What are you waiting for?

On a hot day in August, I am waiting for October. And as I just wrote on MLB.com, I am waiting for a lot more than that as a Baseball fan. I am waiting for a Cubs parade, my loaded Hall of Fame ballot this December, another Dodger Dog and more. I hope you will read my own list, share that story and then blog about what YOU are waiting for as a fan. A title for your team? Of course. An autograph from your favorite player or legend? Sure. But you are waiting for more than that. It’s what makes you a fan, what makes you blog, what you love about the game.

Please include your Permalink in comments here so we can find your own list!


I decided to write an article inspired by this post! It was a tough post because it really made me think. I hope you can have more write in kind of posts.

Here’s my post of What Am I Waiting For? Enjoy!
-David S.


Apparently I was waiting for you so that I can start posting again. I have been so busy since getting the Hilda award at the Baseball Reliquary on 7/22 and then the trip to Philadelphia for the SABR convention. Thanks! Now I am waiting to leave work soon so that I head to Dodger Stadium. Read on Twitter Barry Bloom was at the Original Pantry in Los Angeles. I saw him at SABR43 where he was the moderator for the media panel.
Here is my post http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2013/08/09/baseball-dreams-what-i-am-waiting-for/

Great job! Your passion always shows!

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