Hope everyone will take a look at Curt Smith’s blog and follow it via email. The author of many baseball broadcasting books and former Presidential speechwriter has been a part of our MLB.com Blogs community since our charter season in 2005, and we’re very appreciative of his posts. Great look back at Joe Garagiola’s career in the wake of his recent retirement. Two legends, one chronicling the other.

Voices of The Game

“Kennedy was, whether for good or bad, an enormously large figure,” Theodore H. White wrote of America’s first Catholic president. “Historically, he was a gate-keeper. He unlatched the gate and through the door marched Catholics, blacks, and Jews, and ethnics, women, youth, academics, newspersons, and an entirely new breed of politician.”

Joe Garagiola, 87, an exceedingly large baseball figure, recently retired after 58 years behind the mike, including the last 18 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He unlatched a 1950s and ‘60s gate for urban, ethnic, and, with Dizzy Dean, an entirely new breed of announcer – the ex-jock-turned funnyman. It is a gate that will never close.

Humor obscured how Joe G. asked for little, worked like a dog, and helped found the Baseball Assistance Team. “I went though life as a [1946-54] player to be named later,” Garagiola said in a typical witticism. Ordinary on the field, he has…

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