Meet the Bloggers: Emma Amaya

The latest installment of our Meet the Bloggers series features Emma Amaya, better known as Crzblue. Her blog, Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World, has been a part of the Blogs family since February 2009. It’s a Latest Leaders mainstay, and for good reason. We caught up with Emma at her home away from home — Dodger Stadium — on the final weekend of the regular season to ask her about her blog:

We’re continuing to meet up with Bloggers at the ballpark during the Postseason for this series. If you’re going to be at the ballpark and haven’t yet notified us, make sure to leave a comment with your blog URL and the games you’ll be attending.


Thank you Kristen, D, 9inningknowitall, Mateo, :-). Nice to come back here and read your comments *blushes*
Have not had a chance to blog since last Sunday. Under the gun with a project implemention due Monday. Waiting for my train home but this weekend I am getting back into the swing of things.
Hope you all are enjoying the postseason. I know I am!

You don’t like writing, Emma? I would never have guessed that from how much fun your blog is too read. Congrats on the feature and thank you for continuing to create one of the best blogs in the MLBlogosphere. 🙂
— Kristen

EMMA-Great interview. Glad they picked you, you deserve it…”D”

This was a great interview and as a Dodger fan myself I just have to say GO Dodgers 🙂 Just the information that you gave in the interview was new to me. I really enjoyed it

Congratulations, Emma. I think I’ll post the rest of my comment on your blog after my morning class…

Thank you Evan! Thank you for reblogging this on your blog.
Thank you Brian! I have not seen you in forever.

Way to go Emma! You do a great job in your passion for all things Dodgers.

Reblogged this on Crzblue's Dodger Blue World and commented:
Thank you so much Ben, Mark and everyone that helped put this together! 🙂

Loved it Emma! You’re a great interview!

OMG! Thank you so much Mark and Ben! . I was a little nervous that I was forgetting stuff. LOL.
One of my other favorite post that I forgot to mention is honoring the Brooklyn Dodgers that have passed away during the year and keeping track of them.what they are up to and updating the list of the Brooklyn Dodger players that are alive. These posts are popular along with my post on “Should women remove their hats during the National Anthem and the one about the Baseball Saint.
One thing I love about having an MLB blog that I did not mention is the stats. I love seeing the many countries that visit my blog. Also what people enter (some is funny) in their search engine to reach my blog.
Again thank you so much Mark, Ben and everyone else that helped put this together!


p.s. Enjoying all the post season baseball even without my Bums in the Postseason. Wait till next year!

I’ll be at the Oakland Coliseum tonight!!


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