Meet the Bloggers: Camille Campins Adams

Our second installment of our Meet the Bloggers series features Camille Campins Adams. Her My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife blog chronicles her life as the spouse of a professional baseball player, and it’s been rising up the Latest Leaders. The Miami native spent this past season in the Northeast with her husband, David, a Yankees prospect. In between the Minor League and Arizona Fall League seasons, we caught up with her recently at Marlins Park in her hometown:

Want to be the next person featured here? We’re looking for Bloggers who will be at the ballpark this Postseason to sit down for a video interview. If you fit the bill, please leave us a comment with your blog URL and available dates.


You will find me at a Rockies game.

Diggers Photo Repair

Idd like to do it but im not making any postseaon games because im a jays fan and live near them but heres my email I would love to do it so that i can express my love for baseball more and more

I’ll be at Orioles/Yankees game 3 of the ALDS on Wednesday 10/10, would love to be a part of it to represent Three Up, Three Down for “Meet the Bloggers”

If it’s easier to e-mail, it’s 🙂

Reblogged this on My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife and commented:
I had a blast doing this interview. Not only did I get to see the new Marlins park for the first time, but David agreed to do the interview right alongside me. Special thanks to Mark Newman at for the opportunity and Albert Gomez for meeting up with us to complete the taped interview. I hope you all enjoy watching!

Congrats on the feature Camille!
These are so much fun, Mark. It’s neat to be able to pair a face and voice with the personalities we all know from the “page” and to hear about the stroy behind each blog in the blogger’s own words.
— Kristen

Thank you Kristen! 🙂 I hope we get to see you on here soon!

I’ll be at the Oakland Coliseum, Oct 9th and 10th.


Thank you Mark! 🙂

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