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We’re entering the peak period in the baseball calendar, and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some blogs we think would enhance your fan experience down the stretch and into the Postseason.

Mitch Williams is bringing the same straight talk you get in the studio on MLB Network to his blog, Wild Things. His combination of knowledge of the game from an 11-year Major League career and his no-nonsense attitude make his blog a fascinating read. Make sure you’ve subscribed to Mitch’s blog to get email notifications of new posts, as he loves to weigh in on hot stories. While you’re at it, we also strongly recommend doing the same for Justice4U, where Executive Correspondent Richard Justice gives his unique take on happenings around the game.

Major League clubs continue to make great use of blogs to connect with fans. The Dodgers have been front and center in the news recently with their recent blockbuster acquisitions, and Jon SooHoo has been sharing great photos in his Dodgers Photog Blog. It’s been a truly memorable second half of the season for the streaking Reds, and Jamie Ramsey continues to entertain and inform with Better Off Red. If you’re a Yankee fan, you really should be reading The Cutoff Man, as veteran journalist and national secretary-treasurer of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America Jack O’Connell covers the Bombers in full detail.

Our blogging community includes a pair of baseball spouses, whose blogs are must-reads. Dallas Latos interacts with fans — including fielding questions from her readers — and provides a look inside the life of a Major League wife. Over at So I Married a Baseball Player… she blogged recently about her travel habits when she heads out on the road with the Reds. Camille Campins Adams is the wife of Yankees prospect David Adams, and her My Serendipitous Life as a Baseball Wife blog chronicles the life of a young couple trying to balance both marriage and baseball. She writes openly and thoughtfully about the ups and downs they encounter together along the way on the path to the big leagues.

As we head into the home stretch of the regular season — and with an extra Wild Card spot available in each league this year — fans are catching pennant chase fever. Matthew at (What’s the Story) Nationals Glory? is enjoying the team’s breakout season, while More Splash Hits is hoping the Giants can hold on atop the NL West. Speaking of the NL West, Dodgers fans like Crzblue are positively buzzing about their team’s mid-season makeover.

Another veteran fan blog, Bottom of the Ninth, has been with us since early 2009, and they’re continuing to provide an excellent analysis of the Yankees as they look to claim another AL East crown. After coming up just agonizingly short of a World Series title the past two seasons, One Strike Away… Twice! is hoping for a different ending this time around for what has so far been a sensational season for the Rangers. O Say is enjoying the rarest of occurrences — the bill you’re happy to get — as the Orioles are planning for the Postseason by sending out ticket invoices.

And no matter which side you support, with this being the political season, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give a shout out to perennial Latest Leaders heavyweight Red State Blue State, who are into their fifth season making us chuckle with their witty blend of baseball and politics.

Finally, we can’t tell you much at this early stage, but some very exciting enchancements are coming to Blogs this offseason. Yes, we’ve heard your requests for new MLB themes, and these are part of this initiative — along with some things that we hope will help bloggers get their writing in front of new eyes and make it even easier for readers to find new blogs and writing about a particular topic.


Mark, Thanks for mentioning Jon sooHoo & myself! Jon has a beautiful picture of Vin Scully with the rainbow over the sky! One of favorite pictures this year from him.
I am frustrated with the Rockies and Diamond Backs domination of the Dodgers this season. ugh! -Emma

Hey guys, come and join the discussion at Bleacher Boy.

Thanks for the mention! Don’t know if the ending is going to be any different than it was the first two years I’ve been blogging, but the one truth about baseball fans is we always hope! Thanks for shining a little light on my small corner of the blogosphere!

Thank you for your kind words Mark! I am humbled. I’ve really enjoyed documenting my innermost thoughts in regards to this amazing, and sometimes turbulent, baseball life.

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