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Fighting spam

You may have noticed a recent increase in spam comments in our community. has confirmed an uptick in spam activity and asks everyone to help the anti-spam effort by marking any spam messages in your blogs as such. You can do this in your dashboard, under Comments. The Akismet system that identifies and removes spam from the system uses an automated learning process, so every successful identification of a spam comment makes the system smarter.

Also, if you regularly monitor comments in your blog, you might want to select the “Before a comment appears: Comment author must have a previously approved comment” option under Settings > Discussion in your blog’s dashboard. This will require you to approve all first comments from new commenters on your blog, but once a commenter has a comment approved and they are “trusted,” their comments will appear immediately with no need for approval on your part. (As I’ve just done here.)

If you haven’t already done so, we recommend installing the free app on your mobile device. You can receive notifications of new comments and conveniently mark comments as spam in the app.

Dealing with problem comments

A lively comments section is every blogger’s dream. But what about when unwanted comments from unwelcome guests become a problem? Fear not! MLBlogs is powered by, who provide bloggers with all the tools you need to make your comments a troll-free zone.

A first layer of defense comes from’s spam filter. Should any spam messages make it through, you can mark them as spam to remove them from your visible comments and add them to the spam filter. Additionally, every blogger has the ability via your blog dashboard to customize comment approval under Settings > Discussion. You can open things up and automatically publish all comments in real time, require all comments to be approved by you before they appear on your blog, or choose from a wide variety of customizable options in between. Should you encounter an unwelcome commenter, you can blacklist both by email address and IP address — preventing them from returning to the blog under a new account.

Make sure to mark posts as “Spam” as that helps our system learn and catch similar spam posts better in the future.

Finally, consider is closing comments for old posts; WordPress can do this automatticially after a certain number days, under Settings > Discussion.

As always,’s Support section is a great resource. Here’s a link to their support page on this topic for more information.

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