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The 2011 Cardinals followed the 2010 Giants as back-to-back NL champs. Can the NL threepeat?

Are you an NL or AL blogger? I just wrote this MLB.com story about the National League’s first World Series winning streak since 1979-82, and the prospects for a threepeat. Let me know in comments if you blog about the subject, and say why you like the NL or the AL, complete with thoughts about DH-or-no-DH.

This one’s for the dogs: Fenway the Dog is a dog’s eye view of the Red Sox. Written from the perspective of Fenway, the team’s official service dog in training, the blog aims to raise awareness of the amazing work done by these invaluable canine companions. And Dallas Latos, wife of Reds pitcher Mat Latos, posted about their dog, Balls. Leaving it at that.

One of my favorite posts of the year is when Spring becomes official and our good friend Murray Cook shares lawn-care tips with the rest of us. Murray, who has been a groundskeeping consultant to the Commissioner’s Office since 1989 and most recently has been ensuring that the Tokyo Dome is ready for MLB’s openers, is one of our original MLBloggers, as his forever-capitalized MURRAY COOK’S FIELD & BALLPARK BLOG was created just moments after Tommy Lasorda’s World got us started on April 18, 2005. Feel free to ask Murray questions and you also can follow him on Twitter @cookmurray.

Mitch Williams blogs about Matt Wieters and the Orioles' plan for the future.

Mitch Williams writes on his MLB.com Blog Wild Things that the Orioles should follow the Rays’ model. See what the MLB Network studio analyst and MLB.com columnist has to say about Matt Wieters in this post, leave comments and share.

So, did you see where Ozzie Guillen has been living during Spring Training? He blogged some pics.

Want your blog promoted on MLB.com Blogs? Just say so with a blog post, use the “Jumbo MLBlogs” tag, and include a (good) 480×270 graphic in your post that we might be able to snatch for use as a Jumbo panel to feature it.

Contest alert from Erik at Counting Baseballs. And by the way, he is on a torrid page-view run and closing fast on Rays Renegade and Baseball Collector atop the FANS category of Latest Leaders. Can they hold him off? Will post the next Latest Leaders around April 1.

Speaking of Latest Leaders, one MLB.com beat writer is running away with the overall crown for most page views by any MLB.com blogger in March. Will see if you can guess what team she covers and then check back to see if she stayed in front.

Members of the 2011 Omaha Storm Chasers got their rings, and Around the Horn in KC blogged about it. Is MLB glory next?

Will it be the Year of Kansas City? The All-Star Game is headed there in July, and a rising young team could surprise a lot of people, especially with Jonathan Sanchez on the hill. For a reminder of their young talent, take a look at the post on Around the Horn in KC. It’s a nice look at the Omaha ring ceremony for the 2011 Pacific Coast League title. Will winning rise up through the ranks? Anything can happen in today’s Major League Baseball.

If you ever need a hand around here, remember that our good friends at WordPress.com (capably) handle all blog Support, so use their contact page as needed. You also can post comments here whenever you wish and I see them immediately and follow up if I can help. Do not contact MLB.com subscription product customer service people for blogs needs, as they have nothing to do with that since last June.

Do you know what Giants World is? Pretty cool. Find out on the club’s photo blog.

Nationals fans have to follow Curly W Live — took another step forward in Spring Training and will be even more must-follow starting Opening Day.

Welcome back to the Tigers. When you see what we mean, you will growl.

Want to see what a Japan Opening Series ticket looks like? Check it out.

New look on the MLB.com Fantasy 411 blog, check it out. Oh, and make sure to follow my colleagues Mike & Cory so you can dominate your league.

If you have FB, TW & Pinterest pages, then you have to have an MLB.com Blog as well. Your brain is big enough, and you can have your FB and TW streams on the side panel to encourage Likes and follows. Every time you post, set it so it becomes a blurb on your social pages. A blog is a key part of the overall arsenal…more than ever, in fact. That’s why so many Major League clubs start blogs year-round.

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Use Publicize to help grow your crowd

One of the great features that came with our transition to WordPress.com this season is the Publicize tool for social media promotion. Be sure you have it activated to take advantage of more no-brainer traffic. Use Publicize to send out a new status update or tweet every time you make a new post to your blog, so your friends, followers and connections can stay up to date with your blogging about Major League Baseball.

Setting it up is simple in your dashboard. Create a connection under Sharing, found in the Settings menu. Once you have given WordPress.com permission to access your account on the other side, you will notice a Publicize section has been added to the Publish box when you are composing or editing a post, showing where the post is to be publicized. And it is fully customizable. You can choose to not publicize an individual post or to only publicize on a particular social media site. You can even customize the text of the status update or tweet if you want to explain a little about the post.

If you want to get onto the MLB.com/blogs Latest Leaders rankings for August, or want to try to run away from the pack, this is another good idea. There are many more ways to increase traffic as well. Be sure to comment on other MLBlogs routinely, always typing your full URL within the comment as it stands out more as a clickable ID. Post often, and obviously well. Make sure you About identification is prominent on the first screen, using the Gravatar or other method of display to show who you are. Give them a subscribe widget so they can get your posts by email. Experiment, and ask others who are in the monthly Latest Leaders how they do it.

Also, remember that you can order a JUMBO presentation of your MLBlog at MLB.com/blogs — the kind of specific baseball-crowd advertisement that only MLB.com can deliver. Just follow those specific instructions we gave you to do that, as others have done.

Make my MLBlog a Jumbo!

Want to be featured on the Jumbo panel at MLB.com/blogs and draw a crowd?

If you’d like to see your blog considered for promotion on one of the six panels there, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s what you can do:

1. Create a new post for your blog explaining why you should be featured.

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3. Give the post the “Jumbo MLBlogs” tag.

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