Meet the Bloggers: Alicia Barnhart

We’re starting up a new series called “Meet the Bloggers,” designed to introduce new folks around here (or re-introduce longtime bloggers, if you’d like to formally say hello). We’ll start off with Alicia Barnhart, whose Ballparks on a Budget blog is rocketing up the monthly Blogs Latest Leaders. Alicia answered some questions for Michael Kelly of during her recent trip to Coors Field:

Want to have your Blog introduced this way? Let us know in the comments and be sure to include your blog’s full URL and ideally an email address. NOTE: For the next one, we need a blogger who will be at an MLB ballpark before the end of the regular season, so we’d need to quickly line up a chat there with you. Some might be done at the ballpark or maybe an offseason FanFest type of event, others may be done simply via email back-and-forth. Just shout in the comments if interested…and thanks to those of you who already have quickly responded! Will keep track of all the interest.


Wow, this is really awesome! I’d love to be featured, and I can’t wait to hear from the other bloggers!

I’d be up for this. I’ll be at Miller Park tonight if that helps.

So that spam sweepers hopefully don’t find it, my email address is brewernation at the email service provided by Google called gmail. πŸ˜‰


I would love to be featured too. My blog is and my email is I will be at all home playoff games in Cincinnati and Redsfest in December.

I’ll be down for an interview at this years Mariners Fanfest!

I think it would be cool if you interviewed the top blogger from each stadium to begin with. Slightly bummed that I missed my opportunity when you were at Coors Field doing this interview…I probably had that coming…Touche!…Great idea though…”D”

What a great feature for a great blog! Congratulations Alicia!
Yes, if the opportunity arises I would love the chance to participate – k p brown 42 at earthlink dot net.
— Kristen

CONGRATS Alicia!!!! I would be honored to be featured on this! In my blog you get to see a kid’s view on all things baseball, not just play by play but more. I’ll most likely be attending the Brewers fan-fest “Brewers on Deck” in January. Thanks! and

I’d like to get in line with the rest of the blog crew for a potential profile – A’s Farm #6 last couple of months – / Probably won’t be at another regular season game this year, but otherwise always available!

Have really enjoyed following Alicia’s blog… Entertaining with tons of great ideas, suggestions and photos. Will be watching for more from her in the future!

Congrats to Alicia, and well deserved. I would love to do this, but since the Minor League season is over, so are my adventures in 2012. I’m already working on my 2013 Minor League baseball trip, though, slated for the second or third week in May!

This is a wonderful idea and Alicia Barnhart is the perfect blogger to start this. She is filled with passion and dedication about blogging and baseball! Hats off to Alicia.

What a great idea! I would love to join in on the fun. My blog is at and my email is

First of all, congratulations, Alicia. That must have been an awesome experience. Since I’ve said that, I would love to have this same awesome experience if we can set something up. I’ll be at Target Field Friday through Sunday this upcoming weekend, and my e-mail address is observing

Reblogged this on Ballparks on a Budget and commented:
MLB Blog Central started a new series called “Meet the Bloggers” and kicked it off interviewing me! Enjoy!

Thanks for interviewing me!! Very excited to be formally introduced to all the MLB bloggers πŸ˜‰

You did a great job! πŸ™‚

I think my blog is a big about me post. Haha, but you can always count on me for an interview! πŸ™‚

I would love to do this too! I was in Cincinnati watching my beloved Bums, the Dodgers. I am attending the last six games at Dodger Stadium. Next year I will again go to Spring Training. Next year I am planning on going to see the Dodgers at Baltimore and New York when the Dodgers are there. maybe Fall league again this year for the SABR fall conference.
Email is crzblue at yahoo

I would be all for doing something like this for my blog. I wont be at another game this season but I know I will be at the Mariners Fan Fest even that is usually the last weekend of January.
This sounds like fun!

I would love to get the chance to do a piece of some sort for Meet the Bloggers. It would be great to have to the opportunity for people to get to know me and my blog a little better! You can shoot me an email at
-Nick Badders
7000 Coliseum Way:

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