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Baseball fans aren’t going to forget 2012 any time soon. We saw the debuts of phenomenal young talent, we marveled at historic feats and we held on through truly memorable Postseason moments. Bloggers were there every step of the way, and now is the time to honor those who made the annual Top 100 Blogs list. Once again the Hot Stove/Trade Buzz two-headed monster finished as the overall most-visited Blog, powered by the only network of 30 traveling beat reporters, with Better Off Red finishing off a very impressive season in second place in the PRO category. The Baseball Collector has bragging rights again among Fan blogs, with the reborn and resurgent Rays Renegade right behind. Carrie Muskat held off Jason Beck to grab top honors among the Beat Writers.

Congratulations to everyone who made the Top 100! If you’re on the list, make sure you add your Top 100 Blogs badge to your sidebar, with the link to this post. Here are the Latest Leaders ranked by page views from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2012:

1. Hot Stove
2. Better Off Red
3. SF Giants Photos
4. Fantasy 411
5. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
6. John & Cait…Plus Nine
7. Baseball Nerd
8. Alyson’s Footnotes
9. Curly W Live
10. Ben’s Biz Blog
11. Dodgers Photog Blog
12. Brandon and Brandon
13. Blogs Central (lol)
14. So I Married A Baseball Player…
15. Phillies Insider
16. Around the Horn in KC
17. 45 Miles From Fenway
18. The USA Baseball 17U Blog
19. The Dash Board
21. Ben Rouse’s Brewers Mission 162
22. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
23. Cubs Vine Line Blog
24. TribeVibe
25. Inside the White Sox
26. Our Game
27. The USA Baseball 15U National Team Blog
28. Comerica Park, 48201
29. Tommy Lasorda’s World
30. CastroTurf
31. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
32. Rattler Radio
33. The Byrd’s Nest
34. Cooperstown Chatter
35. Newberg Report
36. White Shark
37. MLB Urban Youth Academy – Compton, CA
38. Justice4U
39. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
40. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
41. Above the Plate
42. Bloomberg Sports
43. Inside the Jackson Generals
44. ‘Cats Corner
45. Clubhouse Confidential
46. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
47. The Sprouting News
48. ‘Riders Insider Blog
49. Desde el Desierto
50. Fantasy Freddie
51. It’s All Relative
52. Kaat’s Korner
53. The Futurists
54. Far East Division
55. The G-Blog
56. Reed Between the Lines
57. SFGiantScoop
58. Homestand Blog by Yankees Magazine
59. Wild Things
60. My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife
61. Salem Sox Talk
62. On the Mike with Mike Safford (Voice of the Boise Hawks)
63. Express Tracks
64. Chirp Chatter
65. Rollin’ with Rick
66. Inside the Chiefs
67. Yard Work
68. Roof Report
69. Brian Anderson’s House of Blogs
70. Kara’s Hot Corner
71. The Inside Pitch
72. Padres hispanos
73. Unlocking the Keys
74. The Cutoff Man
75. From the Nest
76. The Mitchell Report & Livin’ La Vida Leo
77. Inside the Clubhouse with Mike Antonellis
78. Bird Droppings
79. Ozzie Speaks
80.’s PROSPECTive Blog
81. Welcome to Third and King
82. ‘Topes Tattler
83. Docking With the Ports
84. Padre Knows Best
85. MiLB Snap Shots
86. A Twinternal Perspective
87. Fenway the Dog
88. Knight Fever
89. Extra Innings with the KCrew
90. BTF Today
91. Indians Off the Field
92. Baseball Books
93. Colorado Springs Sky Sox Official Team Blog
94. Diamond Dollar$
95. A’s Ticket Services
97. Red Sox DestiNATIONs
98. Athletics in Japan: Opening Series 2012
99. Bees Wax
100. Delmarva Shorebirds Blog

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. Red State Blue State
4. The AustralianBaseballDigest
5. Cook & Sons’ Baseball Adventures
6. Counting Baseballs
7. Beisbol 007
8. The Brewer Nation
9. A’s Farm
10. Rockpile Rant
11. mlbblogger
12. Pinstripe Birthdays
13. The Ballpark Guide
14. Phillies Phollowers
15. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
16. The Baseball Haven
17. The Unbiased MLB Fan
18. BlueBattingHelmet
19. Born on Third
20. Observing Baseball
21. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
22. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
23. nybisons
24. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
25. Three Up, Three Down
26. The Pittsburgh Peas
27. Brewers Rumors
28. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
29. Unfinished Business
30. Rockin’ Redlegs
31. The Rays Rant
32. The Future Blog of the Red Sox
33. Minoring In Baseball
34. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
35. Collection of Baseball
36. This is a very simple game…
37. Heard It From Hoard
38. Cream City Cables
39. Plushdamentals
40. Royal Blues
41. The Yankee Dinosaur
42. gojays
43. Fish Fry
44. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
45. baseballqueen
46. TheCutoffMan
47. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
48. 9 Inning Know It All
49. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees
50. Bleacher Boy
51. More Splash Hits
52. If You Write It, They Will Come
53. The Optimist Tiger
54. swingingbuntz
55. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
56. Rox Addict
57. All Things Pirates: Breaking down the Buccos
58. Phillies Red Pinstripes
59. westsideculture
60. Reds Country
61. Los bigleaguers
62. Where Everyone’s a Giant
63. Ballparks on a Budget
64. eltubeyero22
65. Wrigley Regular
66. On The Way Home
67. 7000 Coliseum Way
68. Sarge’s Phillies Phantasy Camp Diary
69. Battling Bucs
71. The Phanatic Addict
72. 2r2d
73. BrokeMets
74. One Strike Away…Twice!
75. Brewers Today
76. steel city ballhawk
77. Great Scot!
78. Hoppers Fan
79. Devils In Pinstripes
80. The Fenway Faithful
81. A Misplaced Astros Fan
82. Bottom of the Ninth
83. Punky G. (G stands for Giants!)
84. Cambios y Curvas
85. 1992 And Counting
86. 2131 and Beyond
87. The Phillies Girl Tells All
88. Dyna Mets
89. Perfect Pitch
90. LEAVes of Dodger Blue
91. The ‘Stros Bros
92. Major League Fantasy Sports
93. Throwin’ Heat
94. The Angels’ Ace
95. Teddy’s Ballgame
96. Datacasting in Norfolk
98. Holy KK! It’s the Phillies!
99. Major League Ballhawk
100. Grab Some Bench!

1. Muskat Ramblings
2. Beck’s Blog
3. The Zo Zone
4. Mark My Word
5. Bowman’s Blog
6. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
7. Bombers Beat
8. Postcards From Elysian Fields
9. Britt’s Bird Watch
10. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
11. Brownie Points
12. Brew Beat
13. Mariners Musings
14. North of the Border
15. Major League Bastian
16. Change for a Nickel
17. Tag’s Lines
18. The Fish Pond
19. Haft-Baked Ideas
20. Mets Cetera

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by


Reblogged this on Hoppers Fan and commented:
Thanks to everyone who reads Hoppers Fan, we ended up on the top 100 Blogs list for all of 2013! With family obligations and trying to keep up with the Hoppers themselves, keeping track of the blog standings just kinda slipped past us. When announced this in January, we simply didn’t notice. It’s great to know that there are lots of folks out there enjoying what we write and the photos we share. It’s also great to see that a blog devoted to a Single-A Minor League team in North Carolina is as popular as blogs devoted to Major League teams. From Jordan and me, to all of you, thank you!

Seeya at the ballpark!


Oops, I meant 2012. 😉

This might be one of the cooler things I have found online.

Congrats to everyone on there. Saw 3 Blogs that I follow on the lost and Glad that they’re on there. Also found some new blogs to follow as well.

Year one, that is what this year was for us over at Born on Third, and we finished 19th for the season! I can’t thank all the visitors enough, without you this wouldn’t be worth it. GO CUBS!!

A thumbs down? Really?

It is always a special moment when I pop open this monthly gift nugget and see what is revealed.
Blessed to be a part of this blogging community, glad I did not leave in 2011, and always in debt to Mark and his crew for their support and want to give us such a grand platform for our rants, raves and opinions.
By seeing myself again at # 2 yearly slot for the second year is not due to my writing, it is due to your popping on my posts, commenting and reading my Rays comments or news bites.
Always grateful to the friends and fellow bloggers I have met, or want to meet, or have become friends through comments and blog posts.
Sorry I was a bit late to the party here, but like so many of our MLB players, I had off-season surgery I and am just getting back my writing “legs”. Looking forward to another spirited season and especially the upcoming Fan Fest and Pitchers and Catchers Report Day in Port Charlotte, Florida.
Thank you again everyone for you support this past season and making me miss you enough to come back stronger than ever.

Congratulations again and hopefully the offseason surgery went well! Happy New Year

Thank you Mark, It went off without a hitch and looking forward to Spring and the round ball hitting the mitt.

Wow, lots of great blogs on this list. Thannks to everyone who stopped by M.I.B. for a little reading. I really appreciate it. I enjoy so many on the list myself. Thanks to Mark for all the hard work to make it possible for us to have so much fun doing this. 2013 will be epic!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for helping make A’s Farm the #9 ranked MLBlog in our first year!

If you’ve made the list, please be sure to REBLOG this post (like Camille Campins-Adams did) and add the new Top 100 banner to your side panel and spread the word to all of your friends throughout social media. One of the best steps toward getting on lists like this, if you’re not on it, is to leave a congratulatory comment on the blogs of those who did, and be sure to leave your name and FULL URL as an easy breadcrumb. We appreciate EVERYONE who takes the time to post at Blogs and look forward to trying to help raise your volume in 2013!

For anyone inquiring about upcoming Meet the Bloggers video episodes, hang in there and we will try our best to line some up. It will get much easier once Spring Training starts. Have a great week, everyone!


If you are interested and/or available, I’ll be at A’s FanFest on January 27th at the Oracle Arena, as well as Opening Day on April 1st at the Oakland Coliseum, and I would love to be featured on Meet the Bloggers! You can email me at Thanks!
-Nick is home of the Factor12 Rating

Thanks, Mark, for putting this together and thanks to everyone for reading! The Ballpark Guide finished 13th in 2012, and I’m thrilled. 2013 will be ever better! Thanks again, all!

We are so honored to be on this list with all of these fantastic bloggers! Congratulations to everyone on a successful 2012 and cheers to an even better 2013! Happy blogging!

So excited to be on the list again! I can’t wait to do it all again this year!

Reblogged this on The Angels' Ace and commented:
I’m honored to have made the MLBlogs top 100 blogs for 2012.

Congrats to Jamie Ramsey and Mark Sheldon! Better off Red and Mark My Word are awesome! And they are super interactive with the fans! My first spring training experience was highlighted by their assistance! Great year for the Reds organization!!! – @coreyestep

Reblogged this on My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife and commented:
Wow! I am very excited to announce that in a year of many firsts, I managed to break the top 100 PRO Blogs of 2012. When I started blogging in March, I had two goals in mind: 1. to blog consistently and 2. for my blog to be selected as a ProMLBlog. Knowing that my blog is reaching people worldwide and that I have a loyal following is a huge bonus. I am so grateful to everyone who made this possible, including my lovely muse, David.
Love and blessings,

As Miller Park public address announcer Robb Edwards would say: “Now batting, #8…Ryan Braun!”

Certainly won’t complain at being slotted alongside the current face of the Milwaukee Brewers.

I’m currently writing up a post about how 2012’s ranking was achieved through a renewed dedication to the act of actually posting columns again. I barely posted any new content in 2011 and the numbers reflected such. My Twitter account really was taking off by then and I let the writing slip. I’m happy that 2012 has allowed me to find a balance. ……basically I still tweet too much and just blog a lot more. 🙂

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by even once and thanks to all those who continue to read my work!


Hey Adam, glad you got back to some serious blogging! Congrats.

Thanks, Mark!

Congrats to all making the 2012 Top 100, and to all that are striving to make the list in 2013. I’m looking forward to a great year reading the best blogs covering MLB.

Thanks for the great job Mark.

Love the top 100! Thank you, Mark! Congratulations to everyone who made the list this year and best wishes to those who are shooting for it next year. Reading all of your great blogs makes the offseason bearable. I am proud to be included in your number. 🙂
— Kristen

Glad you got on here Kristen Great to read your blogs and work with you. Looking forward to more of our I-5 Bias Posts

I totally forgot to say thank you to Mark for making this so cool. I love being able to find other baseball blogs so easily. Makes work go so much quicker. 🙂

Are you still doing the video series Meet the Bloggers? I’ll be at the Mariner FanFest at the end of January and would love to be record a video.

#22 Clayton Kershaw’s number!! That puts a double smile on my face 🙂 :-).
Congratulations to all that blog about this great game! And thank you to all the posters and readers!!

Congrats to everyone who writes about baseball, whether listed here or not. We all know what the best and most engaging sport really is.

Congrats everyone!! Found some new blogs to follow 🙂

48th!!! I am so pumped and I am excited to try and move up for next year.

67th! I was not expecting to be that high up! I averaged 1 view a day in March 2012, and quickly surged up in August, with that being my first month in the latest leaders! Thank You to all that have supported me this past year and Thank You to Mark for doing a great job here at MLBlogs Central! I hope to continue to rise in the standings in 2013!

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