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People you meet on the way to Opening Day

Major League Baseball games are real starting a week from this weekend, and the Blogs community is steamrolling toward its eighth birthday by featuring a lot of newcomers of note.

X-Country DriveathonJaye Maddon, wife of Rays manager Joe Maddon, is focused on two dashboards right now: One to drive across the country for a good cause and one to blog all about it. Join her and her dogs Winston and Athena on the Cross-Country Driveathon and leave lots of comments to keep them company on the way. You can donate a penny per mile to help Pet Pal while you’re at it.

Oakland A’s third baseman Eric Sogard just started blogging, and you’ll love his view: From behind his omnipresent Kaenon glasses. The posts are from Soge, but he will be writing in third person this season, so technically his eyewear is authoring this blog. Read his welcome post and join the commenters.

Imagine you have been drafted by the Cardinals and are making your way up the organizational ladder with your sights set on Busch Stadium somewhere in the near future? That is the path of pitcher Jordan Swagerty, a Redbirds’ 2010 First-Year Player Draft selection, and he just relaunched his Blog, Walking with a Swagerty.

And get to know CardinalsFarm, a fan blog created in January and already up to 1,571 followers as of this post. They not only know all about Swagerty, but about everyone on their way to The Show in Redbird Nation.

The last time I saw Gregor Blanco in person, champagne was being dumped on his head and I had to pull him away from some celebrating with Pablo Sandoval to tape a Meet the Bloggers video. Good to see that the White Shark has returned to the MLBlogosphere. Join the Giants outfielder on his blog again for the ride.

While you’re at it, say hi to his teammates, Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford. They have stayed busy at blogging, and we are proud to have them here amongst our own postings.

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Mitch Williams: The MLB Network analyst and former closer just posted his World Baseball Classic entry. Comment him galore.

One Strike Away…Twice!: “Baseball is about accomplishment, setting goals and succeeding.” Get to know this Rangers fan blogger.

Curly W: Nats By The Numbers Bobblehead Trivia Challenge.

Tribevibe: Indians fan correspondent @ClevelandChick gives her top 5 observations from Spring Training in Goodyear.

Around the Horn in KC: Their PR dept blog just posted today on the start of Royals HOF balloting.

Clubhouse Confidential: A’s Director of Public Relations Bob Rose has been posting on the club’s Clubhouse Confidential blog since 2009, and he devotes his latest entry to “shining gems like Shane Peterson, Michael Choice and Addison Russell.”

John & Cait Plus Nine: What’s new at Miller Park?

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Meet the Bloggers: Gregor Blanco

You’ve seen some previous installments in this series from interesting ballpark locations, but nothing can top the setting for our latest Meet the Bloggers feature: a champagne-soaked clubhouse celebrating a World Series title. My iPhone got a little wet but I caught up with Gregor Blanco moments after his Giants won the 2012 World Series to ask him about that incredible achievement and his ever-popular Blog, White Shark. Here’s what he had to say:

With the 2012 season now in the books, we’re going to be looking to continue this series. Stay tuned for details on how you can be the next Blogger featured here.

Blogging Matt Cain’s Perfect Game

Congrats to Matt Cain of the Giants for throwing the 22nd Perfect Game in Major League Baseball history. You can easily embed the video of the masterpiece on your blog, to go with any posts about the game.

Just go here and then click Embed and paste that code into your dashboard text field.

The most perfect blog post of all may have just been saved by Giants outfielder Gregor Blanco. His unreal diving catch toward the warning track preserved the gem, and you’ll want to see what he says in White Shark. Blanco invites your comments there and will be answering questions in future posts, so hit him up! This is the video he embedded the morning after history happened at AT&T Park:

Fan “CHP” just commented on the White Shark’s blog entry:

“You brought me to your blog and this amazing post. This post led me, in my continuing post game Giants-haze, to not stop reading until I had finished everything you had written since becoming a Giant. You are amazingly well spoken, smart, and seem to be a pretty awesome person.”

One of our most popular PRO blogs here at Blogs is SF Giants Photos, and props to the crew there for such thorough photo coverage of Cain’s perfecto. Take a look at their shots and leave comments and share their post.

This just in from SFDiamondGirl: “I just put up my post about the perfect game: Incredibly happy for Matt Cain and it’s been an amazing 24 hours here in San Francisco – very exciting to put it all into words.”

More Splash Hits is one of our Latest Leaders in the FAN category and just posted about it, with videos.

Are all these no-hitters and perfect games in recent times a good thing? Keith Olbermann isn’t so sure. And this Astros fans tells you what it feels like to be no-hit.

Just got this comment from Russel at Wrigley Regular, which ranked 43rd in our May Latest Leaders: “Great game from Cain last night. The 5th Perfecto in the last 3 years. Is there a reason why? I have my opinion and you can read it here:

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