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It’s hard to believe we are entering the 10th season of blogging at! Now comes the annual tip of the hat to all of the best blogs in our community, or at least the ones who had what it took to draw the largest followings. Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 100 Blogs list, based on page views from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2013. If you’re on the list, make sure you add your Top 100 Blogs badge to your sidebar, with the link to this post. That goes for you active players, front-office crews, player wives, groundskeepers, fans, photogs, broadcasters and Idols like Scotty McCreery. The coming year promises to be even better, so a big Thank You to everyone in our community — whether you’re a veteran or a rookie.


Once again the blog maintained by all reporters claims the top overall spot…
1. Hot Stove/Trade Buzz
2. SF Giants Photos
3. John & Cait…Plus Nine
4. Dodgers Photog Blog
5. Better Off Red
6. TribeVibe
7. Fantasy 411
8. Curly W Live
9. Baseball Nerd
10. Brandon and Brandon
11. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
12. Cubs Vine Line Blog
13. The Halo Way
14. So I Married A Baseball Player…
15. Blogs Central (lol)
16. Our Game
17. Around the Horn in KC
18. Phillies Insider
19. White Shark
21. Alyson’s Footnotes
22. CastroTurf
23. Cooperstown Chatter
24. MLB Urban Youth Academy – Compton, CA
25. Inside the White Sox
26. The USA Baseball 15U Blog
27. OutsidePitchMLB LLC
28. Comerica Park, 48201
29. Newberg Report
30. Clubhouse Confidential
31. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
32. Justice4U
33. Walking with a Swagerty
34. USA Baseball 17U National Team Championships Blog
35. Wild Things
36. Braves Give
37. Homestand Blog by Yankees Magazine
38. Eric Sogard’s Glasses
39. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
40. The USA Baseball 17U Blog
41. Desde el Desierto
42. Roof Report
43. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
44. Rays Radio
45. Baseball Books
46. My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife
47. *touch ’em all*
48. The Cutoff Man
49. Baseball with Matt
50. Monarchs to Grays to Crawfords
51. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
52. Jesse Sanchez at the Park
53. Beyond the Ballpark
54. The Futurists
55. Voices of The Game
56. Padres hispanos
57. Step up to B.A.T.
58. Ozzie Speaks
59. Diamond Dollar$
60. Boomskie on Baseball
61. McCreery on the Majors
62. Indians Off the Field
63. Welcome to Third and King
64. Cincinnati Reds Camps
65. A’s Ticket Services
66. Dodgers History
67. Matt’s Bats
68. Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp
69. BTF Today
70. Palabras de los Padres
71. A Twinternal Perspective
72. Pitching In The Community
73. MLBPAA Intern Insider
74. Fenway the Dog
75. Haley Smilow and Family Ballpark Journey
76. Play It Forward
77. Twinsiders
78. X-Country Drive-a-Thon
79. Pitch In For Baseball
80. One More Cup of Coffee
81. HammelTown
83. Sweet Spot in Baseball
84. 1 Citizens Bank Way
85. Brandon Steiner Interviews
86. Project Lomo
87. El Tiburón Blanco
88. Red, White and the 3-0 Green Light
89. Mets Fantasy Camp
90. Fantasy Freddie
91. TVA Jacques
92. Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp Blog
93. Fergie Jenkins Foundation
94. Ozzie Habla
95. The Spread
96. Medias Blancas con Orgullo
98. Astros In the Cage
99. Everybody Reads Raymond
100. Changing Speeds

Minor League blogs are proving popular among the future-minded…
1. Ben’s Biz Blog
2.’s PROSPECTive Blog
3. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
4. The Dash Board
5. Rattler Radio
6. Salem Sox Talk
7. Unlocking the Keys
8. ‘Riders Insider Blog
9. Inside the San Jose Giants
10. 45 Miles From Fenway
11. It’s All Relative
12. On the Mike with Mike Safford (Voice of the Boise Hawks)
13. Inside the Jackson Generals
14. Porcupines in Pinstripes
15. ‘Cats Corner
16. Rollin’ with Rick
17. The Sprouting News
18. Hook, Line, and Sinker
19. Chirp Chatter
20. Not Just Baseball…Aceball
21. M-Braves Clubhouse Report
22. The Inside Pitch
23. Inside the Clubhouse with Mike Antonellis
24. Docking With the Ports
25. Playing In Peoria
26. The Tune-Up Blog
27. CurveBall Blog
28. The G-Blog
29. Yard Work
30. Knight Fever
31. From the Nest
32. Callis’ Corner
33. Intimidating Insight
34. Staten Island Yankees
35. Cardinals Chirps
36. Inside the Chiefs
37. Express Tracks
38. MiLB Snap Shots
39. Barons Beat
40. Socci On The Sox
41. Colorado Springs Sky Sox Official Team Blog
42. Go IronBirds!
43. Sound Bytes Blog
44. Rich Burk’s Hillsboro Hops “Blog to be Named Later”
45. Delmarva Shorebirds Blog
46. Bill On Baseball
47. Bird Droppings
48. B-Mets Buzz with Tim Heiman
49. Portland Sea Dogs Promotions

Zack Hample earns top spot again, with a possible return from the runner-up…
1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. The AustralianBaseballDigest
4. The Brewer Nation
5. A’s Farm
6. Beisbol 007
7. Cook & Sons’ Baseball Adventures
8. The Unbiased MLB Fan
9. mlbblogger
10. Pinstripe Birthdays
11. Ballparks on a Budget
12. The Baseball Haven
13. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
14. Rockpile Rant
15. Counting Baseballs
16. The Ballpark Guide
17. Three Up, Three Down
18. Dodger Blue World
19. Observing Baseball
20. Born on Third
21. Minoring In Baseball
22. 9 Inning Know It All
23. Phillies Phollowers
24. 7000 Coliseum Way
25. Where Everyone’s a Giant
26. Fish Fry
27. eltubeyero22
28. TheCutoffMan
29. Prospects2Pros
30. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
31. Rockin’ Redlegs
32. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
33. Los bigleaguers
34. Formerly Fausto: A Baseball Blog
35. baseballqueen
36. The Rays Rant
37. BrokeMets
38. Cream City Cables
39. The Yankee Dinosaur
40. Brewers Rumors
41. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
42. A Piece of The Game
43. More Splash Hits
44. The Cub Den
45. The Best MLBlog
46. The Blue Jays Dugout
47. Cove Chatter
48. This is a very simple game…
49. Miami Carlins Fantasy Baseball
50. TheBaseballPHD
51. Rox Addict
52. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
53. The Angels’ Ace
54. The Pittsburgh Peas
55. Unfinished Business
56. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
57. Battling Bucs
58. Brewers Farm Report
59. Collection of Baseball
60. Coco crisp’s afro
61. The Baseball Sociologist
62. Flashin’ Leather
63. Reds Country
64. The Ballhawker
65. One Strike Away…Twice!
66. Why Did My Dad Make Me a Mets Fan?
67. Talkin’ Rockies
68. Hoppers Fan
69. Major-League Obie Role-Based Projection System
70. Blue Jays Talk
71. Pinstripe State of Mind
72. Bleacher Boy
73. Balls and Strikes
74. Wrigley Regular
75. If You Write It, They Will Come
76. Plouffe’s New Hairdo
77. All Things Pirates: Breaking down the Buccos
78. Punky G. (G stands for Giants!)
79. Chasing Baseballs
80. Big Apple Baseball Blog
81. Dodgers Insider
82. steel city ballhawk
83. Royal Blues
84. Quisqueyanos en MLB
85. The Take: From 20th & Blake
86. Sarge’s Phillies Phantasy Camp Diary
87. Philadelphia Ballhawk
88. Baseball’s 28th Out
89. The ‘Stros Bros
90. Phillies Red Pinstripes
91. Dodger Familia Thoughts
92. Blue Jays Musings
93. Cubs Crossings
94. Head First Slide Productions
95. The Inherent Dangers of Watching Professional Baseball
96. It’s Always A Good Dre in L.A.
97. The Optimist Tiger
98. Pedro Beato Fan Club
99. 2r2d
100. Skood Sports

Another year of’s team of writers keeping you in the know…
1. Muskat Ramblings
2. Beck’s Blog
3. Mark My Word
4. The Zo Zone
5. Bowman’s Blog
6. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
7. Postcards From Elysian Fields
8. Bombers Beat
9. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
10. Mariners Musings
11. Britt’s Bird Watch
12. Brew Beat
13. Tag’s Lines
14. Brownie Points
15. Mets Cetera
16. The Fish Pond
17. North of the Border
18. Major League Bastian
19. Change for a Nickel
20. Bollinger Beat

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by


oops, expected to make the Top 100 FAN blogs this time, congratulations to all of those who made it!!!!

Wow, not there yet? But soon as the #1 spot awaits us. SPORT CRACKER we are coming!!!

We’ve had a great run at Cream City Cables, making the top 100 every year since our inaugural season. Alas, the time has come to move on from, largely due to the obnoxious ad placement and inflexibility in appearance. Thanks for reading everyone, and good luck to all the rest of you MLBloggers in the future 🙂


Where are the leaders for January 2014?

Guess there is no category for Fan PODCASTS?? If so, we’d be #1. Going on 10 years now….”Let’s Talk Dodgers” found in Facebook and YOUTUBE:

Congrats to everyone! I had a slightly worse year this year, but I am still very excited to be a part of the top 100! Great job everyone and thank you Bleacher Boy viewers!!
-David S.

Honoured to be a part of this fantastic community!
Thanks everyone, and cheers to the fast-approaching 2014 season!

Reblogged this on The Angels' Ace and commented:
o my family, friends, readers, and supporters:

Due to your consistent and unwavering loyalty I once again made’s top 100 blogs for 2013. These words cannot convey the degree of honor and gratitude that I have toward all of you. I am humbled to realize how much people enjoy my writing and my rants. I am thankful to God that he gave me the gift to express my love for the Angels through my writing. I am truly thankful to all of you. I’m curious to see how high I can make this website climb, thanks to your support I jumped 41 spots this year. My goal is to crack the top 25 next year, but I can’t do it without your support, again thank you. Go Angels!


Muchas Bendiciones por el apoyo durante todo el 2013 y así sea en el 2014…GRACIAS A TODOS !

Thanks for ranking my blog on the fans list.

I’m glad I made it. I was not expecting to be such highly ranked!

Congrats to all on the list. It was a fun season in 2013, and look forward to what everyone bring to the table in 2014. Thank you to Mark and all who’s work makes our community possible.

Thrilled and completely honored to be on this list in my first full year blogging. #76 + #24 (Trevor Plouffe) = MLBlogs Top 100.

Thanks, Mark! The more and more I pay attention to this blog, the more I explore and feel like there is a great baseblog community.

Congrats to everyone on the lists and have a great 2014! (How about a party at my place in July?!… Target Field. All-Star Game. Be there.)

I almost forgot, check out my blog

It’s Always a Good Dre In L.A.

1st time on the top 100 for me , #96 Baby !!!! WooHoo !!! Thanks to all you readers, baseball fans and Dodgers fans for making this all possible for me !!! And congratulations to everyone else who made the list as well especially the first timers !!!! Looking forward to providing you more info in 2014 !!!

Wanted to leave a note of inspiration for those wanting to scale the mountain and get to the top of the Fan Blog list. In January 2008 I was the 28th Most Viewed page on Sure over the past few years(2011-2013) I have sat at #2 and risen to #1 at times, but I worked at my craft, took some amazing photos and got to know some of the Rays players and staff off the field to bring me more info and access. Patience, honing the writing and visiting other blogs and commenting get you noticed, followers and eventually to the Top…….I proud of what I have done over the years on, but I’m more proud of how far we have risen the bar as a blogging community and the great content that has been produced.. If you get to the top, I will not push you away but hold out a hand and welcome you…..that is what teammates do… each other..

Congrats to all who made this prestigious list…”D” the Ranter

Reblogged this on Hoppers Fan and commented:
Big thanks to all the Hoppers Fan readers for putting us back on the Top 100 Blogs list again this year — that’s 2 years in a row! We came in at #68 — moving up the charts from the #78 spot we captured last year. Like I said last year, it’s great to see that a blog devoted to a Single-A Minor League team in North Carolina is as popular as blogs devoted to Major League teams. From Jordan and me, to all of you, thank you! We’re excited to see what 2014 brings — just 40 days until pitchers and catchers report!

Congrats to everyone on the list. Considering Outside Pitch MLB LLC became an official blogs in late August, I’d say 27th place isn’t too shabby. Are the numbers for December coming out?

Humbled that we were on the list again for 2013 and moved up to #17. Is there a list for just December, we had our best month ever then. Congrats to all who made it!

Congrats to everyone!! Thanks Mark for the work you do here.


Thanks Russel!


I think I’ve about topped out at #4, what with Hample, Rays Renegade, and an entire continent above me. I’ll certainly continue to strive for bigger and better though! Thank you so much for reading, if you’ve ever been inclined to do so. And if you haven’t…stop by! My annual countdown to Opening Day is about to get underway!

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic year! Thanks for reading!

Woo-Hoo! #18!! Thank you Mark, thank you to all that visit My blog or have stumbled upon it.
Congratulations to all on the list!

Talkin’ Baseball @ Come say hi!

Thank you! I know my number is low but it’s still great to be on the list! Hopefully I’ll move up in 2014. And congrats again, Zack

Well Mark,
I am back. Not sure of the extent, but will be throwing curves, some nasty sliders and maybe even catch a few people napping with a change-up post. Thank you again to MLB Advanced Media, yourself and all the bloggers and viewers of my little spot of happiness over the years. Coming back strong, lean, but hopefully not too mean……Congrats again everyone and do not forget to get your Top 100 Badge!

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