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Spheroid: Phillies Phollowers

By: Jennifer Zambri-Dickerson

Why do you blog?
Because the little voices tell me to…OK, well really it all
started when I got tired of shouting all this stuff at the TV and decided to
write it down.  It’s all about channeling the energy into a
productive and happy place!  Well, I guess it is not always happy, but I
try.  My life essentially revolves around the Phillies during baseball
season — I plan literally EVERYTHING around the game schedule, the
special events, I plan trips to away games, etc. So I figured,
between all that, the thousands of photos I take of these guys every year, and
all my constant yapping about the team, I may as well add this blog to my
writing repertoire.


What was your favorite post?
Well, although it covered a nasty Phillies loss, I am going to have to go with
Ball Homer + Sloppy Defense = One Ugly Loss
” because any post where I
get to talk about Chase Utley’s pants is just off-the-charts entertaining
to me!

Strangest blogging experience?
I guess the oddest thing would be finding out that fans of teams other than the
Phillies are actually reading my blog.  Even got comments from a few of
them.  That’s kind of fun, because those are true baseball
fans.  My Dad even reads it, and he as a general rule, hates sports. 
Can you imagine?  I swear I must be adopted.

What is your favorite blog, including at least one MLBlog?
Phillies Insider
on MLBlogs, written by Larry Shenk, who was the Phillies VP of Public Relations
since 1964, until going into semi-retirement just this year.  Very
informative blog and full of humor too, which suits his personality well. 
I also like “
— which caters specifically to women and is some of the funniest and most
“out there” stuff I’ve ever read.  They pretty much say
whatever they want.

What would you be doing if you weren’t blogging?
In my “other” life, I am a school teacher and a freelance writer
and photographer.  I am almost never without a camera and cannot be pulled
away from watching baseball or photographing baseball.  In the offseason,
you can find me huddled up in a corner, chewing my nails, heart racing and
frantically rambling nonsense to myself in a vain attempt to remain calm until Spring Training begins.

Where do you think the blogosphere is going?
I think eventually, the blog will replace newspapers, just like CDs
replaced cassette tapes, which replaced vinyl albums before that.  I
can’t tell you the last time I looked for news in a paper.  I go
straight to the Internet.  Now, you do need to know where to look for
“reliable” sources and many “blogs” now are not really
that source.  They are more opinion then news.   But in the
future?  Can bloggers become the newspaper reporters of the past
Maybe…who knows?


Favorite team and why?
The Phillies!  When I was eight, I was playing on a boys
tee-ball team and we were invited to a Phillies game to go out on the field and
shag some balls in front of the crowd.  I had seen Pete Rose on TV and
thought he was a really tough, really determined player…the kind of
player I wanted to be.  So I remember being disappointed that the coach
would not let me play first base that day, but I stopped there on my way out to
right field, stood on the base for a minute and looked around. I thought, ok,
this is what Pete Rose sees everyday…cool. Then, off to right field I went
where I listened to the crowd yell, “Oh my God, there is a little girl
out there!”, and various things of that nature. This was 1980 — not
a common sight back then. I was so nervous by the time the ball was hit to me,
with all those people yelling and staring, I thought for sure I’d drop
it. But, thankfully, I did ok.  One near embarrassment down, one to

After that, we were escorted to the dugout to meet Dallas Green
and have our photo taken with him. He walked right over to me and started
making a big deal over me being the only girl and said I would get to stand
next to him for the photo. After that he teased me a bit, told me I was pretty
and then asked if I would marry him. And I will not forget this as long as I
live…I actually said to him that I did not think my Mom would let me.
Yes, I was a total dweeb. Not sure what I was thinking there. I was nervous and
it was the first thing that popped into my head. Duh! Of course, he laughed at
me and I was rightfully embarrassed. Silly girl.

Anyhow, I watched the Phillies faithfully after that and as we
all know, they won the World Series that year. I have met Dallas Green many
times since that day and have always been tempted to ask him if he’d
still like to marry me. Somehow, I think it wise to keep that to myself though.
I think there may be a statue of limitations on
marriage proposals. Especially
when they involve 8-year-old girls.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Probably that I have a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science
and that I used to work at a zoo handling snakes, lizards and all kinds of
creatures.  That freaks most people out…at least the snake part
does.  Also, I play six different musical instruments. I minored in music
too, just in case I needed to charm one of the snakes back into its basket.

Happiness is…
The Phillies win the World Series; it inspires people everywhere to support
their “Go
” campaign, thereby putting an end to Global Warming and saving
the environment, bringing LOVE and WORLD PEACE to us all!  Dream big, my
friends, dream big…

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