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Meet the Bloggers: Jamie Ramsey

As part of our Meet the Bloggers series, we recently spoke with Reds Assistant Director of Media Relations Jamie Ramsey, the creative force behind Better Off Red — consistently one of the most-read blogs in the Blogs network. He talked about what made the 2012 Reds so enjoyable, his approach to social media and his blog’s loose feel:

If you’re an Blogger and will be attending a Postseason game, make sure to get in touch with a comment below, and let us know your dates of availability. We’re always looking for our next Meet the Bloggers subject.

Welcome to Dallas Latos – Mat’s wife

Mat LatosMatt Latos is pitching at a new Arizona camp this spring since being traded to the Reds, and meanwhile his wife Dallas has just reported to Blogs. Be sure to join her at and subscribe to her blog for updates and leave comments. Based on the intro, it should be entertaining and insightful. Excerpt:

I typically go on almost as many road trips as Mat does and when I’m on the road, I try my best to enjoy the ballparks and cities I’m in as if it’s my day-job- because it kind of is. I’ll probably blog quite a bit about that. I might blog about new discoveries. I might blog about some of our experiences. I’ll totally blog when I catch a bigger fish than Mat and I might blog about getting to second base with TSA screeners- I can’t really say. I will say that I will do my best to keep you entertained and give you a look into what life is like standing behind a man who plays with balls for a living.

Welcome to Dallas! Meanwhile, all bloggers should tell us about any cool new Blogs you have spotted lately…

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