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Thanks for the comments pertaining to new ads on Blogs. We care incredibly about all of our bloggers, about you. Since the launch back in April 2005 — between those drought-busting titles by the Red Sox and White Sox, before “social media” was a term — we have made numerous enhancements to make this fun and easy-to-use in functionality, style and exposure to grow your audiences. Most recently, we partnered with in an extensive migration, giving you a state-of-the-art blog platform, whether on a computer or a mobile device.

For those who might not know the history of, we originally launched as a premium service. That paid subscription model was eliminated after the first season. For a while, there was a standard ad on the bottom right panel, mostly forgotten since it was positioned so low. As noted Tuesday, it has now become necessary to slightly adjust the blog layout for our standard run-of-site advertising you always have seen throughout the portal, of which these blogs always have been a part. This offsets escalating hosting costs and allows us to keep offering this free service for you, where you always have had exclusive rights to use official MLB logos and marks within your content.

As for a few who asked, there is not an opportunity to share ad revenue. As a point of comparison, many standard social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, do not share ad revenue with users from the content they create. We understand if some bloggers would prefer an ad-free environment, but in order to continue offering Blogs at no cost, including site ads is necessary.

We understand it can be jarring to have a sudden change on your blog, which you see as your personal space. We will try in the future to communicate any changes in advance, wherever possible. Hopefully the next additions you will see will be the option for additional MLB themes, and that is something we currently are working on. I’ll let you know when I have an update on that front…and be on the lookout because our first-ever Blogs Midseason Leaders are on the way here. Thanks – Mark


I really like the MLBlogs format, and if I have to deal with a couple of ads to keep it free, then so be it. Thank you, Mark, for the updates and honesty. I’d still like to see a MiLB theme, though, lol.

“This offsets escalating hosting costs and allows us to keep offering this free service for you, where you always have had exclusive rights to use official MLB logos and marks within your content.”
Wordpress is free to host blogs I thought? I’m not exactly where MLBLogs expenses are coming from. Matter of fact I’m in the same boat as “Cook and Sons Bat Blog” as I have to pay for the space to be able to upload my pictures. Furthermore when you pay you don’t really own that space, you wind up renting it for a year and then have to pay again?

Let’s go back to where we have to pay to blog again…Probably be cheaper than what “free’ is now…”D”

Mark, I would send a private e-mail to ask this question but I cannot find your e-mail address. Could you please e-mail me back with (or post) the proper way of removing one’s blog and all existing posts from I’m considering making a switch (I don’t like the ads) and just want to make sure I do it the correct way. Thank you.

Mark, I’m fine with having ads. Frankly, I’ve been amazed that there has never been ads before. But I’m not a fan of the idea of having to pay for storage space (which I haven’t done yet) when the stuff we upload into that storage space will help generate ad revenue for the people who were paid for the storage space. Continuing with the FB and Twitter comparison, we don’t get the share in their ad revenue, but we also (as far as I know) can upload unlimited numbers of pictures, etc. for no cost. Let’s try that model!

Thank you for both listening to us air our complaints and for your response. While I still don’t like the ads, I do understand that MLBlogs can’t maintain this forum as a lose money venture, and I definitely prefer ads to, say, reverting to the paid blogging subscription.
— Kristen

WordPress offers the option of a paid upgrade to remove ads on their non-MLB themes. Any thought of doing something similar? `I still think it’s dispicable, a form of legalized extortion really, but at least it gives bloggers the choice to keep the content they generated ad-free.

I appreciate the commitment to provide advance notice in the future. And while I confess I don’t entirely grasp the necessity of the change, I posited the question in the other post whether there would be any willingness to work with bloggers about the positioning and content of the ads. I see that one particular ad will not longer appear, but is there, as Rays Renegade suggested, any future plans to tailor ads more precisely to the blogs? If my readers have to see ads, I would at least like them to be relevant. In addition, is there any room for negotiation regarding placement? The banner ad at the top is just an absolute eyesore, and I think I could swallow the ads a bit easier if they were more seamlessly integrated in the design.

Mark, having not seen a reply to either comment on both threads, I am assuming MLB Advanced Media is taking a non-negotiable stance tot he position of the ads in our blog space?

Hi, those ad spots are fixed. Thanks.

Thank you Mark! This clarifies a lot. Also, thanks for lookings out on those Viagra ads. I’m sure my readers were wondering about that! Hahaha

Mark — Thanks so much for posting an expanded top-level post about the addition of ads. I understand MLB’s desire for consistency across all aspects of its properties and need to offset hosting. While I’m not happy with the addition of ads, what was most disconcerting was that the addition came as a surprise with no notice. I’m happy to see a commitment to communicate future changes in advance. Even if the policy is firm, bloggers appreciate knowing about these kinds of changes before — instead of after — the fact. Thanks.


Thank you very much for taking the time to provide and show us the reasoning, as well as the old premium aspect of the MLBlogs community that existed long before most of us presented our first blog post. I was not upset, but more concerned the advertising direction, but if anyone has ever had to pay for a .com domain, it can get expensive, and sometimes ad click revenues trickle in and not on a consistent basis.

I thought about going back to my old domain name, but I have a following both from Rays Republic members and other baseball fans around the globe. My blanket of readers is currently larger than when I was on my own and it would be a sad day to leave this community and blog friends I have grown so attached to, and love talking about to others.
People forget sometimes MLB doesn’t have to offer a “fan” blogging site like this. They have their own team correspondents and writers who provide information we all can only wish to access. But it is great we have that diversity from the professional MLB Pro coverage to sometimes the casual fan just wanting a soapbox to rant and rave about the game.

Much like when the entire community made their move to just over 14 months ago, there will be a period of adjustment, a few attitudes shown and some grumbling and loss of bloggers’ throughout the community. But in the end it will keep our access (hopefully) FREE, and that should be the bottom line people remember first.

In a few months we will not even remember or notice the pop-up ads, and hopefully their content will become more driven or tailor-made towards our keywords and tags so it come into line with sports-oriented advertising and regional adverts. Progress is a shifty thing. People either love it or holler for the “Glory Days”, but in the end, people adjust and life goes on.

I think there is some confusion here that’s worth clearing up. WordPress is a free blogging platform, so the choice you present (free MLBlogs versus paid web hosting) is a false choice. We can write about our teams without the advertising, and independently of MLBlogs, without having to pay a single dime.

If you think the community and logo usage is worth MLB profiting from your content (more than they do already; after all, we essentially provide free advertising for their product), you’re more than welcome to stay. But for many of us considering leaving, it is not about “attitudes” and “grumbling” just for the sake of complaining. Many of us have devoted much time and energy into our blog and would like it to remain our own space.

Ok, that figures…the second I posted that, an ad for Viagra popped up on my blog! Mark – seriously, can at least this type of ad be banned?? This is not the image I wish to project.

You rock! Thank you :O)

Hi Mark – I understand the theory behind the ads but I have heard some grumblings from others that some ads are potentially offensive? I have not seen any like that myself, just cars, lawn care products, MLB stuff, etc…. But if say an ad for Viagra pops up, I am not going to be a happy camper. Is this sort of thing excluded from the selection of ads?
By the way, check out my interview with Ryan Howard!

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