MLB Tweeps roster

Here is the latest MLB Tweeps roster for those of you on Twitter. Carlos Delgado is latest player addition. Please leave your own Twitter names in comments here. Possible MLB Tweeps reported by fans are authenticated here by the beat writers for each team, who simply ask that player or exec. Please note that I am now tweeting @MLB so be a regular there! Updated 1:52 p.m. ET May 28:

Official Major League Baseball Twitter

Wear Spikes
@carlosdelgado21 – Carlos Delgado
@cc_sabathia – CC Sabathia
@chaddurbin – Chad Durbin
@chrisgetz – Chris Getz
@coco_crisp – Coco Crisp
@davidortiz – David Ortiz
@gator4god – Matt LaPorta
@joakimsoria – Joakim Soria
@moyerfoundation – Jamie Moyer
@nickswisher – Nick Swisher
@str8edgeracer – CJ Wilson
@todalion – Todd Wellemeyer
@detroit_tigers – Curtis Granderson

Don’t Wear Spikes
@Ask14 – Jim Rice
@ticketservices (A’s)


yo i need to follow base ball on twitter how do i do that???

is @kevinyoukilis20 for real?

add me to the list, please πŸ™‚ @McEffect

The Twitter is @futureangels.

I track over 400 professional athletes on my site that use Twitter including MLB Baseball Players.


Just a reminder, in case you haven’t found it…it’s @gonastynats on Twitter.
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

Mark – on behalf of the Brownie Brigade and the Red Sox fans who frequent Ian Browne’s blog ( there is a little present waiting for you over on my blog. We hope that you enjoy it and thanks!


Look me up on both Twitter (@irishsoxkid19) and Facebook (Holly McCarthy). I also have 2 blogs on MLBlogs. One is on the Red Sox and the other is on Nick Adenhart and to prevent drunk driving. Links are below.

Sorry, Mark, buddy–

You left me off again. I won’t take it personally. I know your head is in the clouds these days since becoming engaged! Congrats again!



SF Giants Blogger : ) lol

@ecdodger is my twitter. Mostly about the Dodgers and some Nats stuff since I live in DC.

I wrote the comment above with a wrong account. Angelsinsider is my brother’s blog.

I have one. @hyunyoung_sd

You forgot me! Haha @nmyanksfan.

Mark – over on Brownie Points ( the blog of Red Sox beat writer Ian Browne – we are having some pretty serious problems with people being able to comment on Ian’s blog, and with people being kicked out of the system. We know that it has been mentioned to you – but we are wondering what the status is? And remember – you want to keep us Red Sox fans happy! lol!


@jayyeh nice!

Just joined Twitter:

Mark – thanks for the shout out on the front page of! And I owe Scott ( a thank you – he was the friend who asked the question that inspired me to write the blog. See – Red Sox and Yankees fans can work together!



Do you know where I can access/find the MLB testing policy? Like when they are tested, how often. And if there is a way that, say they are tested early in the season, are they then in the clear for a few months? I just want to see the actual document if it is available to the public.

I just got one, @zyzzyva98 . (

Thanks for making me the featured blog this week!

@n8itude (Jays and sometimes Yankees)

I did not know either so here it goes

@Lissi12 is mine. I didn’t know I was supposed to put it on here. Sorry!

Check out @payoff_pitch for updates on the Cubs and White Sox all season long.

I am @mlbtribefan courtesy of Twitter

When are the new Latest Leaders coming out?


What I would like to see the MLBlogs do is to add the Minor League teams so that those individuals who have a blog that follows a Minor League team can chose that style. My blog follows the Corpus Christi Hooks, a Double A affiliate of the Houston Astros. I do regular updates on their home stands and usually include a video or two.

Don’t forget @matt_underwood Indians broadcaster. it’s legit because he talks about and Rick manning makes fun of him. The Matt calls Rick old. Every night.

I don’t have a twitter but Mark, why do you keep saying these twitters. Could we have a latest leaders already? Also, Brewers Nation, did you pay for the URL and link it to your site or did you get it a different way?

@Trolley_Dodger — just getting going, could sure use some followers! πŸ˜‰

Brian Wilson’s twitter is either gone or something else because I get a “This page dose not exist” error.Missy@Rocktober2007

@BrewerNation (just set up today) follows my blog:

…which is also accessible by remembering the potentially easier to remember…

@BigRygg follows me

Adam “Big” Rygg
Co-Host of The Brewer Nation
We’re now podcasting weekly! Check it out!

Jerry Remy is legit on Titter … having some fun with home runs and the “Twitter Hitter” of the game!


I tweet about baseball news, fantasy, etc. pretty routinely and think I can be pretty funny (sometimes). πŸ˜‰ Check out my twitter account here:

Thanks, and hope to see you following soon!

I don’t have a twitter, but i do have an MLB Blog! Check it out at
Go Padres!!!!!!!!

Matt LaPorta! Yay! How exciting.

MiLB Snap Shots is on Twitter at @tpriddy

Tom Priddy

MiLB Snap Shots is on Twitter at @tpriddy

Tom Priddy

Tweetin’ away… still. Check it out…. @RSBS … oh, and how ’bout ‘dem Redbirds!!!


Please add me too!




Man I love Swish!

hey guys, or guy. Not sure exactly how it works, lol. I have never had a quote of the day, from my inaugural post onward. I have a few on my latest blog that could be good. would you guys be nice enough to help a brother out? lol

-EJ the Kid From New York

I’m @RoundRock15 if anyone wants to follow me. What what.

Oh yeah, and Ted Williams’ frozen head is also on twitter. That one is a little creepy. Ohhhhh the internet.

Terry Francona is on twitter.
Schill accidentally made fun of him publicly. It was pretty funny. You’ve also talked to him (well, @mlblogs has). I vote he counts as Wear Spikes.

Mark, I’m on Twitter as well @HowBoutDemOsHun


I got a Twitter… @starrphishe… I’m not sure if I’m happy or disappointed in myself yet.
Kylie —

Visit @Mancos5 for baseball history and fun facts

Hey Mark,

We have talked on twitter and yet I am omitted! Crushing blow! heh Seriously, it was cool to hear Rachel Maddow give us all a shout out on her show Tuesday Night (4/14/09) as she and Keith Olberman discussed baseball and his blog.

Looks like you had a great time at Citi Field!

-Johnny Archive
Please add me to mlblogs twitter list – @johnnyarchive

@mlballhawk on Twitter for me

Major League Ballhawk

I would like the latest leaders list out to.

Mark, have you heard anything about a uploading photo problem? I have no way to browse images or upload a file in the insert images menu. Wondering if this was isolated or something you’re aware of? Thanks.

or at least improved greatly…

i heard the comment issues may have been resolved!

When is their going to be a latest leaders?

I have a twitter account ..non spikes of course.


oh and its gehrig38 not gehrig3 …and thats curt schilling.

I’m Ash, a sports writer and Mets fan from England. I’ve been part of this community for about 6 weeks now and I absolutely love it.I’m watching every Mets game LIVE on MLB TVwhich means going to bed after the game at 4am and waking up at 6.30am work work.Baseball – it’s a hardcore thing. Check out my live Mets blogs and game reports at,Ash

Oh, there’s a two-fer….in case you missed it the first time. πŸ˜‰ Don’t worry, no comments here on the comment situation.

@AGAME_ Yep, I ramble….from topics like the Astros to the weather outside.

@AGAME_ Yep, I ramble….from topics like the Astros to the weather outside.

Hey Mark – less then 2 weeks until Scott & I face-off over the Red Sox-Yankees series. Thought you’d like to know that we have upped the wager over what you have offered. You can check it out on my Saturday Roundup – 4/11. Have a great weekend – get some rest!


I would make a crack about how not everyone understands shorthand, Mark…but, message recieved. LOL
Point, though: I haven’t misbehaved here, so WHY talk at me like an infant?? Understand, someone posted MY home address on FanNation…and it cost me MY account there when I outed the s.o.b. who did it.
So I get a LITTLE sensitive when somebody takes an approach that upsets me. I get your point, but…let’s NOT screw it up for the rest, OK?? We’re cool, just so you know.
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere) (@gonastynats)

For twitter-ers/tweeters/tweeps, I’m:


I love following the mlblogs community on Twitter!


Ugh, great. Another computer thing I need to learn, LOL. I think I’ll just skip this one.

I agree about the tags. Also is there a way to organize your link list so they aren’t just in alphabetical order. Also with the link lists is there a way to just make a block of text in the side bar. When I make a link list for it, it doesn’t handle line breaks very well.

I don’t have a Twitter but I just wanted to thank you, Mark, for getting the tag clouds fixed. It’s a lot better being able to see my most frequently-used tags than all the random ones that start with a and only got used once.
Kylie —

Hey, sometimes I wear spikes….ha! Ok, here’s me:


Always updating with info about the Buccos


for those interested in the twitter thing…


for those interested in the twitter thing…


for those interested in the twitter thing…

Pirates Blog-

So you know how we’re all having some issues with the commenting here? Mark via Twitter asked me to spread the word that they’re working on it. Fixing the bugs with MLB.TV is the priority, but they are working on the commenting issues.

I would be @ChiSoxBoy…. pretty obvious….

You can follow my Padres at my blog! Haha…I’ve got too much going on to take on Twitter as well. GO PADRES!!

Mine is @f4td =)
– V [ ]

Mine is @f4td =)
– V [ ]

Mine is @f4td =)
– V [ ]

Do you think sometime in the future we could have themes that like have the cap logos? I know some teams have em but teams like the Yankees don’t. Oh and maybe the minor league blogs could have layouts for their minor league team. I am just throwing out ideas if you are taking any.
Monument Park Talk

You can find me on Twitter as well @AJRoxMyWhiteSox (like that’s a surprise!). Thanks for the list, Mark!

opps; hit enter to quickly

I’m there: @madsnoni

Still trying to figure it out. Think I’m getting better

Hey everybody! I’m not feeling the comment love, so please come visit. I just put a new post up.

I’m still trying to figure out Twitter (and apparently failing miserably). But I’m there, floundering around — @TheDiamondDiva

@TheWrighWay I made a typo

Red State Blue State Tweets @RSBS
On the real…

@TheWrighWay I made a typo…

Heres mine
Monument Park Talk

Mark – YOU DON”T CARE ABOUT JIM RICE??? Thems is fighn’ words! And I’m with Jane – what’s up with the Tech problems? I know I’m entertaining, BUT do people really want to read the same comment 3 or 4 times??


Mark, any updates on the technical issues?

How do you all find the time to work, do twitter, and write blogs? I envy you.


How do you all find the time to work, do twitter, and write blogs? I envy you.


You can follow me at @wight4256 on Twitter and read my blog at http://wight4256.mlblogs.comRuss

I know I am a follower of MLBlogs on Twitter since we first heard about it. I am also on Twitter @ raysrenegade if anyone wants to see or write to me duirng the season. I do not keep my phone on during the games, but I will respond to every direct message when i leave the game.

Rays Renegade


I’m on twitter if anyone wants to follow me

I’m there @NYMetsGrrl94. I’m still trying to figure it all out over there but I’ll probably be into midseason form by well, midseason.
Opening day was great. Let’s Go Mets!

I’m up there @NYMetsGrrl94
Opening Day has been great. Let’s Go Mets!

Like Mark said you guys, all of the guys that I mentioned were wrong! So sorry about that! I hope that you all enjoyed Opening Day!

Like Mark said you guys, all of the guys that I mentioned were wrong! So sorry about that! I hope that you all enjoyed Opening Day!

Just posted on a smattering of Opening Day games, including a miracle win for the Pirates, a nailbiter for the Mets, and an ugly game for the Yankees. The awful weather around the country was fully evident in Cooperstown today, but warmer climes must be coming soon.

Bruce Markusen
Cooperstown Confidential

We’re having some comment server issues that I’ve reported and hoping it’s resolved soon. In the meantime, if you comment and submit, DO NOT DO IT AGAIN…it will just be a duplicate comment. Just happened to me. Reload page and you probably will see it show up. Stay tuned.

Hey, Gary. I’ve had it with the LMMFAO’s, OK? Some of us can spell out what it means, and you put it on every comment you ever post around here. Knock it off, OK? Show some class, do it elsewhere. LOL is enough.

Elizabeth, none of those tweeps you mentioned are legit. Possibly @ask14 could be Jim Rice but I don’t care about that one anyway. The others, none of them are real players. Morneau’s you listed is a fan club. All posers that we’ve already had our correspondents debunk. Thanks.

Hey Mark,

Off-topic here for a minute. I am really happy the tag clouds are more complete now. Thanks for that. Wondering if it would be possible to pull up the rss subscribe button. A few friends have asked me where it is and one mentioned that it was “buried” at the bottom of the links list, too hard to find. It’s such a small link. Would it be possible to bump it up at or near the top of the column?
Steve T.

Your loss, Sue. LMMFAO
But they can find ME @gonastynats for all the Twittering masses to see…lol
Nasty Nats Live Here (and Everywhere)

First is was tweets, now tweeps?? I am so hopelessly technologically ignorant! Needless to say I do not use Twitter.
Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

I’m crushed Mark! You didn’t list me! lol!!



@MLBNetwork (not sure if it’s the real one)
@Shane Victorino (again, not sure.. only one update too)
@Jimmy Rollins
@manram (Manny Ramirez… questionable)
@Chase Utley
@Ask14 (Jim Rice!)

I had Jacoby Ellsbury too, but I think he deleted his…
There’s also @JustinMorneau but I don’t think HE updates it.


@MLBNetwork (not sure if it’s the real one)
@Shane Victorino (again, not sure.. only one update too)
@Jimmy Rollins
@manram (Manny Ramirez… questionable)
@Chase Utley
@Ask14 (Jim Rice!)

I had Jacoby Ellsbury too, but I think he deleted his…
There’s also @JustinMorneau but I don’t think HE updates it.


Look me up at @jasonpiscia or my blog, Happy Opening Day!

I think MLB is doing an awesome job of utilizing Twitter and other media outlets. Great to see!

I’m @johntmeyer from Minneapolis and you follow my Twins blog at @TwinsMVB or!

I think MLB is doing an awesome job of utilizing Twitter and other media outlets. Great to see!

I’m @johntmeyer from Minneapolis and you can follow my Twins blog at @TwinsMVB or!

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