Join our Twitter community!

I’m currently on vacation, but in the meantime make sure you join MLBlogs’ community on Twitter. It’s a great way to meet other MLBloggers and publicize your blog!

Just surf over to or if you’re already on Twitter, start following @mlblogs.


It looks like we’ll have to start using Twitter now as well! Lose Baby Weight

I’ll give twitter a shot. Mark, I hope you have a great vacation. I’m sure you deserve it. Seems like you’re always working.

Have a great vacation, Mark!

Just signed up for Twitter.. don’t get the whole hype just yet, but trying it out.
V –

Consider Prose and Ivy a proud Cubs ‘twit’. Part of the MLBlogs twitter community now at:

See you around!
Prose and Ivy

Enjoy the time off. Al & I have joined the Twittin’ community:

Hope the vacation is a blast Mark, you deserve it!

Prose and Ivy

PS – Hope the vacation is going well Mark!


Those us who are there are happily “twitting” away! Everyone should join the fun!


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