Discovering a discovery site

Tonight I got a tweet from @TechCrunch on Twitter extolling the virtues of LOUD3R, one of the newest discovery sites after Digg, Reddit, Techmeme and the like. It has a network of 30 topic-specific semantic search engines, and tonight I played around with one of them, PITCH3R. You can click a subdirectory there and find specific topics such as “All-Star Game” — and looking through there, Alyssa’s latest post just a few hours ago had ascended in the top 10. If you click the headline, you’ll see the lede and be prompted to go to the actual page for the full article. It will be interesting to see how many MLBlogs are “discovered” there. Their server was down when I went there a little after midnight ET but eventually I got in, and you have to register and after that, you are able to “Submit A Story” and “Submit A Source” from their main nav. Can’t hurt if you’re all about getting traffic to your blog. I like the mix of results so far, a really diverse blend of sources and voices. Worth tinkering around with, seems pretty cool if you’re a fellow Magellan out discovering. For each site, LOUD3R gathers and publishes content (including photos and videos) from blogs, news and editorial sites. Each site has a source list and a semantic glossary of terms that teach the engine how to identify the best content. The content is ranked with a point system, pushing the highest ranked to the top. The engine also learns from user behavior, community feedback and human editors. What ways do you discover information for your blogs?


LOUD3R is pretty sweet – it’s now my new life mission to get the A’s on their PITCH3R “hot topics” list.
But about the MLBlog, is there anyway to get your links to open on new pages/tabs? It’s nice to look at the pages bloggers are linking to while still having the blog your reading in front of you. Right now, I have to keep clicking back and then forward which gives me arthritis and puts me to sleep. 😉

I track who visits my blog through statcounter and I’ve been getting a few hits from PITCH3R for the past month. Very cool stuff. Also, registering with has been helpful.

Steve T.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll check out the site. If you don’t mind, I’m going to advertise my blog now;


A young Yankees fan discusses his thoughts and opinions on Yankees games, Yankee players and recent Yankee news. This ain’t your ordinary pre-teen Yankee fan…

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the PITCH3R tip. That site is really cool. How would someone contact you if they had an idea that they wanted to throw at you? Thx…D

Hi everyone! I posted an All-Star Blooper blog last night with some really funny pictures if anyone wants to check it out. I got probablly one of the best shots I’ve ever taken….it’s Dan Uggla grabbing Chase Utley’s butt! Not just a pat either…he totally gooses him! And with his son sitting right on his lap too….funny stuff :o) Had to share…have a happy day!


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