to our newest MLB PRO BLOG: Redlegs in the Community. The fact that so many clubs want to create blogs and audiences that way only further demonstrates the growing trend that everybody in baseball has to be blogging.

Personal note Part I: It’s time to start another New York City Marathon training program, now that it’s coming upon 16 weeks out from the November 2 event. Base is around 23-25 miles/wk right now. Updated the running blog, too. Any runners out there, please feel free to hit me up with great suggestions and network.

Personal note Part II: Every now and then I just want to replay some of my favorite baseball video clips I have uploaded to youtube. Here are a handful for kicks. You can place them in your own MLBlog by taking the embed code and clicking the last icon on the right of the toolbar above your text field. Here are some examples:

Great batting practice catch. I was hanging around the third base area as Tigers BP was starting and took this with my Canon A540 during the 2006 World Series in Detroit. Jeremy Bonderman basically saves some of his teammates, including Todd Jones, Joel Zumaya, manager Jim Leyland…and I don’t remember if that’s Andy Van Slyke or maybe Kenny Rogers standing next to Leyland. Here you go:

Post some of your own videos and comment with examples here.

Baseball. Bloggers. Everywhere.

Updated 11:18 a.m. ET Friday

Welcome to Digging In The Dirt. Welcome to Three Rivers, Five Titles, One Blog. Welcome to Zajack’s Column. Welcome to No Steroids Here. Welcome to The Bronx Bomb. Welcome to GoldGloveLuie. Welcome to 26 and Counting. Welcome to Mike Acker. Welcome to bleacherbum. Welcome to Brewing a Winner. Welcome to Mr. Mets Daily. Welcome to Meksquesttogotoagame. Welcome to playing like a girl. Welcome to Cardsfan18. Welcome to Smoke Signals. Welcome to the official MLBlog of the Houston Astros’ front office, where you will find out whether the roof will be open or closed for each game. Welcome, free-world bloggers! If you have a new blog, don’t be bashful, throw it in the comments here with your URL! Everyone leave a welcome comment for them!

You’ll find a lot more Minor League blogs around here, too. Lisa
Winston, part of our MLB.com crew, just launched her new MLBlog at got milb. Our MLB.com colleague Jonathan Mayo has rechristened his excellent MLBlog in the spirit of the relaunch. It’s now B3: Big, Bold and Beautiful. And Kevin Czerwinski
started one as well. So there are a lot of familiar bylines/voices
around MLB.com and MiLB.com giving you important insights into player
development, Draft prospects and things important to all organizations.

The Rangers are inviting their fans to congratulate Eric Nadel, on the 30th year of his broadcasting the club’s games. That’s a lot of baseball from the catbird’s seat, and we salute him here at MLBlogs as well. Personally, I used to cover the Dallas Mavericks (1986-90) for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and had a weekly NBA radio show on KRLD, and there were nights when Nolan Ryan was throwing and I would follow the action with Eric. If a no-hitter was alive through six, I would drive one mile away and jump into the park with everyone else. Just in case you saw Nolan make some more history.

There are a lot of fine pitcher blogs out there, from Curt Schilling to Pat Neshek to Phil Hughes to Kevin Slowey. But no Major League pitcher, probably no other athlete, throws better bloggage than Rangers reliever CJ Wilson. It’s like he invented what blogging should be like for pro athletes. No one else involved. Create a blog, post, live it, read the comments and interact. Can you imagine if Babe Ruth had a blog while he was on the road? Posting at stops along the train ride to Philly or St. Louis or Chicago? What if Babe had blogged about his Called Shot? Filter out the storytellers completely, just say it on your blog to the people. That’s CJ’s world, unchained. Neshek gets a close second by making his a cottage industry.

Let’s talk about great starts here at MLBlogs. As you probably surmise from watching the Most Recent Activity on the MLBlogs.com homepage, new blogs are being created continuously around the clock now that this place is free. And a good example of all the fans bringing their blogs here now can be found at Those Crazy Ol’ Blue Jays. Stanton X writes:

I started this blog a couple of weeks ago on a different site. But obviously I wanted a bit more exposure so I have moved all of my older entries into here. From now on I will be updating regularly on MLBlogs.com so thanks for checking it out. Feedback whether it be positive or negative is always welcomed.

Be sure to drop him a welcome comment and leave your URL so people can find you.

editar.jpgOur friend and longtime astrosdehouston.com blogger Rafael Rojas Cremonesi reports from Venezuela that the new Movable Type software is a friendly step forward for Spanish-language MLBloggers. “I love the fact you can set up your MLBlogs platform to have instructions and commands in Spanish,” Rafael emailed. “The whole interface for blogging, posting and whatnot can be set to be read in Spanish. So instead of seeing ‘post’, ‘create” or ‘edit’, you can see ‘crear’, ‘editar’, etc. There are certain menus that would not change its language, so maybe that could be checked out.” Will do and thanks, Rafael.

Rafael is still one of the Hardest Working Bloggers out there. He’s the only one who posts to an English-speaking MLBlog and a Spanish-speaking MLBlog. We have an ever-increasing number of MLB PRO BLOGS (that template for any blogs created within the MLB family of employees) that are in Spanish like Siempre Gigante or Siguiendo a los Mets, as you can see on that drop-down list on the MLBlogs.com homepage, and this will grow exponentially. Hopefully in Japanese soon as well. There are also lots of bloggers here who post to multiple sites, showing a lot of determination to build audience. That’s what it’s all about! When I woke up this morning, another new Blue Jays blogger was being promoted with a link to his MLBlog from the MLB.com homepage. Feel free to keep leaving your suggested 15-to-25-word (MAX!) excerpt here for consideration, and as you probably can tell we’re going to spread the wealth rather than “regulars.”

Dan/Steve/Zack/Beth et al: Thanks for the help in the comments on these updates. Nice when fellow bloggers are helping each other through the trials and tribulations of learning an entirely new software environment all around Opening Day. Please continue to post your questions/comments/gripes/whatever here as we continue to work on any relaunch bug issues as well as scheduled upgrades for the next phase of updates coming soon. They customized MT for you all and it works best if all of your feedback is continually added here so it can be incorporated into the Google Doc citing next needs.

Thanks also for your patience with me last weekend as I was Bernie Carbo-loading and then pounding pavement Sunday at the St. Louis Marathon and recovering Monday. It was a perfect day that took you toward the Arch at sunrise then past Busch and down around the A-B brewery then back up past the Purina plant, through Forest Park (and the outdoor Muni), Wash U, Clayton, Delmar’s killer hill, U-City and then eventually back toward the finish near Union Station. I know that this crowd would have wanted me to go from the finish line straight over to the simultaneous first pitch of Nationals vs. Cardinals a few blocks away to watch and blog, but my legs wanted nothing to do with that. Now my left Achilles tendon gets a vacation as I surf the Sphere.

Our friend Chris does a great job of updating one of the best Giants blogs.

So far so good on the comment moderation question of what happens when you break down the pay wall. Just checked and one person the past week reported an offensive comment (removed). Those flags are prominent after every comment you see on MLBlog. If you see something, say something, as they say around NYC. You are your own MLBlog’s moderator, but we try to help keep it like a ballpark atmosphere.

Is it just us, or does every Phillies blog ever created have the “ph” consonant as a play on words in the title? Is the Phillie Phanatic naming all of these? Would you guys have started up phacebook instead? (No sooner did we write this than Philsfirst came to the rescue with the letter “F”.) And memo to our new friend Jenn at Phillies Phollowers who commented on this post, we would consider that one except it will be too dated so think in terms of lightning-fast baseball schedules as yesterday’s history and someone will be reading that excerpt tomorrow morning.

Happy blogging for phree! More updates on the infrastructure as they come along…