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Jim Kaat’s Postseason Thoughts

A few months back, I bumped into Jim Kaat on the jam-packed concourse at beautiful Target Field in Minneapolis, just before the start of the All-Star Game. Jim was talking baseball with a few friends, and considering that he spent the first half of a 25-year Major League Baseball career with the Senators/Twins franchise, I am sure he wound up in the middle of a lot of other baseball conversations on that concourse before ever making it to his seat. Jim loves to talk baseball.


Yesterday morning I got an email from Kitty (he is the earliest riser around), who said, “I’m in a blogging mood after watching  the games last weekend.” That, to me, is always a good thing. Kaat is always insightful on baseball, and he never has been one to pull punches in saying what’s on his mind. Today, you can go to Kaat’s Korner and see what he thought of those four Division Series — including why, he says, Clayton Kershaw failure against Matt Adams had nothing to do with pitch counts and everything to do with simply failing to keep a breaking ball low. Go take a look and please leave some comments on his blog…I’ll make sure he sees them and we’ll see if he’ll do a Q&A here.

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Please take the time to read “My Baseball story” by Matt at The Cardinals’ Base, and share your own favorite Major League Baseball memory in the comments there and on your own MLB.com Blog. After all, that’s why we are all blogging here and ready for another great MLB season.

[updated] As of 5:22 pm ET, Plushdamentals was third overall in page views at MLB.com for Feb. 24, as people are buzzing over 16-year-old Brewers blogger Curt Hogg, who broke news. No. 1 is MLB.com Braves beat reporter Mark Bowman and No. 2 is From the Corner of Edgar & Dave.

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Speaking of Fan Cave, in case you missed it, our friend Erik at Counting Baseballs took the time to critique all 50 of the Fan Cave finalist videos when that voting began. He came up with his own top 10, so you can crosscheck and see whether they advanced.

Jim Kaat’s first Spring Training with the Washington Senators was in the 1950s. We’re happy to say that Kitty Kaat is going strong and this week posted a new entry about 2012 Spring Training – where he is helping the Red Sox pitching coach at Fort Myers. Please leave Jim some comments.

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With all due respect to those other games, The World Will Be Watching THIS on March 23. And I even read all three books.

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Please welcome Larry Dierker to the MLB.com/blogs community. He just saved his first post at Dierk’s Dugout. The longtime Astros manager and pitcher commands a lot of respect among baseball fans and especially folks around Houston. See what he has to say about the Astros’ 2013 move to the AL West. Please be sure to leave Dierk some comments and questions so he can comment back. He’s using the WordPress.com Dashboard just like you and me, and so does fellow former pitcher Jim Kaat.

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Alden Gonzalez sits right next to me here at the Major League Baseball Advanced Media HQ in Manhattan, and I can personally attest that he just hit “Publish” on a post about his conversation with Jerry Reinsdorf. See what the White Sox owner has to say about realignment and playoffs, and please be sure you are subscribed as a regular follower of Alden’s Gonzo and ‘The Show’ — always good insights.

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Latest Leaders – October 2011

Latest Leaders logoIt was a truly memorable October, thanks to a thrilling Postseason ending in a seven-game World Series. We were excited by the addition of MLB Network analyst and 283-game winner Jim Kaat, sharing his insights in Kaat’s Korner. Keith Olbermann topped the PRO list on the strength of his 10/12 Terry Francona post, and Rays Renegade streaked to the top of the FANS category like a Dan Johnson homer.

Here are the leaders by page views at MLB.com/blogs from Oct. 1-31:

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33. Kaat’s Korner
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Note: We’ve omitted the WordPress.com blogs using MLB themes that have no baseball content, and MLBloggers are reminded that they will only be tracked for Latest Leaders traffic if they are using an MLB theme.

Happy Birthday to Jim Kaat

Want to wish 2012 Hall of Fame candidate Jim Kaat a Happy 73rd Birthday? Just go to his comments on his MLBlog and tell him. Kaat, winner of 283 games, just four fewer than 2011 inductee and fellow longtime Twins pitcher Bert Blyleven, is looking forward to hearing from his blog readers. Stop by Kaat’s Korner now!

Now blogging, Jim Kaat

I hope everyone in the MLBlogs community will join me in welcoming the great Jim Kaat as our newest blogger. Jim wanted an outlet to express his thoughts about what’s going on this Postseason and beyond, and in typical Kitty Kaat fashion he pulls no punches. Kaat writes in his first post that he thought Jon Lester and Josh Beckett had “scouting-reportitis” — worrying about the batters and trying to avoid contact. In contrast, he raves about the Carp-Halladay duel as a textbook example of how to be in charge with a quick pace and be almost oblivious to whatever body in a uniform happens to be standing in the batter’s box. Get familiar with this 283-game winner’s MLBlog and be sure to say hi to him, ask any questions, and leave your own URL as a breadcrumb so other commenters can find you. Happy postseason blogging…

Welcome Jim Kaat