Thinking All-Star Week at Citi Field

One of the coolest things about being a baseball fan is knowing your All-Star Game is light years better than any other sport’s…and that it matters. The National League has capitalized on three straight All-Star victories.

I spent Tuesday at Citi Field, partly for the big Clayton Kershaw-Jon Niese matchup and also to do some advance work on the All-Star Week stuff that is coming there for this summer. Here is my ballot launch story on and here is the 2013 All-Star Game Ballot sponsored by

Just wanted to share some Instagrams I posted in the meantime, and making sure you are all set to blog like crazy now that the All-Star ballot is out. Make sure you leave comments here with your full URL and tell us to come and see how you use up those earliest votes, and we’ll promote some of them.

CitiField1 CitiField2 CitiField3 CitiField4 CitiField5


Similar to the earlier point, I tend to vote based on who actually deserves the All-Star honour rather than just Dodger players; I cannot bring myself to vote Juan Uribe in ahead of more worthy guys such as David Wright and (gulp!) Sandoval. Nonetheless, its always a great spectacle and Citi Field should be really good!

Be sure to check out my weekly Dodger blog for a British perspective on baseball –

Love CitiField. Watch the Mets when I’m not watching the Cubs. I wish that fans voted less on the players and relied more on statistics then favourite players. I want to see the best of the best instead of favourites.

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