Happy New Year

TWITTER UPDATE! 10:52 a.m. ET Dec. 30: Just created our Official MLBlog Twitter! Go to http://www.twitter.com/mlblogs to follow, or if you already have a Twitter account, follow us there at @mlblogs — and let’s start off 2009 with some tweets. If you are new to Twitter, a “tweet” is a 140-character (max) post, and it’s a great way to further grow your MLBlogs community and get to know other MLBloggers. I saw that SBNation has one of these, and don’t worry, we are not making our own into a twitterfeed bot place! It will be inhabited by actual, living, breathing baseball bloggers! Leave any questions/comments here and have fun with it!

Hope everyone had fun opening their presents. We launch the MLB Network at 6 p.m. ET on Thursday, so make sure you check the channel locator at mlbnetwork.com and be ready to watch the first greeting and then blog about it. Happy New Year in a brand-new way…

I was just wondering which Sunshine State team’s one-year comeback was better in 2008: The Rays or the Dolphins? That thought just occurred to me watching Miami last night. I guess we should wait and see how far the Fins go.

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Random MRA:


I would say that the Dolphins season is more impressive. I don’t watch them every week, but they sure don’t seem like all that great of a football team. It’s good thing everybody else in the AFC East stinks.
As for the Rays, they truly are a talented team. Looking at their roster, it’s not that hard to believe their season.

I just found out my cable subscriber is not listing MLB Network right now…………..So I made sure to send them a letter requesting that they add it to my Sports package.

Kind of bummed about it all, but I have told about 10 people, and if they tell 5 people.and so on………..maybe we can get it on our Knology system by Feb.

Remember to write a letter to your system if they do not have MLB Network on the current channel listings. The zip code guide was a great help to find this out……………

Rays Renegade


I think that the Rays comeback is way better because they had to take over the Yankees and Red Sox. Not easy. I am just waiting to see the Lions go to the super bowl next year and the Royals be the Rays of baseball this year

Can anyone at MLBlogs help me. Mark, you aren’t responding and the email for the webmaster isn’t working. I haven’t been able to get to my dashboard for 6 days now and I am becoming very impatient. I cleared my cookies and all I get is a blank page.

Mark – great article on MLB.com – in case you did see it here’s the link:


I also look forward to the launch of MLB Network – and I’m very excited that some of the first shows will include a multi-part series on my Red Sox! Thanks for all that you & MLB do for us fans; it is greatly appreciated. Have a Happy & Peaceful New Year! Here’s to a great 2009! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were turning the calendar to 2000?
And the Pink Red Sox stocking hat? Your “feature” on me got me the hat as a Christmas gift! Thanks!


RE: She Fan’s comments

Couldn’t have said it better myself…of course not…she’s the author!

Thanks again Mark for your helping hands!


Thanks for the link to my blog post about the MLB Network, Mark. I really can’t wait for the launch on 1/1 at 6 pm (which will be 3 pm here in CA – perfect timing). I’ll also check out Twitter. “She-Fan” should get out there and make new friends. 🙂 I appreciate all you do for us and hope 2009 brings good things to you!


I say the Rays as well. They’ve been a lot worse than the Dolphins, for a lot longer. They actually won the A.L. East! Believe me, as a Jays fan, I know the degree of difficulty involved with that. They also knocked the Yankees out of the playoffs after 13 straight years, with their magnificent season. What they did last year was enormous.

The Rays did a great job this year, and the Dolphins are surprisingly doing well as well! Happy New Year Mark!

The Rays did a great job this year, and the Dolphins are surprisingly doing well as well! Happy New Year Mark!

Without a doubt it has to go to the Rays for rebuilding with talent from the ground up and watching it pay off. Yes the dolphins are impressive in their season but I have a bias for small market teams who make it big!

I just checked for Denver and it will be on Comcast channel 420..hehe. Hey Mark, I’m just curious, will there be any MLblog exposure, on the new network? Yesterday was a sad day in Broncoland…D

I agree, the Fins get to the big show, then yeah, they’re up there with the Rays but I feel that worst to first is much tougher in baseball so…

Well, the Chargers made a bit of a comeback themselves this month. They won four games in a row to overtake the Broncos. Now they’re in the playoffs!

The Dolphins? Are they some sort of National League expansion team that I missed?

Steve T.

I don’t think the Dolphins will reach the Super Bowl, but I do think their comeback is a great one. That said, the Rays comeback is greater, for one simple fact: The NFL is designed to help teams finish essentially the opposite of how they finished the previous year. The league is all about parity. MLB is not. And the Rays did it anyway.

Mark, as a HUGE Patriots fan, yesterday’s Miami/Jets game was just painful to watch! As amazing of a season that Miami has had, their play yesterday wasn’t as impressive as I would have expected given what was at stake. I will have to agree with “Rays Renegade” – I do not see Miami making it to the Super Bowl. Have a great New Year and I look forward to the premiere of MLB Network!


Well Mark,

If the Dolphins get to the Super Bowl in Tampa, then I will put them on par with the Tampa Bay Rays bandwagon of fun for 2008. both teams showed that with a bit of confidence in your system, and believing in your players and staff, anything is truly possible.

Having been an old defensive player, I can tell you that the looks and the formations of the ‘Fins offense did play a bit of havoc in the NFL early this season. But then again, Chad Pennington stepped up beyond reproach and showed why he was a true star for many years with the Jets. I actually found it quire prophetic that he beat the J-men for the chance to play another Sunday.

But the play of Rickie Williams and Ron Brown behind Pennington also gave him time to set up and also make a lot of play action passes that did not work in 2007 for the team. A great effort by the entire Dolphin squad should get them a few wins in the playoffs…………But unfortunately no Super bowl bid.

Rays Renegade


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