Hello from Kansas City!

Landed today in Kansas City and will be working our Major League Baseball All-Star Week here through Tuesday. Please be sure to leave comments here with any of your posts related to the Midsummer Classic, and make sure you checked out our June Latest Leaders in the previous post. It was immediately to the barbecue and keeping up with Final Vote…


I dedicated my #24 to HOF Walter Alston who managed the All-Star nine times including 1960 when they played two! He won seven out of nine. Check it out. http://crzblue.mlblogs.com

Here is 3 Up, 3 Down’s Home Run Derby Draft Battle

Have fun in KC! Enjoy some BBQ and say hi to the Cave Dwellers for me!

-Bryan Mapes

Just leaving my MLBlogs link here as I completely redesigned and reorganized the site and was looking for some visitors and/or feedback for The 1 Constant.

Front Page / Home Plate – http://the1constant.mlblogs.com/

Blog – http://the1constant.mlblogs.com/the-1-constant/

Thanks and Happy All-Star Break!

Sorry as I do not want to spam this with my stuff but my links are a bit different now…

Main Blog Front Page – http://the1constant.mlblogs.com/

Home Plate – http://the1constant.mlblogs.com/home-plate/

Thanks again and Lets Go NL!!!

Thanks, Camille! Everyone, be sure to check out http://camillecampinsadams.com as it is already on track to break into our MLB.com Blogs Latest Leaders for July. Get to know her and her husband, Yankees prospect David Adams. Good people.

Must be so exciting to be there! Have fun and don’t work toooooo hard!

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