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Updated 12:40 a.m. ET Sunday

Condolences to surviving family and friends on the shocking loss of our colleague John Marzano. He was one of the friendliest guys around. Vinny posted on the Leading Off blog and please feel free to add your comments with thoughts on Johnny Marz.

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MLBlogs Network Updates:

It’s just a workaround for now, but here is the solution for everyone who has asked why they cannot have paragraphs within their comments. Simply use two br tags between each paragraph, like this: <*br><*br> (without the asterisks)

Welcome to our latest Major League Baseball player who wanted to blog: Braves right fielder Jeff Francoeur. He decided on “Frenchy’s Forum” and just posted his first entry. Please welcome him to MLBlogs! Welcome also to WildWilburD, whose blog begins: “Sitting at work on a slow afternoon…” Welcome to padfan, The “K” Man and moomba. New MLBlogs continue to be created around the clock in every template.

Beth at Yankees Chick gets credit for the best headline of the day at MLBlogs.

The issue with popup images should be cleared up now. Previously some users were experiencing blank popup windows after selecting that option at the Insert Pic stage of creating an entry, so that you could not click on a thumbnail and see the image at full resolution. Six Apart has installed a patch that has resolved this, but it will not fix previous cases where an asset (image) was uploaded and a blank popup appeared. You will need to re-insert any such images you want to position as popup windows.

Most of the Create Link problems have subsided, save for some edge cases such as that reported by Steve in my previous post’s comments. Thanks to those who have helped via email with your system info and status. Please feel free to report any ongoing issues here.

See my Call for Content in previous post as well, if you want an byline. All you have to do is play a video game and tell everyone how fun it is.

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