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Latest Leaders – November 2012

Latest Leaders logoWhile most baseball fans would tell you there’s really no such thing as an offseason for the national pastime, the first month after the end of the season was a typically big one here at MLB.com Blogs. In addition to the season debut of the Hot Stove behemoth that predictably grabbed the top overall spot, John & Cait…Plus Nine kept going strong to claim the second slot in the Pro Blogs. Meanwhile, newcomer Baseball with Matt made its Latest Leaders premiere right out of the chute. There was a changing of the guard atop the Fan blogs, with the resurrected Rays Renegade returning to grab bragging rights, and Muskat Ramblings finished first among the Beat Writers.

Latest Leaders ranked by page views from Nov. 1-30:

1. Hot Stove
2. John & Cait…Plus Nine
3. Baseball Nerd
4. SF Giants Photos
5. Brandon and Brandon
6. Better Off Red
7. Curly W Live
8. Ben’s Biz Blog
9. Dodgers Photog Blog
10. MLB.com Fantasy 411
11. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
12. MLB.com Blogs Central (lol)
13. So I Married A Baseball Player…
14. Phillies Insider
15. 45 Miles From Fenway
16. Our Game
17. Cubs Vine Line Blog
19. Around the Horn in KC
20. Cooperstown Chatter
21. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
22. MiLB.com’s PROSPECTive Blog
23. Newberg Report
24. My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife
25. CastroTurf
26. The Dash Board
27. TribeVibe
28. Wild Things
29. The Sprouting News
30. Rattler Radio
31. It’s All Relative
32. ‘Riders Insider Blog
33. ‘Cats Corner
34. MLB Urban Youth Academy – Compton, CA
35. Justice4U
36. Boomskie on Baseball
37. Desde el Desierto
38. Rollin’ with Rick
39. Yard Work
40. Beyond the Ballpark
41. The Futurists
42. Baseball with Matt
43. Unlocking the Keys
44. Fenway the Dog
45. Inside the San Jose Giants
46. From the Nest
47. Chirp Chatter
48. The Cutoff Man
49. Padres hispanos
50. BTF Today

1. Rays Renegade
2. The Baseball Collector
3. The Brewer Nation
4. Red State Blue State
5. The AustralianBaseballDigest
6. Beisbol 007
7. Cook & Sons’ Baseball Adventures
8. Rockpile Rant
9. The Baseball Haven
10. mlbblogger
11. Pinstripe Birthdays
12. A’s Farm
13. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
14. Phillies Phollowers
15. 9 Inning Know It All
16. Royal Blues
17. Observing Baseball
18. BrokeMets
19. The Ballpark Guide
20. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
21. The Unbiased MLB Fan
22. TheCutoffMan
23. Brewers Rumors
24. Born on Third
25. Three Up, Three Down
26. 7000 Coliseum Way
27. Minoring In Baseball
28. Rockin’ Redlegs
29. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
30. Ballparks on a Budget
31. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
32. Where Everyone’s a Giant
33. Collection of Baseball
34. The Rays Rant
35. gojays
36. More Splash Hits
37. This is a very simple game…
38. eltubeyero22
39. Resumen De La MLB
40. Fish Fry
41. Panama WBC Qualifier
42. The ‘Stros Bros
43. Battling Bucs
44. Cream City Cables
45. On The Way Home
46. Bleacher Boy
47. Rox Addict
48. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
49. Los bigleaguers
50. A Misplaced Astros Fan

1. Muskat Ramblings
2. Beck’s Blog
3. The Zo Zone
4. Mark My Word
5. Bombers Beat
6. Bowman’s Blog
7. Postcards From Elysian Fields
8. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
9. North of the Border
10. Mariners Musings
11. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
12. Britt’s Bird Watch
13. Brownie Points
14. Major League Bastian
15. The Fish Pond
16. Brew Beat
17. Tag’s Lines
18. Mets Cetera
19. Change for a Nickel
20. Bollinger Beat

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different WordPress.com theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by MLB.com.

New arrivals

Please welcome Larry Dierker to the MLB.com/blogs community. He just saved his first post at Dierk’s Dugout. The longtime Astros manager and pitcher commands a lot of respect among baseball fans and especially folks around Houston. See what he has to say about the Astros’ 2013 move to the AL West. Please be sure to leave Dierk some comments and questions so he can comment back. He’s using the WordPress.com Dashboard just like you and me, and so does fellow former pitcher Jim Kaat.

Two words: Hot Stove. It is the same year-round blog at mlb.mlblogs.com that is maintained by MLB.com reporters, and it heats up before the Trade Deadline and throughout the Hot Stove season. This is the best source of buzz, from the only network of 30 traveling MLB club beat reporters — plus an army of other contributors from around MLB.com. Please be sure to follow it by entering your email. Tracker is here.

Alden Gonzalez sits right next to me here at the Major League Baseball Advanced Media HQ in Manhattan, and I can personally attest that he just hit “Publish” on a post about his conversation with Jerry Reinsdorf. See what the White Sox owner has to say about realignment and playoffs, and please be sure you are subscribed as a regular follower of Alden’s Gonzo and ‘The Show’ — always good insights.

I just posted a review to our official MLB.com Books Blog. See what you think and remember that anyone can add a review to that blog. Got a baseball book that you just read and want to review it? Either leave the review in comments here or let me know and we can post it there for you. If you’re a baseball book author and want reviewed, give a heads-up here also, please.

If you don’t have an MLBlog of your own, then what are you waiting for? Go to MLB.com/blogs and start your own — it’s easy! Got any questions about MLB.com blogging? Want more people to see what you’re posting? Always leave tons of comments here and remember to type your full URL as an obvious breadcrumb back to your blog. See you in the next MLBlogs Latest Leaders at the start of December!

Latest Leaders Nov. 14-20 and contest

Here are the MLBlogs Network traffic leaders by page view ranking for the last week. We’ll add more links gradually. This week’s contest is on the bottom.


1. Hot Stove Blog
2. Bombers Beat
3. Inside the Dodgers
4. Shane Victorino’s Postseason Blog
5. The Baseball Collector
6. Brownie Points
7. Yankees in the AFL
8. CastroTurf
9. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
10. Beck’s Blog
11. *touch* ’em all
12. The Max
13. Postcards from Elysian Fields
14. Newberg Report
15. Tommy Lasorda’s World
16. Major League Bastian
17. The Pulse
18. Mets in the AFL
19. Red Sox Insider Blog
20. Braves in the AFL
21. Royals in the AFL
22. Dining with ‘Dre
23. MLB.com’s Fantasy 411
24. Around the Horn in KC
25. Inside the White Sox
26. MLBlogosphere
27. Red Sox in the AFL
28. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
29. Phillies Insider
30. Behind the Mask


Kudos to The ‘Burgh Blues on quantum leap from 30th to sixth — please post a comment below with details of how you optimized your results and that might help others. Big Pupi would be a lot higher if he’d try a Big Pupi Cam like the Shiba Imu Monster Puppy Cam. Nice offseason blogging by Darion at Braves World, who debuts here at No. 43.

1. All Baseball All The Time
2. The Rumor Mill – MLB Rumors
3. Confessions of a She-Fan
4. Red State Blue State
5. Prince of New York
6. The ‘Burgh Blues
7. The Good of the Game
8. Phillies Phollowers
9. FutureAngels.com
10. Rays Renegade
11. Rockpile Rant
12. The Green and Gold Gal
13. The BILF Report
14. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
16. DYNASTY League Baseball
17. Cambios y Curvas
18. Hardball
19. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
20. District Boy
21. Statistician Magician
22. We’re talkin Homer, Blue Jays and MLB
23. Angry Fan’s Baseball Fix
24. Unfinished Business
25. Yogi Brewer
26. Pittsburgh Pirates – Bucco Blog
27. Love of The Game: Through 2 Different Pairs of Eyes
28. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
29. The Closer
30. Phillies Red Pinstripes
32. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
33. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
34. Big Pupi- Baseball Dog Blogger
35. Diamondhacks
36. (Transplanted) Nation – A Boston Red Sox Blog
37. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
38. Sports Propaganda
39. The Brewer Nation
40. Red Sox Hen
41. Yankees Chick
42. sittingstill
43. Braves World
44. Writing Like It’s 1980…
45. Mike Thrilla
46. Cardinal Girl
47. Mets’ Main Man
48. MLBWhiz
49. Red Sox Ramblings
50. Perfect Pitch

This week’s contest: Comment below with the 12 MLBlogs URLs depicted here with these thumbnails in the panel we used this past week on the MLBlogs.com homepage. First one to correctly comment with all 12 gets some extra link action here. How closely do YOU follow other MLBlogs? Get to know your fellow fans!


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