July 2012

Around the MLB.com Blogs

These are the most recent posts around the MLB.com Blogs community:

Braves ChopTalk
Braves fan Bob McVinua is thanking his lucky stars for Kris Medlen right now

Just one Giants’ fan’s opinion, all the time

Gonzo and ‘The Show’
Whether you’re looking for the latest on Mike Trout or community events, it’s required reading for Angels fans as part of Alden Gonzalez’s regular coverage at angels.com

Dyna Mets
“Bleeding Orange & Blue Since ’82”

The Dash Board
Coverage of the Winston-Salem Dash (High-A, White Sox) by broadcasters Brian Boesch and Mike Lefko

Strasberg just dominated the Mets and this blog keeps the coverage coming into the pennant races

Better Off Red
The Reds are red-hot right now, and so is Jamie Ramsey’s blog. He’s the club’s asst. director of media relations

Robbie is one of our many baseball-snaggers in the MLB.com Blogs community – we’ve got the most and the originals

Phillies Red Pinstripes
Get a perspective on Cole Hamels’ signing from a blogger now into fifth season in this community

MLB.com Fantasy 411
One of the original MLB.com Blogs since 2005, this is the home of Mike Siano & Cory Schwartz – last word in fantasy

Beck’s Blog
The overall No. 1 MLB.com Blog in popularity for the first half of this season according to Latest Leaders

Curly W Live
Like their team, these guys are really good. From the front office of the Washington Nationals

‘Topes Tattler
We like the regular “Touching Base” feature to go along with the daily Game Notes for the Dodgers’ AAA club

A Twinternal Perspective
What’s it like being an intern at Target Field? They tell you all about it

Beisbol 007
One of our best Spanish-language blogs

More Splash Hits
They want the Melk Man to be re-signed

Muskat Ramblings
All the latest on Ryan Dempster from MLB.com veteran Cubs beat reporter Carrie Muskat

Prospect Productions
This fan site launched in May and relays the latest prospect news – in case Mayo is not enough

Marlins Park
Now that the Marlins new ballpark is well into Year 1, the club still uses this for news

2 Birds 1 Bat
Reaction to Brian Fuentes’ arrival from “A Blog For The Best Fans In Baseball”

Baseball Nerd
Keith Olbermann writes about the state of Florida baseball

SF Giants Photos
The best photography inside AT&T Park

Three Up, Three Down
Ever had steak tips outside Fenway? This blog tells you what it’s like

Bombers Beat
MLB.com Yankees beat reporter Bryan Hoch has the latest on Ichiro’s sendoff in Seattle

Born on Third
We mentioned Carrie’s Cubs blog above, and here’s a good one from a Cubs fan

Grab Some Bench!
Posted by different authors for the serious White Sox fan

It’s All Relative
Ray Charles music, Lynyrd Skynyrd video with lyrics, and lots of Fort Wayne TinCaps talk from the booth

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
Check out the cool comparison of #34 Mariner jerseys. We’re still getting used to no Ichiro

Dodgers Insider
Lots to say about welcoming Hanley to Tinseltown

On the Mike with Mike Safford
Great inside look at Minor League life from the voice of the Boise Hawks – future Cubs


Welcome to SABR prez and Diamond Dollar$ author Vince Gennaro, and welcome back to our longtime friend Curt Smith, the foremost authority on baseball broadcasters and author of many books plus the Voices of the Game blog. . . . Hope you have said hello to Camille Campins Adams, wife of Yankees prospect David Adams and author of a good baseball-wife blog. . . . Giants outfielder Gregor Blanco just posted about his dad . . . Mitch Williams blogs about the Phillies’ chances of getting into the postseason despite the miserable first half. And the way the Phillies are suddenly playing, you might want to listen . . . Want to be in this space? Leave a comment with your full URL so we can help other bloggers find you.

Latest Leaders – First Half

Latest Leaders logoAnd now for an MLB.com Blogs first. As we come out of the All-Star break, it’s the perfect opportunity to look back at the traffic leaders from the first half of the season. Congratulations to everyone who made the list, and make sure to read about the ads you’re seeing around here.

Latest Leaders ranked by page views from March 28-July 13:

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. Red State Blue State
4. The AustralianBaseballDigest
5. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
6. Counting Baseballs
7. TexasRangers_HQ
8. A’s Farm
9. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
10. Beisbol 007
11. Rockpile Rant
12. mlbblogger
13. The Brewer Nation
14. The Ballpark Guide
15. BlueBattingHelmet
16. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
17. Phillies Phollowers
18. nybisons
19. The Unbiased MLB Fan
20. Born on Third
21. Pinstripe Birthdays
22. Observing Baseball
23. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
24. The Pittsburgh Peas
25. Brewers Rumors
26. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
27. 3 Up, 3 Down
28. swingingbuntz
29. The Rays Rant
30. Rockin’ Redlegs
31. Collection of Baseball
32. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
33. Minoring In Baseball
34. The Baseball Haven
35. This is a very simple game…
36. Fish Fry
37. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
38. gojays
39. The Yankee Dinosaur
40. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
41. Cream City Cables
42. Unfinished Business
43. More Splash Hits
44. If You Write It, They Will Come
45. baseballqueen
46. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
47. Royal Blues
48. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
49. TheCutoffMan
50. Live, Eat, and Breathe Yankees

1. MLB.com Fantasy 411
2. Alyson’s Footnotes
3. SF Giants Photos
4. Better Off Red
5. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
6. John & Cait…Plus Nine
7. Baseball Nerd
8. Ben’s Biz Blog
9. Dodgers Photog Blog
10. The USA Baseball 17U Blog
11. Curly W Live
12. Brandon and Brandon
13. The USA Baseball 15U National Team Blog
14. The Dash Board
15. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
16. Around the Horn in KC
17. So I Married A Baseball Player…
18. 45 Miles From Fenway
19. Trade Buzz
20. Ben Rouse’s Brewers Mission 162
21. MLB.com Blogs Central (lol)
22. Phillies Insider
24. Inside the White Sox
25. TribeVibe
26. Rattler Radio
27. White Shark
28. The Byrd’s Nest
29. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
30. Tommy Lasorda’s World
31. Cubs Vine Line Blog
32. Our Game
33. Inside the Jackson Generals
34. CastroTurf
35. Above the Plate
36. Cooperstown Chatter
37. MLB Urban Youth Academy
38. The Futurists
39. Bloomberg Sports
40. Newberg Report
41. The G-Blog
42. Comerica Park, 48201
43. ‘Riders Insider Blog
44. It’s All Relative
45. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
46. Salem Sox Talk
47. ‘Cats Corner
48. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
49. The Sprouting News
50. Justice4U

1. Beck’s Blog
2. Muskat Ramblings
3. The Zo Zone
4. Mark My Word
5. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
6. Bombers Beat
7. Bowman’s Blog
8. Britt’s Bird Watch
9. Postcards From Elysian Fields
10. Brew Beat
11. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
12. North of the Border
13. Major League Bastian
14. Brownie Points
15. Mariners Musings
16. Tag’s Lines
17. Change for a Nickel
18. Haft-Baked Ideas
19. The Fish Pond
20. Mets Cetera

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different WordPress.com theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by MLB.com.

Site ads on MLB.com Blogs

Thanks for the comments pertaining to new ads on MLB.com Blogs. We care incredibly about all of our bloggers, about you. Since the launch back in April 2005 — between those drought-busting titles by the Red Sox and White Sox, before “social media” was a term — we have made numerous enhancements to make this fun and easy-to-use in functionality, style and exposure to grow your audiences. Most recently, we partnered with WordPress.com in an extensive migration, giving you a state-of-the-art MLB.com blog platform, whether on a computer or a mobile device.

For those who might not know the history of MLB.com/blogs, we originally launched as a premium service. That paid subscription model was eliminated after the first season. For a while, there was a standard ad on the bottom right panel, mostly forgotten since it was positioned so low. As noted Tuesday, it has now become necessary to slightly adjust the blog layout for our standard run-of-site advertising you always have seen throughout the MLB.com portal, of which these blogs always have been a part. This offsets escalating hosting costs and allows us to keep offering this free service for you, where you always have had exclusive rights to use official MLB logos and marks within your content.

As for a few who asked, there is not an opportunity to share ad revenue. As a point of comparison, many standard social platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, do not share ad revenue with users from the content they create. We understand if some bloggers would prefer an ad-free environment, but in order to continue offering MLB.com Blogs at no cost, including site ads is necessary.

We understand it can be jarring to have a sudden change on your blog, which you see as your personal space. We will try in the future to communicate any changes in advance, wherever possible. Hopefully the next additions you will see will be the option for additional MLB themes, and that is something we currently are working on. I’ll let you know when I have an update on that front…and be on the lookout because our first-ever MLB.com Blogs Midseason Leaders are on the way here. Thanks – Mark

Welcome Alyson Footer back to MLB.com

After three years in Houston as the Senior Director of Social Media for the Astros, Alyson Footer has returned to MLB.com as a national correspondent. Followers of Alyson’s Footnotes will be delighted to know Alyson will be continuing to blog in her new role. She was in Kansas City for All-Star Week, and posted some photos and her first-person account from the scene of the action. Head on over and welcome her back — and make sure to subscribe to a Latest Leaders mainstay!

Around the MLB.com Blogs, KC edition

So, speaking of Billy Butler . . .

Happy All-Star Day from Kansas City, where the fountains are blue and filled with Prince Fielder home runs. Before heading over to FanFest and then to the Plaza for the Red Carpet Show presented by Chevrolet, I just wanted to check in with our great MLB.com Blogs community and update you on stuff.

As you’ve no doubt noticed, we at Major League Baseball Advanced Media have just integrated advertisements into all MLB.com Blogs like this one. These blogs are part of our overall MLB.com universe, so the same display ads that appear throughout the MLB sites will now be on all MLBlogs.

This is a permanent addition. I’d also like to remind you that since we launched in 2005 with Tommy Lasorda’s first post, MLB.com Blogs is the only blog platform on the Internet where you can legally use MLB marks and logos. . . .

The midpoint of the season is a great time to take stock of this preseason predictions, as MLB Network’s Mitch Williams has done in his latest post. And Mitch does so in his own inimitable style, mixing the analysis of a former pro with a healthy dose of opinion. . . .

Jamie Ramsey is hosting an All-Star Game watch party — look for it, Reds fans. . . . Great use of embedding MLB.com video by our friend Emily at Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. . . .

The All-Star break gives Ben Rouse a chance to catch his breath and rest up for the stretch run of his epic 162-game odyssey. In his final post of the unofficial first half of the season, Ben provides some eye-opening stats about his adventure. . . .

Enjoy this Home Run Derby and Tuesday’s 83rd All-Star Game, which starts at 7:30 p.m. ET on FOX. Then get ready for what promises to be an amazing second half of the regular season as we continue a baseball season that is shaping up as one for the ages.

Hello from Kansas City!

Landed today in Kansas City and will be working our Major League Baseball All-Star Week here through Tuesday. Please be sure to leave comments here with any of your posts related to the Midsummer Classic, and make sure you checked out our June Latest Leaders in the previous post. It was immediately to the barbecue and keeping up with Final Vote…

Latest Leaders – June 2012

Latest Leaders logoWe now pause momentarily from the All-Star Game Final Vote Sponsored by Firestone so we can heap praise on the MLB.com Blogs stars who keep us coming back for their latest posts. June was a particularly good month for USA Baseball, with three of their blogs ranking in the Top 50 and The USA Baseball 17U Blog finishing as the top MLB Pro Blog. Keep your eye on No. 30 Trade Buzz because our 30 MLB.com beat reporters post to that around the clock until the July 31 Trading Deadline, so it should dominate here in July. A few shoutouts first, for Kaybee‘s blog birthday, for a KC blog since we’re heading there in a few days, and for an up-and-coming prospect-wife blog you should get to know. OK, now we’re going to get back to Final Vote clicking and seeing what Curly W Live has to say about their own candidate, Bryce Harper.

Latest Leaders ranked by page views from June 1-30:

1. The USA Baseball 17U Blog
2. MLB.com Fantasy 411
3. The USA Baseball 15U National Team Blog
4. John & Cait…Plus Nine
5. Better Off Red
6. Alyson’s Footnotes
7. Brandon and Brandon
8. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
9. SF Giants Photos
10. Curly W Live
11. Baseball Nerd
12. Ben’s Biz Blog
13. White Shark
14. Dodgers Photog Blog
15. The Dash Board
16. Around the Horn in KC
17. So I Married A Baseball Player…
18. MLB.com Blogs Central (lol)
19. Ben Rouse’s Brewers Mission 162
20. Reed Between the Lines
21. 45 Miles From Fenway
22. Phillies Insider
23. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
25. Rattler Radio
26. The USA Baseball 14U Blog
27. TribeVibe
28. MLB Urban Youth Academy
29. Inside the White Sox
30. Trade Buzz
31. Our Game
32. Inside the Jackson Generals
33. CastroTurf
34. Cubs Vine Line Blog
35. Above the Plate
36. The G-Blog
37. Roof Report
38. Bloomberg Sports
39. On the Mike with Mike Safford (Voice of the Boise Hawks)
40. Cooperstown Chatter
41. Newberg Report
42. ‘Riders Insider Blog
43. ‘Cats Corner
44. The Sprouting News
45. Salem Sox Talk
46. Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
47. Express Tracks
48. It’s All Relative
49. Justice4U
50. From the Booth with Steve Stewart

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. TexasRangers_HQ
4. The AustralianBaseballDigest
5. Red State Blue State
6. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
7. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
8. A’s Farm
9. The Brewer Nation
10. Rockpile Rant
11. Beisbol 007
12. The Ballpark Guide
13. mlbblogger
14. Born on Third
15. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
16. 3 Up, 3 Down
17. BlueBattingHelmet
18. Phillies Phollowers
19. Pinstripe Birthdays
20. Brewers Rumors
21. Observing Baseball
22. swingingbuntz
23. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
24. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
25. The Rays Rant
26. The Baseball Haven
27. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
28. The Unbiased MLB Fan
29. Minoring In Baseball
30. Rockin’ Redlegs
31. Dodgers Insider
32. Collection of Baseball
33. This is a very simple game…
34. TheCutoffMan
35. More Splash Hits
36. If You Write It, They Will Come
37. gojays
38. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
39. Royal Blues
40. Unfinished Business
41. Bleacher Boy
42. The Yankee Dinosaur
43. Wrigley Regular
44. baseballqueen
45. Cream City Cables
46. Fish Fry
47. Rox Addict
48. All Things Pirates: Breaking down the Buccos
49. Dyna Mets
50. The Phanatic Addict

1. Muskat Ramblings
2. Beck’s Blog
3. Bombers Beat
4. The Zo Zone
5. Mark My Word
6. Bowman’s Blog
7. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
8. Britt’s Bird Watch
9. Postcards From Elysian Fields
10. North of the Border
11. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
12. Change for a Nickel
13. Haft-Baked Ideas
14. Brew Beat
15. Mariners Musings
16. Tag’s Lines
17. Major League Bastian
18. Mets Cetera
19. Major Lee-ague
20. Bollinger Beat

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different WordPress.com theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by MLB.com.

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