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Post of the week on MLBlogs….

Happy Spring Training! I will be updating my annual IT’S HERE story on the and club homepages through the first days of reporting, and it has been a blast to read all your posts about the first day of spring — like this one from Kaybee. Kind of sad that even on this special day we seem obligated to consecutively type the first, 18th, 15th and fourth letters of the alphabet….

Good tunes….

Sorry for the side panel outage tonight, folks. Have heard from a lot of you about a minor coding snafu and it has been resolved. Side panels are all reporting here for Spring Training now, and thanks for your patience….

Happy 200th birthday to Abe Lincoln…by the way, we’d like to announce that MLBlogs will be open on President’s Day.   🙂 …

There’s a bit of confusion about the process of obtaining permission to comment on a blog.

The way to do this is to log in to your account from the blog on which you wish to become a commenter. You’ll only need to do this once for that blog, then you have comment permissions.

Note that if you’re already logged in and go to a blog to which you have not yet received permission to comment, you’ll see a message indicating you don’t have permission to comment if you attempt to do so. The solution in this case is to log out, then go log in via that blog, and you’ll be all set going forward as far as commenting on that specific blog….

Zoe has a quiz for you…

All but a few of the 30 beat writer blogs are now populated as of this writing. The links are in my previous post. Please drop in on them with comments, as our crew is now settled in or on the way to Arizona/Florida and would love to hear from you.

We have indexed all the writers in the PRO BLOGS drop-down on the homepage, and here’s another great way to find all of them at once: See the new MLBlog of Jen Langosch, our Pirates beat writer at Thanks, Jen….

Really looking to our friend Alyssa Milano’s new book coming out next month. Alyssa just posted again to her touch ’em all MLBlog this week, as she is about to start her third year of MLBlogging and I think eighth year as a Dodgers season ticket holder….

Join us on the Official MLBlogs Twitter or follow @mlblogs over there.


Do have the only O’s fan blog in exstince? I’m convinced it’s yes.

Everyone, come to my blog and comment with your opinion for the huge community project I am running! Right now its a secret what it is but as we get closer I’ll reveal it. I really need every single MLBlogger’s opinion so that it fits what will happen. In the end, you will maybe get a feeling that is better than making the latest leaders! So come and give your opinion, everyone else already is!

Ah yes, your quiz was fun too (figuring out A-Rod from the alphabet). Luckily, I’m a Fulbright Scholar, so my education paid off…. and so did patience for Ankiel, eh?

Thanks for the speedy repair, all is good…D

I think we’re going to be typing those letters a whole lot this season (at least until some other names from that list come out). This whole thing has put me in the awkward position of feeling kind of bad for ARod . . . which makes me hate steroids even more.

The Great Witch Hunt:
Fans On The Field:

Thanks for the technical help Mark! And you could not have picked a better blog of the week! Can I throw my 2 cents in on the “tunes” people have on the blogs? I don’t like them! I’m often listening to my own music when I’m on the computer – and if I choose to shut it off to listen to a video, that’s my choice – but I don’t like it when someone decides that I have to listen to their music. And then I can’t hear mine or theirs because they’re both playing!


Thanks for the mention! I am so excited about Padres baseball this year. It will be very interesting…

Btw, the side panel issue hasn’t been resolved on my blog. I’ve tried refreshing the page, but nothing yet.

Thanks for the tech support alert, Mark. So Alyssa’s book has the subtitle “Confessions of….” Gee, why didn’t I think of that!

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