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Latest Leaders update

For those of you eagerly awaiting the next installment of the MLBlogs Latest Leaders, it’s coming very soon. We’re switching things up so the rankings will be based on calendar months, so The Happy Youngster and Red State Blue State have a week to try to catch Confessions of a She-Fan

On the subject of blog traffic, we’re noticing that the new ratings and related entries feature has helped introduce readers to new blogs around our online community.

Also, we’re always looking for new blogs to spotlight as the Featured MLBlogger on our front page. If you want to be featured in that space, you’ll want to make sure you have a profile picture up in your blog. That (along with quality blogging, of course) is a prerequisite for consideration for that spot.

And speaking of new blogs, we’ve got some new additions to MLBlogosphere who wear spikes, with new player blogs by Rick Ankiel, Matt Holliday and Derek Lowe joining Torii Hunter, all sponsored by Sharp.

And last but not least, make sure you’re voting for your All-Star Game picks!

New MLBlogs features

You’ll be noticing a couple of new features in MLBlogs, as we roll them out system-wide. They’ll be showing up in blogs as new entries go live.

The first is a ratings system for blog entries that will be displayed at the bottom of every entry. You’ve seen this elsewhere on the Internet undoubtedly. It’s just a way for a reader to share his or her rating for a particular entry, with all the user ratings for that entry then averaged together.

The second new feature uses an advanced formula of content analysis and user ratings to present related entries from other blogs. You’ll see a box entitled “You might like:” with links to four other entries from MLBlogs recommended by the system.

Here’s a screenshot of how it will look:


One of the main goals of this is to make it easier for users to find blogs of interest to them in the MLBlogs Network. We hope you enjoy these new features and take full advantage!
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