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Happy Holidays from MLB.com

Happy Holidays!

It’s been another great year of baseball blogging here. Please be sure to blog your own 2015 year-end post and leave the URL here so we can show them all off. Then prepare for the 2015 MLB.com/blogs Top 100 Latest Leaders badges that we will be handing out soon. Is yours going to be on the list?

Happy Holidays from us at Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

Happy Holidays from MLB.com Blogs!

Happy Holidays from MLB.com Blogs!

As you can see by the animated snowfall here on the MLB.com Blogs community hub, there are no baseball games today.

We are here with our 553rd career post (two shy of Manny) to welcome Winter and Christmas and what is regarded in popular culture as “the most wonderful time of the year.” Opening Day probably can stake a legitimate claim for that title, but hey, we are caught up in the holiday spirit right now and we just wanted to wish the best of times with family and friends to you here in the Major League Baseball blogging community.

King Bingley and his ornament friend wish you good tidingsWant to see the flakes fall on your blog? Just go to “Settings” in your WordPress.com dashboard, and at the bottom select “Snow.” It will drop the white stuff on your blog until Jan. 4, and the best part is, you won’t have to do any shoveling like I already have done twice so far in the New York City suburbs, breaking one shovel in the process. No one ever says, “How can you not be romantic about shoveling snow?” Plus, my English Bulldog King Bingley gets a kick out of trying to chew the shovel blade each time I plunge it at the sidewalk, so it goes twice as slow. He thinks I’m playing.

I hope you found nice gifts for everyone. I have been dishing out MLB.com Shop tips since before Black Friday as the annual MLB.com Gift Guru, and once 9 p.m. ET arrives on Monday (deadline for overnight shipping), the best advice I can give you is an MLB.com Online Gift Certificate, 2014 MLB.TV Premium or our ridiculously popular At Bat app.

Safe traveling if you are among the 70-million-plus Americans expected to hit the road. We don’t have groundskeepers like Murray Cook to follow you around so watch out for yourself. I had to race to beat the Thanksgiving-week weather system that pushed north from the Gulf of Mexico, so I found myself driving the full state of Pennsylvania starting at 8 p.m. that Monday and diving into a motel at 5 in the morning. We made it into Ohio before most of that ice moved in. It was nice to drive through Cincinnati and see Great American Ball Park in offseason slumber along the highway. Our bulldog hated the trip and spent back-to-back nights at an all-night pet hospital due to upper-respiratory infection. We tend to be way too much like Chevy Chase “Vacation” movies in real life so the next couple of weeks it is time for chill mode at home in New York and somehow stick to a 12-week training program for the ASICS LA Marathon on March 9. What about you?

We’d love to see any holiday-themed posts you have, so please feel free to leave a comment here with the full URL so everyone can find their way to your blog. Once they get there, you should have the “Follow This Blog” widget prominently displayed high on your side panel, so we can all subscribe and then be notified whenever you post. That’s my top tip to everyone.

As a general housekeeping note, please be on the lookout for our annual MLB.com Blogs Top 100 rankings roughly around Jan. 6, give or take a couple of days. As usual, it will be accompanied with a handy-dandy badge like the one you see in the side panel of this blog, so anyone who makes the list can proudly show off their accomplishment. We will rank in a variety of categories as always. I will pull our Omniture page-view data from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, and once we’re back to work we’ll start compiling the lists. Be sure you enter your email to follow this blog on the right so you will see that post immediately!


Enjoy these posts below while you warm by the yuletide log…and Happy Holidays again! – Mark









Dodgers Kids’ Holiday Party – 12/11

Happy Holidays

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and a wonderful holiday season to anyone and everyone here in this fabulous baseball blogging community. It is so big and represents a lot of different faiths and lifestyles and outlooks on everything.

I just wrote about some sure things in baseball. Gift Cards and Ichiro’s 200 hits are among them, and I am sure you have some thoughts as well.

Here are some of my holiday wishes…

That lots of people see the brand-new official Giants MLBlog that just launched today. Inside the Giants Clubhouse is written by my friend and one of the best writers I (and legions of Bay Area readers) know, Joan Ryan. Joan also facilitates Bengie Molina with his blog and is one of the most talented people around the MLBlogosphere; we’re fortunate to have her here.

That the combined amount going to three Yankees is a harbinger that happy days are ahead again for the economy and that money will flow again. That this Red Sox blogger finds peace after reading about Mark Teixeira’s news. This Yankee fan in Montana is not happy about a purported end of our Shocktober streak. Me, I’m not so sure about that. Can’t buy me love.

That the homeless guy who slept right next to me as we closed a Barnes & Noble last Saturday night in New York City will not have to moan “Oh, noooo” again when they announce over the speaker that the store is closing, leaving people to go out into freezing weather.

That those who made the 2008 MLBlogs Top 100 will eagerly welcome new and aspiring bloggers to this community through comments. Many of them already do, one of the reasons they made the list in the first place, leaving a URL as a breadcrumb.

That we will continue to offer more enhancements to your Movable Type software in 2009.

That my friends at the new MLB Network will have a beautiful journey starting New Year’s Night with the largest launch in cable history. I can’t wait to watch Don Larsen’s 1956 World Series Perfect Game in its entirety (except for the missing first inning!). The public hasn’t watched the broadcast in 52 years, and with this launching in 50 million homes, it is a good bet that it will be a slightly bigger crowd. My article on 50 things to know.

That Collin Balester won’t ever get tired of MLBlogging!

Speaking of Balester, that his Nationals and the Orioles return some baseball electricity to the Washington-Baltimore corridor. Two of the best stadiums in sports, and now all they need is some winners. The Nationals will have to do that without Tex.

That I can go through another injury-free year of marathon running. After I quit smoking and started distance running in December 2006, my first year was filled with the typical overuse injuries such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis and so on. It is amazing how much equipment matters; I probably will never leave Brooks Glycerins.

That the only fighting is over a pop fly (I hate it when it just lands between confused fielders), that my favorite country wins the World Baseball Classic, that the old Chris Carpenter is back, that I can get a good seat to a game at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, that all three of my Hall of Fame Ballot votes result in those players’ inductions next summer (two won’t happen), that more people go to Cooperstown so they may be reminded why certain “great” former players simply don’t belong in a place of “gods”, that next July we celebrate the life of Stan Musial during the All-Star Week while we are so lucky to have him amongst us, that a new U.S. president will exact the kind of big-impact positive change people expect.