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Hope everyone will take a look at Curt Smith’s blog and follow it via email. The author of many baseball broadcasting books and former Presidential speechwriter has been a part of our MLB.com Blogs community since our charter season in 2005, and we’re very appreciative of his posts. Great look back at Joe Garagiola’s career in the wake of his recent retirement. Two legends, one chronicling the other.

Voices of The Game

“Kennedy was, whether for good or bad, an enormously large figure,” Theodore H. White wrote of America’s first Catholic president. “Historically, he was a gate-keeper. He unlatched the gate and through the door marched Catholics, blacks, and Jews, and ethnics, women, youth, academics, newspersons, and an entirely new breed of politician.”

Joe Garagiola, 87, an exceedingly large baseball figure, recently retired after 58 years behind the mike, including the last 18 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He unlatched a 1950s and ‘60s gate for urban, ethnic, and, with Dizzy Dean, an entirely new breed of announcer – the ex-jock-turned funnyman. It is a gate that will never close.

Humor obscured how Joe G. asked for little, worked like a dog, and helped found the Baseball Assistance Team. “I went though life as a [1946-54] player to be named later,” Garagiola said in a typical witticism. Ordinary on the field, he has…

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MLBlogs pioneer receives major award

Please join me in congratulating our friend Scott Reifert, who was the first-ever professional sports senior executive to be an everyday blogger and a non-stop force in growing the MLBlogs community. Well deserved! Here is today’s news release:


            Scott Reifert,
Vice President of Communications for the Chicago White Sox, has been named the
2008 winner of the Robert O. Fishel Award for Public Relations Excellence, it
was announced last night.

Reifert, who is
in his 18th season with the White Sox, joined the club in 1991 as Assistant
Director of Public Relations and was promoted to Director of Public Relations in
1997. He was named Vice President of Communications in April 2004 where he
oversees the club’s strategic communications efforts, media services, mass
communications functions, branding, public relations activities, community
relations initiatives and the team’s website. In addition, Scott administers the
team’s market research initiatives and is a member of the club’s advertising

Prior to joining
the White Sox, Scott worked at Wirz & Associates, a Connecticut-based sports
marketing and public relations firm with a variety of baseball-related clients.
Scott is a 1988 graduate of the University of Iowa, and also has a master’s
degree in sport management from Western Illinois

 The Robert O.
Fishel Award, named after the long-time baseball executive, goes to the “Active,
nonuniformed representative of Major League Baseball whose ethics, character,
dedication, service, professionalism and humanitarianism best represent the
standards propounded by Robert O. Fishel.”

 Fishel award
nominees are submitted by the 30 clubs and league officials. The nominees are
voted upon by active past winners, MLB officials and the BBWAA. Winners of the
award are as follows:


1981 Robert O.

1982 Bob

1983 Larry

1984 Red

1985 Jim

1986 Fred

1987 Jim

1988 Tom

1989 Donald

1990 Ned

1991 Phyllis

1992 Richard

1993 John

1994 Katy

1995 Howard

1996 Bill

1997 Dick

1998 Jay

1999 Bob

2000 Tim

2001 Rob

2002 Mike

2003 Rick

2004 Jeff

2005 Randy

2006 Rob

2007 Rich

2008 Scott

Here’s hoping our friend Josh Rawitch, another blogging trailblazer for the Dodgers, is a candidate at this time next year. Blogging definitely can be an advantage for today’s pro sports executive, whether in communications or beyond.

Curt Smith’s influence: Also just noticed that our own Curt Smith, the acclaimed author and former presidential speechwriter, is part of the 20-person electorate that decides the Ford Frick Award winner. In this case, they just gave the 2009 honor to Tony Kubek, so Kubek willl be part of the induction ceremony next July. Another example of the influence of MLBloggers!

Just added: MLBlogs Search

Updated 1 p.m. ET Friday

Check out the new MLBlogs Search field we just added to the
MLBlogs.com homepage.

search.jpgFor example, search for “yankees” and you will
get a ton of great Yankees blogs to explore. Same for “grady sizemore” or any other baseball subjects. Try it out, and we’ll keep
getting you around the network in new ways.

Dan and others: Thanks for your patience with the Create New Link issue that is affecting some users within the link lists feature. Known issue and has been on the bug list and hopefully fixed soon.

Just made some more changes in the new profanity filter. If you have asterisks showing up in certain situations, re-pub and see if they disappear. If not, then thesaurus.com.  🙂

How about those Royals! Lots of KC blogs ranging from Powder Blue to the club’s official front office blog at Around the Horn in KC to Royals broadcaster Steve Stewart to the K Crew.

There is talented writing all over this community. And it doesn’t get
much better than former presidential speechwriter and well-known author
Curt Smith at Voices of the Game. Great to see him back for more in 2008.

Here’s something else that should help your regular chronicling of the baseball season: See my friend Marc’s blog at Angels in New York. You can see how easy it is to post a perfect box score to your blog off the MLB.com game wraps.

Welcome to so many new bloggers like Rangers in 2011? to Go Jays Go to Brewing a Winner or This is our year! Welcome back to longtime former bloggers like Evan at Amazine! Free = big crowd. Nice to see so many
fans and looking forward to your postings. Be sure to leave your
comments with your URL here! The feedback has been very important and please keep it coming as we keep upgrading.

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And I have to plug Bold Predictions 2008 because the guys who sit around me here in the office created it last night and we can all get a laugh this fall (or hear about how right they were). Make sure you leave some comments for the MLB.com crew there!

Good example of how someone is handling photo album management in the interim. . . . And an example here of how someone incorporates Google AdSense into his blog. He has been doing this for more than two years and you might be familiar with his other blogs. Leave him a comment with your URL and ask him how it’s working and how he does it if you’d like. The best way to keep improving your blog is by asking fellow bloggers.

And a personal THANKS to the well-wishers who are following my off-site Marathonomy blog. Two days or so until the St. Louis Marathon!