Picking some new blogs out of the rack

Picking a bat is kind of like picking a blog. Sometimes the other ones have more hits.

Picking a bat is kind of like picking a blog. Sometimes the other ones have more hits.

Happy Holidays. I’d like to take this opportunity to re-introduce MLB.com Blogs Central, the community blog for MLB.com and MLB.com/blogs. When you see the new array of bats in the custom theme here, just think of approaching a batrack in a dugout and the fabulous choices at your fingertips. That represents the array of choices you should find as a regular right here.

As you’ve probably noticed lately, we’re now using this blog to highlight much of the excellent, topical content around here with Reblogs of select posts from both MLB PRO and FAN blog themes. We’ll showcase some deserving blogs in this community much more dynamically — in real time as opposed to just once a month. It’s a great way to stay on top of what’s happening around baseball while discovering some quality blogs and growing your own.

So first of all, make sure you’re Following this blog. If you are logged in, you should have a Follow option in the top toolbar. We also recommend subscribing to our email updates via the button in the widget to the right so you don’t miss a thing. Posts from here will naturally become more frequent as a result, and I’ll no longer compile Latest Leaders rankings.

If you come across a blog post you think is outstanding or have a post of your own that you’re particularly proud of, by all means please leave a comment here and make sure to include the Permalink URL so others can find you. (Just don’t list your own blog here every single post, though, or your commenting would be treated as spam and require subsequent approval.) And definitely continue to use your community blog as you have all these years, whether you are a rookie blogger saying hello with an introduction or a veteran interacting with longtime friends.

April will mark the 10th anniversary of the best baseball blogging community here at MLB.com/blogs, a place where we at Major League Baseball Advanced Media partner with our friends at WordPress.com to provide the most cutting-edge blogging software anywhere. We hope you will find this community blog helpful to your discovery of other bloggers and in surfacing cool posts, as part of the total MLB.com experience. A good blog is kind of like one of the bats in this picture — a trusted companion, but you still want to try some others out.

– Mark/MLB.com


Happy New Year. I wrote my first complete baseball blog post and wanted to share it with you. If you are so inclined check out http://expos.mlblogs.com/2015/01/13/scouting-hof/

Thank you,

Hello there. I’ve noticed that the November and December latest leaders stats we’re never posted. I also notice the Top 100 Blogs of 2014 are not up yet either. Has the list been discontinued ? Just wondering because like Niko I to would like to see my stats even if they are not anywhere close to what Niko has. Aside from that, I hope everyone here is having a good 2015 so far

This is a shame for MLBlogs. Being that I worked extremely hard in November by posting daily, tweeting,emailing, interviewing,being interviewed and otherwise promoting my blog to get all those 30,071 views, I am extremely disappointed that you are not going to post the November list of Latest Leaders, mainly because most likely I will be deprived of recognition that I fully deserved as I firmly believe that I finished at first place. It’s like winning a month long marathon and then you wipe out the results for “slotting issues”. In any case Happy Holidays to everyone at MLBlogs and MLB Advanced Media respectfully.

Hey Mark, Happy Holidays to you and all of the MLBlogs.com family. Just wanted to let you and the MLBlogs community know that I’ve posted my 2014 All-Hero Baseball Squad. Since 2010 I have posted several cartoon and SuperHeroe A–Star teams and it has become one of my holiday blog traditions. I want to invite my friends and fellow bloggers at MLBlogs to check it out over the holiday season. http://raysrenegade.mlblogs.com/2014/12/23/2014-all-hero-holiday-baseball-team/

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