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Quick lameness check

Just wanted to check real quick to see if it’s lame to leave a longer comment than a person has blogged on their page. Yes: Lame. No: OK. See:

Game rises to occasion on memorable night is top headline on now pointing to my (very late in the) nightly article about the races this final week. See if you agree. That was mind-blowing all night. I hope I gave you lots of blogging fodder there, and vice-versa, I always like to read MLBlogs and see everyone else’s perspectives. I can tell you that my own work schedule has just reached high-velocity insanity mode and will become only moreso when I head for Chicago next midweek. I’ll be with the Cubs as far as they go, and my life will be talking to Cubs fans and living and breathing their ongoing hope of glory.

I will be writing this article again tonight well past midnight so feel free to drop a line and keep me company with any great thoughts about the day/night in baseball.

I just have to say that I will never forget what it was like in late October of 2004. I lived in St. Louis then, and I remember seeing all the Red Sox fans taking over the town. Hearing them tell me their stories was remarkable. I remember that night of Game 4 talking to many of them inside old Busch Stadium, and even in the eighth inning, they would tell me they can’t jinx anything and won’t talk yet about what it would be like to win it all. If we get to that point in late October with the Cubs, the exact same thing will happen. Cub fans will shut up before they go wild, trust me. It was starting to get like that in the 2003 NLCS before the disaster…everyone was talking about what-if…and more and more thoughtful about it instead of braggadocio. If the Cubs are in the World Series, I predict that Cub fans will swallow their tongues for several days first, hold their breath like never before, fear a jinx they have never feared in their lifetimes (unless they were around for the 1945 World Series), and only exhale upon Derrek Lee or someone catching the final out. If the Cubs are eliminated early, I move on to wherever there is another wonderful story in October, maybe in Florida or Massachusetts or Los Angeles or Milwaukee…who knows.

What do you think is going to happen next month? I can’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

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