Stop trading MLBloggers!

OK, just having a little headline fun there. We just lost our top 2008 player blogger now that Mark DeRosa has been shipped from the Cubs to the Indians. With any luck, he will want to still blog while with the Tribe, but as we have seen with cases such as Joe Blanton, it rarely works out that way. Just in case, rest assured that we are putting in a word with AC, our popular Indians correspondent who blogs at CastroTurf. Mark was phenomenal as a Cubs MLBlogger. He maintained the MLBlog jointly through postseason with our excellent and longtime Cubs correspondent, Carrie Muskat, and I can attest for how conscientious he was in wanting to be frequent and compelling. All of his posts are now marked as unpublished and it’s an Indians template…just in case.   🙂  Life moves on…

Brian Fuentes was not an MLBlogger. But we are sure that a lot of MLBloggers are going to have something to say about him replacing K-Rod as the Angels’ new closer. Just announced.

We are gradually building the list of followers at our new Official MLBlogs Twitter! Seen it yet? It is the latest way to be a key part of this MLBlogs community, and to promote yourself. Go to and you can find it. If you already are on Twitter, just follow @mlblogs — and if you aren’t, then it’s (real) easy to sign up there and then go to that URL and follow us. I will be maintaining that Twitter as well as this community blog, so we now have at least three centers of social networking (also a Facebook page if you search there for MLBlogs and join up). Werbie’s there, Rock Pile Ranter, mthrilla, even Red Sox Chick (offspring of Red Sox Hen) from a past MLBlogs life! Early squatters on our new Twitter page are dominated by Red Sox fans, so others might want to jump right in — especially all of you who often complain about Red Sox and Yankee fans getting too much attention! Start tweeting! In 140 characters, just say what you’ve blogged about and be sure to paste your Permalink into so that you’ll have a tiny URL. (Tinier than btw.)

Make sure you are all over the remote BEFORE 6 p.m. ET on Thursday. You do not want to miss the first syllable or image uttered when the MLB Network goes on the air at that time. It will make television history — forget sports and sports networks — when it demolishes the record for largest cable network launch into 50 million homes, about 20 million more than the previous high. Almost everyone will have this, and it will mesh with MLBlogging perfectly. I promise to keep asking Tony Petitti’s crew how we might be able to use the MLBlogs Network in synergy for that new world. Who knows…anything is possible. First let’s get it launched! I have written about 4,000 stories leading up to the launch of it and the latest is on in case you have further questions. Thanks to Elizabeth in Miami from the MLBlogosphere for being a part of the main launch preview story! Oh yeah, she’s following our Official MLBlogs Twitter, too! If you’re not tweetin’ then you’re not meetin’.

Happy New Year from us at MLBlogs!


I’m so depressed. I can’t get the MLB Network.

In the section at the bottom that allows you to go to team specific blogs. How do we go about getting that refreshed or changed. If you click on the Reds one you get a Cardinals blogger as first pick about a game that happened months ago. All the Reds bloggers are sprinkled in randomly.

Also there is a caption on the website supporting mlb blogs, but it’s giving out the names of just professional blogs that don’t have any updated oontent. How about throwing a bone to the hard working fan blogs or at least a combination of blogs that are Reds related and have been updated in the past several weeks!


Less than an hour to go before the launch. THIS should be interesting…
Guess onedayatwrigley’s cable system is having contract issues. Why ELSE would they drop all those Viacom channels?? Happens all the time, pal. LMAO
And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say Happy New Year…and GO NASTY NATS!!!

Got me set up on Twitter and already have a few followers….cool.

Did a small blog on the Possible 2009 Rays Resolutions………my own resolution is to just be happy and write daily. I think I can fulfill that one without a huge problem.

Rays Renegade

I’m going to miss the launch of the MLB Network because my mother made dinner reservations at 4:00, and those parties never end in time! 😦

Also, “Happy New Year”, to everybody at !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]


Happy New Year !!! ….. Jimmy [27NYY] …

Time Warner may be losing MTV, MTV 2, Nickelodeon, VH1 and Comedy Central among others at the stroke of midnight…but at least they’re providing MLB Network!!! I can’t wait for the network’s official launch tomorrow night! Happy New Year to you Mark and everyone at!

Prose and Ivy

It was a pretty cool year. Check out my 2008 review entry…happy New Year’s!!

Thanks again for the mention Mark 🙂
MLB Network is going to be the dream come true for every hardcore baseball fan! All baseball, all the time. What more could we possibly ask for?
Happy New Year!

Thanks again for the mention Mark 🙂
MLB Network is going to be the dream come true for every hardcore baseball fan! All baseball, all the time. What more could we possibly ask for?
Happy New Year!

Have I mentioned how much I’m salivating over the MLB Network? ;-P- – – – – – – – – – – HERE WE GO!!!!

Me miss a chance to chat? Never!! Happy New Year Mark and I can’t wait for the launch tomorrow night! See you all on twitter! (werbie is just another alter-ego of Julia’s rants!)


Happy New Years everyone! I just added a twitter account for The ‘Burgh Blues. Add us!

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