Around the Blogs, KC edition

So, speaking of Billy Butler . . .

Happy All-Star Day from Kansas City, where the fountains are blue and filled with Prince Fielder home runs. Before heading over to FanFest and then to the Plaza for the Red Carpet Show presented by Chevrolet, I just wanted to check in with our great Blogs community and update you on stuff.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we at Major League Baseball Advanced Media have just integrated advertisements into all Blogs like this one. These blogs are part of our overall universe, so the same display ads that appear throughout the MLB sites will now be on all MLBlogs.

This is a permanent addition. I’d also like to remind you that since we launched in 2005 with Tommy Lasorda’s first post, Blogs is the only blog platform on the Internet where you can legally use MLB marks and logos. . . .

The midpoint of the season is a great time to take stock of this preseason predictions, as MLB Network’s Mitch Williams has done in his latest post. And Mitch does so in his own inimitable style, mixing the analysis of a former pro with a healthy dose of opinion. . . .

Jamie Ramsey is hosting an All-Star Game watch party — look for it, Reds fans. . . . Great use of embedding video by our friend Emily at Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. . . .

The All-Star break gives Ben Rouse a chance to catch his breath and rest up for the stretch run of his epic 162-game odyssey. In his final post of the unofficial first half of the season, Ben provides some eye-opening stats about his adventure. . . .

Enjoy this Home Run Derby and Tuesday’s 83rd All-Star Game, which starts at 7:30 p.m. ET on FOX. Then get ready for what promises to be an amazing second half of the regular season as we continue a baseball season that is shaping up as one for the ages.


Thanks for the ongoing comments, everyone. I just posted on the community blog about the subject, and feel free to leave further comments there or here.


I just couldn’t do it. I wanted to hang on, but this is just not what I envision when I think of my blog. I’m very sad to say that I am leaving MLBlogs, and have gone .COM. It makes me really sad to leave a community that I enjoyed so much, but I just don’t think that my readers, the ones that I worked so hard to get and keep, deserve to be subjected to flashy ads for Viagra, Klondike Bars, and Yokohama Tires. for years has the benefit of hundreds of thousands of pages of content provided free by us, and now after we have worked so hard to build this community into what it is, they decided to clutter it up with ad space for their benefit.

I’ll still be visiting all of your blogs, and will make my daily visits to Phillies Phollowers, Rays Renegades, and Thomas’ Trolly as I usually do, but sorry MLB, I won’t allow you to Pimp My Ride.

Check out my new digs at

Best of luck everybody, and enjoy the season! Go Phillies!

I’ll be making the decision whether to transfer out of MLBlogs in the coming week. Heavily leaning toward doing so. If I wanted advertising on my blog, I would place it there myself and profit directly from it.

Perhaps there is a middle ground, but MLB Advanced Media seems to have drawn a line in the sand on this one. Am I correct, Mark? Is there any room for negotiation? Would you be receptive to input from MLB bloggers as to whether and how to implement advertising?

I eagerly await your response.

I hope to hear more about this, too.

It’s pretty lame indeed. I didn’t realize that my blog was’s property. I guess what’s sad is that it makes people less interested in blogging with MLBlogs. What I doubt they realize i that it’s probably going to have a reverse effect for Presumably the advertisements will cause them to lose some of their best writers, when they switch themes, and traffic for MLBlogs/ will go down. The price of doing business, right?

Yeah, I’m going to just register a domain and go without any “MLB logos” or “rankings”. Shameful money grab made even more pathetic by the fact they gave no advance word and just tossed a paragraph or two in a post about other stuff as if it was just a minor thing.

Exactly. The ability to be ranked in a fun, for-bragging-rights, list is probably not worth letting directly profit from advertising gained through content they didn’t create. The mlblogs platform is great, but without the content provided by all the bloggers, it’s ultimately an empty stage. The advertisers aren’t interested in an empty stage, they’re interested in the content. Are you comfortable giving away your creative content for someone else to profit from?

Updating our blogs with advertising without telling us beforehand was uncool. Then sandwiching a statement about the addition of advertising in a “grab bag” All-Star post, implying that we should be grateful for the ability to legally use MLB marks and logos in exchange for the advertisements, was more uncool. This sort of policy shift in the blogging / social media / etc. world is a *BIG DEAL* and surprising everyone with it one and burying an explanation about it in an unrelated post the next day is textbook example of how to alienate the content providers.

Obviously, mlblogs is part of the overall universe, and I do enjoy being associated with that. As part of the universe, is free to tend to their garden as they see fit. Sadly, this is the first time since I’ve been associated with mlblogs that I’ve felt disrespected by — instead of feeling like I’m part of the family, I feel like I’m being pimped out to tire and pharmaceutical companies for who knows how much or how little, since there doesn’t appear to be any concern for sharing the advertising revenue with the people who are working hard to provide the content where the advertisements are being displayed. Shame on you, I thought you were above this.

As you should David. I don’t think that an 11 year old kid’s blog should have Viagra advertisements on it.

That’s Exactly what I was thinking. I don’t want that weird junk on my blog.

npetrashek and Brewer Nation, read my post. WordPress did not force advertisements onto the blogs. I explained it. Thanks.

So if I disassociate my blog with MLBlogs, and make it a normal WordPress blog, no more ads, correct?

The ads are presumably only in MLB themes, although I can’t attest for anything other than our MLBlogs. If you switch to a non-MLB theme, just a reminder that we cannot track your page views and thus not in consideration for Latest Leaders monthly rankings. Thanks.

Ditto to Brewer Nation’s comment. What is this all about?

Can we expect a cut of whatever ad revenue is generated by WordPress having forced advertisements onto our blogs?

Okay. I see now that this was an MLBAM decision. That actually makes me less thrilled about it. We actually paid for the right for our blog to be on MLBlogs back in the day. Disappointed a bit that it’s come to the other end of the spectrum.

Some of us still do pay for our blog on WordPress via the domain name addon.

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