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How I voted for the Hall – and looking for your posts just posted the story on how its 15 eligible Hall of Fame voters filled out their ballots, and you can see mine among the list. I voted for five: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey Jr., Trevor Hoffman and Mike Piazza.

The excitement of receiving a ballot that has a name like Junior Griffey’s on it is the especially fun part of being a Hall voter. That is the kind of player the Cooperstown gallery room was created for — next to Ruth, Cobb, Aaron and Mays. You know that player when his five-year countdown begins and your vote is unquestionable. That brings us to everyone else on the 2016 list, and the effort to determine whether any other candidates should share the stage with him.

Neither Bonds nor Clemens exactly sweeps the Rule No. 5 categories on voting criteria, yet they are top-four all-time by position and that trumps character shortcomings. Hoffman was the first to 600 saves in an era when hitters dominated, and Piazza’s election is just overdue.

Jeff Bagwell continues to be an agonizing decision, more agonizing each year due to statistical analysis and debate. I disagree with those who “cover the field” with 10 safety check marks each year, as the bottleneck has declined. I can see both sides to Bagwell, and being on the fence is not a Hall vote to me unless you are covering the field.

The 2016 Hall of Fame results will be announced at 6 p.m. ET Wednesday on and MLB Network.

The Unbiased MLB Fan identified four names that would be on his ballot, while Sons of ’84 has eight — plus a ninth vote for a write-in. Darryl of 210Sports explains the rationale behind his would-be ballot, and The First 90 Feet sees a ballot so packed that some worthy names will need to wait. The Wayniac Nation views Ken Griffey, Jr. and Trevor Hoffman as no-brainers (and hopes Tim Raines will get in at last), and Baseball with Matt adds Billy Wagner to the list of deserving former stars in their first year of Hall eligibility. The Baseball Continuum looks at the recent decision by the Veterans Committee to not induct anyone, while Statis Pro 1978 Replay looks at Alan Trammell’s last hurrah and Yankeebiscuitfan argues for more closers in Cooperstown.

Who would you have chosen? Please add the URL of your own blog post about the Hall vote in the comments below so we can see everyone’s opinions. And as always, be sure to follow to see daily surfacing of great posts around our community.

Happy New Year,

– Mark Newman

Hall of Fame Class of 2012 vs. 1936

The ballot for the 2012 Hall of Fame Class could include:

Craig Biggio (retired)
Mike Piazza (retired)
Roger Clemens (limbo)
Barry Bonds (limbo)
Sammy Sosa (no idea)

Statistically speaking, it would be the greatest Hall of Fame class since the first:

Ty Cobb
Walter Johnson
Christy Mathewson
Babe Ruth
Honus Wagner

Speaking as a Lifetime Honorary member of the Baseball Writers Association of America who votes each December, I say let’s just throw Pete Rose onto the ballot for 2012 as well (in place of Sosa, a doubtful first-balloter) so we can make it a legit five-on-five and let everyone have at it.

You would match up Bonds again Ruth, Clemens against Johnson, Rose against Cobb. Mathewson and Piazza both basked in the big-city limelight, both dominating over a long period, so we’ll pair those two. That leaves primary infielders Biggio (2,850 games, 291 homers, .281, 414 steals) and Wagner (2,787 games, 101 homers, .329, 722 steals).

Could be fun. Give me five years to let all the he-said/she-saids play out, see if anything changes with Charlie Hustle in a half-decade, and just imagine what it could be like with Clemens and Piazza together in Cooperstown for a whole loving weekend.

Looking forward to your blogs about the whole subject, now that Piazza has walked away for good.

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