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Albert, Ozzie and Spring


I would like to introduce you to Albert and Ozzie. I just moved and they have their own space on one shelf at my home. I found these at a Christmas Tree Shops store, a whole boxful of little wooden Cardinal carvings. It occurred to me that the one on the left has the stance in the right side of the box like Albert Pujols about to go hard, and the other one is looking straight ahead and ready to field at his shortstop position. So now they are my official Birds on a Bat logo brought sort of to life, with a permanent spot at home. I. Live. For. This.

On to spring…

This morning I was greeted by giant snowflakes on my commute into Manhattan and our MLB offices. It was Winter clinging to its last life, hoping for the impossible, forcing you to feel one last blustery chill in its final hours. Indeed, according to Wikipedia, in the last hour the Equinox became official, and Winter is officially gone again, until the next time around.

I say goodbye to Winter. We will remember it for many reasons. Many of them were wonderful, many of them were horrible, and as always it was the one of the four seasons that we deal with rather than embrace as baseball fans. There was no real baseball in that time. There was plenty of news, good and bad. There were plenty of gifts, beautiful holiday spirit and family gatherings, but much talk of a whipped economy. There was a joyous New Year that brought a 24/7 baseball network.

What was your one lasting memory of this past Winter? Mine is of a large Continental jet splashing down just blocks away from where I work, then walking over there in the bitter cold and watching the surreal sight of tugboats hauling this aircraft downstream to Battery Park, while all passengers were somehow safe and sound. I will remember Captain Sully. Mine also is of an Inauguration of a lifetime and what that meant to so many.

According to Tennyson, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I know that our collective fancy is turned to baseball now, as the number of MLBlogs created here the past month has skyrocketed. Everyone is blogging, everyone is hopeful. Yes, this is a paean sung for weeks now since Spring Training began, but let’s pause a moment just to make it official, to bid adieu to Winter, to rejoice in Spring. Now it’s real.

Opening Day is up next.

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