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Want to embed the video of Josh Hamilton’s historic four-homer night into your Blog? Richard Justice of just did it on his Justice4U blog and you can as well.

Go to the video clip and click the EMBED button among the share icons. Copy the code and then paste using the HTML tab on the text-post field of your dashboard. It will look like this:

Then tell everyone at Blogs what you thought of one of the best offensive performances in Major League history – 18 total bases!

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We’re helping a Major League player start a blog in English and Spanish. Be on the lookout and comment here when you see his first post. Hint, National League West. Our huge roster of PRO bloggers is right here.

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Appreciating everyone’s comments, especially after each Latest Leaders post. Looking through the comments you can find a lot of fellow bloggers. Always include your full URL with any comment to make it easy to be found.

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Josh Hamilton Reruns

Am I an obsessed baseball fan if I want to spend every night watching Josh Hamilton’s 28-HR Round 1 in the State Farm Home Run Derby?

It’s on ESPN2 now and I am enjoying it as much as I did in person. Hammy, crush No. 18 for a 518-footer. Erin, grab him right afterwards for an interview. Reggie, say how much the fans were treated the way you used to treat them.

I don’t mean to diss Justin Morneau but that is going to stand the test of time for me. I was at Ripken’s 2131, Big Mac’s 62, Dr. J’s Last House Call, etc, etc…and Hammy’s 28 is always going to have a special place no matter what. I’d watch the rerun all the time.

And the most amazing part is that it only set the stage for the best All-Star Game ever. What’s funny is that here at, and among the voting populace, we made such a huge deal over Ryan Braun charging from nowhere to become the No. 1 starting outfielder in the N.L. — and yet what’s more memorable now is the other Ryan, Ludwick, replacing him in the seventh inning and proceeding to play the last nine innings. A full regulation game.

It’s just so weird. Looking back at that week, you remember the HR Derby runnerup more than the winner, and you remember the guys who played the last nine or 10 innings more than those who garnered all those votes to start. OK, back to trade talk

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