Max Madness for the Latest Leaders

Great idea by our friends at The Max: “It’s March (in case you didn’t realize), and that means college basketball madness is straight ahead. In anticipation of the NCAA Tournament, The Max has decided to hold a tournament of its own. Max Madness pits the most recent MLBlogs leaders up against each other in a one-on-one tournament to crown the unofficial Max Champion of MLBlogs. Check back every day for a new matchup.” Vote now!

Keep an eye on the Pro Blogs drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage, as it is growing fast, especially with players. We are in the process of facilitating prospect blogs for all 30 organizations, and many of them are under way. Casey Weathers (Rockies) and Javy Guerra (Dodgers) just posted their introductions. Torii Hunter, who was among our postseason MLBloggers last October, will resume his blog on a regular basis starting sometime next week. We should have around 40 player MLBlogs scrolling soon.

Get a TOUCH 2009 Sneak Peek over at our friend Alyssa Milano’s MLBlog. Funny to see that she outlasted a few of her comment trolls here in the community. Here is a suggestion for you to spice up your MLBlog: Do what Alyssa did and create your own music video on, then put the embed code in your MLBlogs post.

The Triple-A Indianapolis Indians are now represented on MLBlogs. Daron Sutton, whose MLBlog was created on our Opening Day of April 18, 2005, is now at this URL:

I have been posting regular updates on our Official MLBlogs Twitter, so be sure to follow us there so you are current on developments around the MLBlogosphere. Or just follow @mlblogs if you already are on Twitter.


roundrock15 sorry but I can’t post a schedule, it’s gradual through Spring Training. Have to give much credit to my great colleague at for making that happen, stop by and tell Jonathan thanks if you like our new blog farm and where it’s going…and if you have ideas/suggestions/etc. – Mark

Mark, do you know when the remainder of the prospects should start popping up? Or, at least, who they’re going to be? I think this is a great idea.

Well, this leaves ME out!!! LMMFAO
First I need to crack the top 50, before I even think of going head-to-head with anybody @ MLBlogs. HOPEFULLY, because I showed Bill Ladson some love just now, I just might begin that tortoise-like journey…yeah, like any of YOU give a rat’s hiney!!! LMAO
Hey, here’s a thought I just had: why not have divisional MLBloggers square off against one another when the season starts?? Believe me, with the stuff I can come up with, I can give these NL East loser MLBloggers a run for their money!!!
Mark, you need to tell Julia she needs to step it up if she wants to steer people my way…lol…seems my “traveling secretary” is falling down on the job as of late!!! LMAO

Julia: No idea on April 5 other than I have to play the part of a character at church on that on Palm Sunday 🙂

Jess: Every year is the Cubs’ turn. With the Red Sox changing history in 2004, it really means you are our hope for always having this unfulfilled dream. What would it be like if you actually win? How would we cope?

Melissa: Thanks for both reports, whatever glitched that was fixed itself.

To my alma mater of Indiana University: I can’t bear to watch any more basketball.

Why is the first comment on here from a Red Sox fan? Don’t be so greedy, it’s the CUBS turn, we deserve it. Check my blog out..I will be blogging from Cubs home opener in 35 days. I hope Wrigleyvield thaws out by then! – Jess

Or as Kathy at Red Bird Chatter suggests, Lincecum’s clone. Maybe he can write a blog 😉

You should try to get Giants Tim Lincecum to do a blog or Buster Posey as he works his way up the minors fast this season.

~King of Cali

Torri Hunter is the man!!! Hopefully he has another great season for the Angels…
good luck from

Twitter for this is really the best way for us to all keep in touch!


Everyone vote for KING YANKEES!!!
Everyone please read the questions and respond!

Can’t wait for the Padres prospect! Check out my latest entry on some exciting things that happened to me this weekend…it’s pretty cool!

Thanks for the update. Love the pro blogs.

wooohoo! I’ve added Casey’s blog to my favs 😀 tanx for the updates Mark.Missy

BS low – rtaoianilty high! Really good answer!

The circus is in town…
Rosh Koch //

Hey Mark – where will you be on April 5th??


Hey Mark,
I have a quote that I think might deserve some consideration for the homepage. Here it is:
“Right now there are still about 5 guys vying for that last rotation spot, besides Price.” Also, it’s awesome that all 30 clubs will have player representatives doing blogs!
The Manoman

The problem with the sidebars is fixed.

That is a fun idea, it reminds me of my failed MLBlogs awards. :p

Mark, is there anyway to opt out of the e-mails I get when I receive a comment?

Whoever thought to give a Rockie prospect a blog deserves a raise and a promotion! and that voting idea is brilliant!

Something is up with a few of the sidebars. Yours, mine, and Aaron’s at Totally Tribe. Everything disappears except for the pictures. I just thought I would let you know.

Okay everyone, I got into a hard bracket with “Baseball, Yankees and Life”, and the “Baseball Cleats blog”. With your help I can get into the Elite eight and get finished off by “Confessions of a She-Fan”

I am going to try and become this years’ UNC-Charlotte, or Charleston College. Please vote daily and often for your favorites. And remember to vote for Rays Renegade………I promise not to dribble on you.

Rays Renegade

Yeah, as much as I like Thomas’ adsense array of baseball gear blogs (laughing all the way to the bank), I am pretty confident this is going to be your basic Tar Heels 108, Enter 16-Seed Patsy Here 67.

You’re too kind to us, Mark. Thank you.

I predict Jane takes this one against the Bats. And I NEVER miss an election either, Julia 😉

I voted! I never miss an election! Oh – and GO RED SOX!


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