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How to schedule your life around Australia games

Opening Series AdviceOK, don’t say I never take care of you guys. I interviewed a sleep specialist doctor at length so those of us fans back here in North America will know EXACTLY how to schedule their lives around the MLB Opening Series in Australia. My story was just posted on the homepage and we just tweeted it out on the @MLB account and I wanted to make sure you have this so you can stay razor sharp and alert as you blog for the masses about the return of REAL baseball games.

You may be surprised by some of the tips. You may not realize that you need to nap on the first day of baseball this time. And whatever you do, this is NOT the night for a midnight screening of Divergent, at least not if you are a real baseball fan. Get to bed early, get up at 3:50 am if on East Coast, or 12:50 if on West Coast in a Dodgers or D-backs household, and see the first pitch of the season. And that’s just the start…

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