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Spheroid: North State Blues

Today I noticed an MLBlog called North State Blues for the first time.

The fact that I had not seen it before shows just how large this community has mushroomed in the year that we made it free rather than pay-based. Because trust me, this is an MLBlog you will notice and want to follow. I showed it to our own Alyssa Milano, and she immediately added it to her blogroll. I especially like the Dodger sketchings. What a cool use of an MLBlog. Instead of our usual 9-question Spheroid approach, I thought it would be interesting to contact this MLBlogger and invite him to email me some info on how this blog and the sketchings came to be, and I am going to share that with you as an introduction to our spotlight MLBlogger of the day. Here is what John shared, and feel free to drop by there and say hello with a comment and your own full URL to follow you back:

I first created North State Blues under the impression that it’d be mainly about my experiences as a Southern California native Dodgers fan living up here in Giants country the last few years, and that inspired the name of my blog. As time went on, I kind of hit a brick wall creatively, and stopped posting new blogs for a while (spending my time commenting on the Inside the Dodgers blog).
MannyDrawing.jpgI started doing the drawings because I was bored one summer day, looked up at my Dodgers Calendar, saw the picture of Chad Billingsley, and got a pencil, paper and just started drawing. I posted a link to it in the Inside the Dodgers blog, and even though I didn’t think it was anything too great, the commenters there seemed to like them. Then I looked back on my neglected MLBlog, and realized that I had something to post again. My first drawing post was on August 29, as the Dodgers were coming off an eight-game losing streak, and about to start a crucial series against Arizona. They lost, but the next day, I did another post, and they won. After my next post, and the Dodgers’ second straight win, one of the Inside the Dodgers commenters joked that I’d have to keep drawing now that they were winning, and in the superstitious spirit, I knew he was right. I stopped my consecutive drawing streak at five, but the Dodgers kept going until eight. I know I had no power over the Dodgers’ season-changing win streak, but with the Dodgers, who carry that magical couldn’t-be-scripted-in-Hollywood mystique, sometimes it seems every superstition counts as the season comes to a close.
Now, I try to do drawings often, but being an English major in two Literature classes, time is more difficult to come by than in the summer. I’ve even done two Photoshopped images when time was scarce but the ideas were still fresh. But I plan on doing more drawings before the close of the season. I’ve rooted for the Dodgers my whole life, and have been intrigued by drawing for some time, so I guess it was an eventuality they would come together.

I never imagined that what started out as notebook doodles would generate any interest (or have the possibility of being viewed by Alyssa Milano).  Have a great day!

Thanks, John! Everyone should please feel free to post URLs of any other active, wonderful MLBlogs here…doesn’t have to be your own.

Spheroid: The ‘Burgh Blues

By: Jesse J. Behr


Why do you blog?

Lets just say that if I didn’t blog, it would tough for me to continue to root for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love them. All my viewers always complain that I am amclouth.jpg
“negative nancy.” The reason for this negativity is that the Pirates aren’t like any other
team. There are bad teams, yes, but the Pirates seem to lose with a sort of strange integrity. It has been 15 years without a winning squad in Pittsburgh, and 16 is approaching quickly. Blogging helps me control all my “crazy” feelings I have for the Bucs. Like I said, I love them. They are so entertaining and have some new found bright spots with players like CF Nate McLouth and SP Ian Snell. Even so, they seem to push a little to hard to win a single ball game (i.e. Opening Day against the Braves). I love to blog because I care about the game of baseball, and while opinions can sometimes only be personal, I am always happy about with sharing my opinions on the lovely and talented Pirate bunch.

What was your favorite post?

My favorite post would have to be my wrap on the 2008 Trading Deadline. The post entitled “August is Four Sail” is based off of the rock album “Four Sail” by one of my favorite bands, Love. I enjoy this post quite a bit because of what I wrote on each of the trades, analyzing and discussing what they did for baseball. I also went ahead and intertwined some personal notes in the article, some of which are hilarious to me (i.e. the title).

Strangest blogging experience?

When I was doing a sports blog on blogspot.com, I wrote a story concerning the steroids issue in baseball. My blog wasn’t very popular at the time, and I wasn’t getting many views. In a matter of days though, I started to get some “intense” comments discussing the issue. By the end of the week, I had 87 comments on one singe blog post. It was truly funny and strange.

What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?

Bryan Hoch’s New York Yankee blog is probably my favorite. I am huge New York Yankee fan, thanks to my Bronx-born father, and Hoch does a terrific job writing about them. His posts about the Yankee-Met interleague series were terrific and very true. Everyone should check them out!

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Well, as I said before, I would have to be doing something to channel the emotions I get from watching Pirates baseball. I’d probably be re-learning how to play the Violin, my favorite instrument. Writing seems to be the only way to stay calm, so I think I’ll just stick to that.

Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

Just like YouTube, blogging is another way for people to share and discuss other people’s opinions. It’s a great way, especially in sports blogging, to hear the views and different insights from tons of people around the world. Still, who knows where blogging will be in 20 years from now.

Favorite team and why?

First, there’s the New York Yankees. They’re the greatest sports franchise in the history of sports. They have had some of the greatest athletes to ever play professional sports, and no matter what people opinions are about them, they have 26 trophies proving their dominance. My favorite players include captain Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu, and the greatest closer in the history of the MLB, Mariano Rivera. Rivera is the best of the best.

chacon-pit.jpgThen, there is the magical Pittsburgh Pirates. Making a long story short, the now infamous MLBlogs tale of pitcher Shawn Chacon is nothing short of a lie. When he was traded to the Yankees in July of 2005, I was totally opposed to the idea of giving away prospects “for a bum like Chacon,” (yes sadly, I did say that). After a terrific half-season in New York (7-3, 2.85 ERA), then an excellent post-season performance against the LA Angels of Anaheim, the “Chac Attack” became my favorite player.

He was dealt to the Bucs in July of 2006, and well, the rest is history. I feel in love with a team I thought I would never grow onto. How could I go from rooting for a team like the Yanks to a team like the Bucs? I saw a lot of upside to the team other than just my favorite player, and after experiencing the roller-coaster season that was 2007, I now bleed Bucco blood.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I am a huge history buff. I was so more when I was a little younger, since baseball has now completely taken over my life, but I enjoy all aspects of history. It is my favorite class in school, and the ways civilizations have changed throughout it is astonishing. History also wraps all the other subjects into one, discussing the background of literature, language, math, and even science. It’s the foundation for any culture.

Happiness is…

I want to say the Pittsburgh Pirates at .500 to end the season. I really do. I’ll keep it simple, though, and just say going to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium (since I live in LA) with my buddies and family. I love going to ball games. No matter what the condition is or which teams are playing, I get pumped and go crazy to just enjoy the game of baseball.

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Spheroid: Phillies Phollowers

By: Jennifer Zambri-Dickerson

Why do you blog?
Because the little voices tell me to…OK, well really it all
started when I got tired of shouting all this stuff at the TV and decided to
write it down.  It’s all about channeling the energy into a
productive and happy place!  Well, I guess it is not always happy, but I
try.  My life essentially revolves around the Phillies during baseball
season — I plan literally EVERYTHING around the game schedule, the
special events, I plan trips to away games, etc. So I figured,
between all that, the thousands of photos I take of these guys every year, and
all my constant yapping about the team, I may as well add this blog to my
writing repertoire.


What was your favorite post?
Well, although it covered a nasty Phillies loss, I am going to have to go with
Ball Homer + Sloppy Defense = One Ugly Loss
” because any post where I
get to talk about Chase Utley’s pants is just off-the-charts entertaining
to me!

Strangest blogging experience?
I guess the oddest thing would be finding out that fans of teams other than the
Phillies are actually reading my blog.  Even got comments from a few of
them.  That’s kind of fun, because those are true baseball
fans.  My Dad even reads it, and he as a general rule, hates sports. 
Can you imagine?  I swear I must be adopted.

What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?
Phillies Insider
on MLBlogs, written by Larry Shenk, who was the Phillies VP of Public Relations
since 1964, until going into semi-retirement just this year.  Very
informative blog and full of humor too, which suits his personality well. 
I also like “LadiesDotDotDot.wordpress.com
— which caters specifically to women and is some of the funniest and most
“out there” stuff I’ve ever read.  They pretty much say
whatever they want.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?
In my “other” life, I am a school teacher and a freelance writer
and photographer.  I am almost never without a camera and cannot be pulled
away from watching baseball or photographing baseball.  In the offseason,
you can find me huddled up in a corner, chewing my nails, heart racing and
frantically rambling nonsense to myself in a vain attempt to remain calm until Spring Training begins.

Where do you think the blogosphere is going?
I think eventually, the blog will replace newspapers, just like CDs
replaced cassette tapes, which replaced vinyl albums before that.  I
can’t tell you the last time I looked for news in a paper.  I go
straight to the Internet.  Now, you do need to know where to look for
“reliable” sources and many “blogs” now are not really
that source.  They are more opinion then news.   But in the
future?  Can bloggers become the newspaper reporters of the past
Maybe…who knows?


Favorite team and why?
The Phillies!  When I was eight, I was playing on a boys
tee-ball team and we were invited to a Phillies game to go out on the field and
shag some balls in front of the crowd.  I had seen Pete Rose on TV and
thought he was a really tough, really determined player…the kind of
player I wanted to be.  So I remember being disappointed that the coach
would not let me play first base that day, but I stopped there on my way out to
right field, stood on the base for a minute and looked around. I thought, ok,
this is what Pete Rose sees everyday…cool. Then, off to right field I went
where I listened to the crowd yell, “Oh my God, there is a little girl
out there!”, and various things of that nature. This was 1980 — not
a common sight back then. I was so nervous by the time the ball was hit to me,
with all those people yelling and staring, I thought for sure I’d drop
it. But, thankfully, I did ok.  One near embarrassment down, one to

After that, we were escorted to the dugout to meet Dallas Green
and have our photo taken with him. He walked right over to me and started
making a big deal over me being the only girl and said I would get to stand
next to him for the photo. After that he teased me a bit, told me I was pretty
and then asked if I would marry him. And I will not forget this as long as I
live…I actually said to him that I did not think my Mom would let me.
Yes, I was a total dweeb. Not sure what I was thinking there. I was nervous and
it was the first thing that popped into my head. Duh! Of course, he laughed at
me and I was rightfully embarrassed. Silly girl.

Anyhow, I watched the Phillies faithfully after that and as we
all know, they won the World Series that year. I have met Dallas Green many
times since that day and have always been tempted to ask him if he’d
still like to marry me. Somehow, I think it wise to keep that to myself though.
I think there may be a statue of limitations on
marriage proposals. Especially
when they involve 8-year-old girls.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Probably that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science
and that I used to work at a zoo handling snakes, lizards and all kinds of
creatures.  That freaks most people out…at least the snake part
does.  Also, I play six different musical instruments. I minored in music
too, just in case I needed to charm one of the snakes back into its basket.

Happiness is…
The Phillies win the World Series; it inspires people everywhere to support
their “Go
” campaign, thereby putting an end to Global Warming and saving
the environment, bringing LOVE and WORLD PEACE to us all!  Dream big, my
friends, dream big…

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Spheroid: Around the Horn with Dan Weisman, Baseball Investigator

Title: Around the Horn with Dan Weisman, Baseball Investigator
MLBlogger: Dan Weisman
Template: Padres | First Post in The Show


Why do you blog?

I truly, truly enjoy baseball. My first memories are of baseball games. Some of the greatest and most memorable events of my life are permeated with baseball. I eat, drink and sleep baseball. My only regret today at a somewhat advanced age is I no longer feel comfortable playing. With that said, I’ve seen so much and see so much, I’d like to give other fans and fellow travelers a bit of humor, insight and memory related to the sport. The new communication environment with more free-form writing possibilities in blog formats works well with my writing and observatory style.

What was your favorite post?

The next one. I don’t want to waste my, or anyone’s, time. I liked the Dr. Strangeglove and From Japan with Love posts.

Strangest blogging experience?

So far, checking the viewer stats and seeing where viewers reside. My gosh, Moscow, Shanghai, Singapore, Africa, all over South America and incredibly well-distributed across the U.S. and Canada. As someone who grew up in a print journalism environment, just seeing the diversity and spontanaeity of viewership was wild.

What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?

So far, I like the Detroit Tigers Daily Fungo which you featured. That guy has done an amazing job. I’m very impressed with the time he puts into it and the quality of information.  Daron Sutton’s is fun, and well-done with a mix of image and materials. Alyssa Milano’s for not-so-obvious reasons. and obvious ones.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?

Watching baseball. I also dumpster dive and scrounge for money; exercise, hike and batter-cize, and watch television. All My Children fan. Also, drive around Rancho Santa Fe and chill.

Where do you think the blogosphere is going?

Obviously, more interactive. Addition of social networking features. Easier access to features. More mobile features. Other ways not appreciated just yet.

Favorite team and why?

Different  teams at different times. As my life and location changed, so, too, did my allegiances. Today, I have sympathies for some teams and enjoy watching some teams more than others, but I find this is function of the team makeup at the time generally.

Very earliest days, the Giants. Then, shifted to the Mets because they were the ultimate underdogs and so was I. After that, the Astros and heady days at the Dome. Following that, Mariners, as stuff happened, then in time for some championships with the Blue Jays, followed by Devil Rays and Padres.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

During my days in Arkansas, I actually debated Bill Clinton about sports on numerous occasions at various places. I was assigned by the Arkansas Democrat to cover him. I’m also a Rice University graduate. Rice and Arkansas were in the old — and I do miss it — Southwest Conference. So, Clinton and I would discuss the Rice-Arkansas football games. We also talked about other sports like baseball and basketball, etc. At the Pepsi-Coke challenge, he took the taste test and said, “I can’t decide. They both taste good.” (Footnote: Never saw Hillary around any time then.)

Happiness is…

A great seafood barbecue a’la my old New Orleans home. Oh yes, and a game-winning home run in the bottom of the Ninth Inning to win the game and avoid a 100-loss season. Y’all can go home, now.

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