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Latest Leaders – Apr. 15-May 18

Latest Leaders in the MLBlogs Network by page view, for the period from April 15 through May 18.

Latest Leaders is back, and the big mover this past month has been the Happy Youngster, who surged from 17th to top the fan bloggers. Meanwhile, Kimberly Jones made a big leap up to third among the Pros, and Reed Johnson, Torii Hunter and Bengie Molina continue to set the pace for player-bloggers.

1. Reed Between the Lines
2. Torii’s Storiis
3. Behind the Mask
4. Disco Hayes
5. Dining with ‘Dre
6. Beau knows diddly
7. Deep Thoughts By Gordon Beckham
8. Laying Down the Lawrie
9. Plouffe!
10. Perk’s Place
11. 30 is the new 20
12. kevin slowey’s (offseason) blog
13. Life in Grey Pants
14. Moskie Madness
15. Bally’s Blog

2. Bronx Banter
3. The Kimberly Jones Blog
4. Was Watching
5. Mets Minor League Blog
6. Baseball Nerd
7. Inside the Dodgers
8. Pinstriped Bible
9. Fantasy 411
10. The Baseball Collector
11. YES Blog
12. *touch* ’em all
13. Inside the White Sox
14. Red Sox Insider Blog
15. New Era Presents the Call-Up
16. Reds Internal Affairs
17. Around the Horn in KC
18. The Max
19. The Blob
20. Phillies Insider
21. Beat the Streak Report
22. Newberg Report
23. Inside the Giants Clubhouse
24. Vine Line’s Cubs Club Blog
25. Off The Wall with Chris Shearn
26. Friar John’s Blog
27. MLBlogosphere (lol)
28. Tommy Lasorda’s World
29. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
30. Kaat’s Korner
31. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
32. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
33. Ben’s Biz Blog
34. Mrs. Singy
35. View From the Booth
36. The Nets Insider
37. Twins Ballpark Update
38. Gameday
40. MLB Urban Youth Academy
41. Psychollingy
42. Heard It From Hoard
43. Comerica Park, 48201
44. Is this thing on?
45. Organizational Report
46. The Dog Ate Daron’s Homework..Again
47. Struck out looking
48. The LumberBlog
49. Welcome to Third and King
50. Chirp Chatter

1. The Happy Youngster…Brew Town’s Ballhawk
2. Confessions of a She-Fan
3. Red State Blue State
4. Julia’s Rants
5. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
6. Rockpile Rant
7. Pick Me Up Some Mets!
8. A Diatribe from a Law Student: Baseball Edition
9. Phillies Phollowers
10. Life and Indians Baseball through the Eyes of a Clemson Girl
12. Counting Baseballs
13. I Live for This
15. Rays Renegade
16. Blogging Dodgers and Baseball
17. Unfinished Business
18. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
19. Bruce Markusen’s Cooperstown Confidential
20. Plunking Gomez
21. The 1 Constant
22. The ‘Burgh Blues
23. Eat, Sleep, Baseball
24. The Season Experience
25. Bleeding Pinstripes
26. Yankees Chick
27. A Misplaced Astros Fan
28. The Pittsburgh Peas
29. Flair For The Dramatic
31. King of Cali
32. Baseball Cleats & Shoes
33. Statistician Magician
34. Rocky Mountain Way…Outside Coors looking in
35. Cambios y Curvas
36. Hook, Line Drive, & Sinker
37. Twins Limey
38. Phillies Red Pinstripes
39. Baseball, The Yankees, and Life…
40. Crops on the Farm
41. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer
42. Random Reds Rants
43. The NYC Autograph Collector
44. Yogi Brewer
45. The Brewer Nation
46. crzblue’s World
47. Fantasy Hardball: a bloop and a blast
48. Mets Go
49. Baseball Canadiana
50. The Diamond Diva

1. Bombers Beat
2. Beck’s Blog
3. Bowman’s Blog
4. The Zo Zone
5. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
6. CastroTurf
7. Muskat Ramblings
8. Brew Beat
9. All Nats All the Time
10. Postcards from Elysian Fields
11. Brownie Points
12. Major League Bastian
13. Alyson’s Footnotes
14. Mark My Word
15. The Fish Pond
16. Haft-Baked Ideas
17. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
18. Noble Thoughts
19. rallymonkeys
20. Jim Street Vet Scribe
21. Big Urb Baseball
22. Inside the D-backs
23. Being Ozzie Guillen
24. The Spence Report
25. Kenny G Around the Horn
26. Hardball in the Rockies
27. Who’s your Padre?
28. Kelly’s Corner
29. Rays Plays
30. Royals Beat

Happy Fourth Birthday To Us!


It’s a grand slam! Saturday marks the fourth anniversary of the MLBlogs community, and it all began with Tommy Lasorda’s inaugural MLBlogs posting about his old friend Jackie Robinson. That is how Major League Baseball launched its own blogging community, billed as an official affiliate of with unofficial opinions. It was April 18, 2005, and the Red Sox had just ended an 86-year drought, the White Sox were in the process of ending an 88-year drought, Mariah Carey’s The Emancipation of Mimi had just dropped, and that day Adobe bought Macromedia, the Boston Marathon was held, and our friend Murray Cook also saved his first blog post, a simple picture as an offering to the baseball gods.

mariahcarey.jpgTens of thousands of blogs later, we are here blogging about baseball on a regular basis and we have Latest Leaders and we have new MLBlogs starting for free all the time. We have Briscoe Baseball Blog predicting Indians over Dodgers in the Fall Classic (thus ending a drought dating back to 1948); we have none other than Giants catcher Bengie Molina telling you what’s wrong with Tim Lincecum and his team right now; we have all 30 beat writers like Ian Browne (Red Sox) and Kelly Thesier (Twins) blogging and communicating with you here; Welcome To The Show blogging about the best night for a ballplayer you might ever see; Kim Jones of YES posting about the new Yankee Stadium; and a Phillies fan from way back in the Connie Mack Stadium days blogging about the bid for a repeat.

Zack Hample, one of those first MLBloggers, has raised $634.80 for Pitch In For Baseball.

You can find all of the MLB PRO BLOGS in the drop-down menu on the MLBlogs homepage, and use the tag-search results link for each club nickname also on that page to find other MLBlogs about topics that may be of interest to you. There is so much to do, so much new technology to develop, but mainly we want to see our favorite MLB players and teams have great seasons, and there is a whole summer in front of us now. Be sure to follow us at the Official MLBlogs Twitter.

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