Meet the Bloggers: Caitlin Moyer

Many of you know Brewers senior manager of advertising and marketing Caitlin Moyer as half of the excellent blogging team John & Cait…Plus 9. Sunday marks the third birthday of that blog she maintains along with Brewers media relations manager John Steinmiller. Well, yesterday I reported on the Ivy Sports Symposium at Columbia University in Manhattan, and I was happy to see the day begin with Caitlin being introduced along with nine others young sports industry leaders as 10 NEXT award recipients. So first of all, congratulations to one of our own PRO bloggers, and secondly it seemed like a good idea to walk her out into the cold weather (she’s a Milwaukeean!) and grill her for the latest in our smash-hit Meet the Bloggers series! Ladies and gentlemen, Caitlin Moyer:

It wouldn’t be complete, of course, without turning the tables on her other half, so brace yourself, John: The Meet the Bloggers crew is coming for you at the Winter Meetings!

If you’re a Fan Blogger and plan to be around the Winter Meetings, let me know here in the comments in hopes we can add you to the series as well. Once we start up all the FanFests, Conventions and so forth, we should be able to do a lot more. And thanks for your patience with the October Latest Leaders, will catch up on that one shortly.


That’s cool Mark…Thanks…”D”

Hi Mark..I was wondering what the requirements were for becoming a Pro Blogger? Thanks…”D”

PRO theme is generally reserved for members of the MLB Family. Front office, groundskeepers, players, mascots, ballgirls, broadcasters, MLBAM staff, MLB Network talent, Minor League employees, etc. Either employed within MLB/MiLB or has an existing official relationship of some kind, thus part of MLB Family. Our latest one we just introduced today via @MLB is a 13-year-old protege of MLB Official Historian John Thorn —

The full list of PRO bloggers is at

Hope that helps!


Is being a “PRO” the only way to be able to add banner graphics to the top of your blog like “John & Cait…Plus Nine”, for example?

Brewers bloggers getting some love!

I’ll be at Brewers On Deck in January, for what it’s worth.

Aw man. Was there a sports symposium at Columbia? That would have been a quarter-mile walk from my apartment. Oh the toils of going to college in Minnesota.

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