A conversation with Camille and David Adams

I had the pleasure of meeting MLB.com PRO Blogger Camille Campins Adams and her husband, Yankees infielder David Adams, on Thursday during their visit to the MLB Fan Cave in New York. You can follow My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife (note new URL) and say hi there in the comments anytime. Here is a flip video I took of the newly expecting parents:

Coming off 9 days of bronchitis so give me a break if I have no voice! And here is the full video of my interview with David on his call-up experience, impending parenthood, adjusting to third base, returning regulars, his spelling-bee prowess and other topics:


Followed this great man since the Boca Lightning days. Until his days at UV and also his time in the Minors. You have incredible work ethic and drive to never quit. I envy that. Keep up the INCREDIBLE job. I don’t have to tell you that, I know. Stay awesome David.

I am a big fan of David Adams, I seem him a lot in Trenton last year, glad he is with the yankees and doing well, tell him I said good job, on the well deserved progress

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Fun times with Mark Newman and the MLB Fan Cave Dwellers.

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