Want to embed the video of Josh Hamilton’s historic four-homer night into your MLB.com Blog? Richard Justice of MLB.com just did it on his Justice4U blog and you can as well.

Go to the MLB.com video clip and click the EMBED button among the share icons. Copy the code and then paste using the HTML tab on the text-post field of your WordPress.com dashboard. It will look like this:

Then tell everyone at MLB.com Blogs what you thought of one of the best offensive performances in Major League history – 18 total bases!

Elsewhere around MLB.com Blogs:

We’re helping a Major League player start a blog in English and Spanish. Be on the lookout and comment here when you see his first post. Hint, National League West. Our huge roster of PRO bloggers is right here.

Leave Jon Miller some love on his new MLB.com Blog Booth Bloggin’ because HELLO, HE’S JON MILLER. And boy does he have some stories to share. . . . See what Mat Latos’ wife Dallas is up to on her insightful blog So I Married A Baseball Player. . . . Indians fans, make sure you are following your new official club blog TribeVibe posted by the front office.

Appreciating everyone’s comments, especially after each Latest Leaders post. Looking through the comments you can find a lot of fellow bloggers. Always include your full URL with any comment to make it easy to be found.

Take a look at a new blog from David Hruska called The Cutoff Man. George just posted about Theo on his fine Cubs blog at Born On Third. Giants fans will want to see More Splash Hits.


So glad we can put videos now! I put one A.J. Ellis interviewing Clayton Kershaw. It is hilarious! Kershaw is a good sports in the video. Love the kid. http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/2012/05/28/dodger-stadium-home-sweet-home-great-aj-ellis-video-memorial-day/

Thanks, yossif – am looking into it now. On a related note, MLB game footage cannot be shown on youtube pages such as is the case with http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=SVCHJQe11XQ … those will be removed by the youtube host, so you’ll be linking to no video on those cases.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t work because all my mlb.com videos in that article were from 2008. The older videos probably don’t embed; same thing happened to my FanVsFan blog.

Nice, nice, nice job done MLB.com. The embed option will be frequently applied to Dustkicker.com!

I have to say the embed feature is clutch, but what it opens your eyes to is even better. What am I talking about? The vast MLB.com video library of course. I just wrote about Cubs 2009 3rd round pick Austin Kirk, and I was able to find a video back from the 2009 draft to embed in my post, great stuff, thanks again for the feature!

Finally got to use the new feature today and what a way to debut it…with Bryce Harper’s first home run! Even though the Nats pitching has fallen off the last few days, it was nice to see Harper fit right into the DC culture by going crazy and hitting his second homer in as many days earlier today.



I just added my first MLB Video. It greatly enhanced my post. I was at the Cincinnati Reds HOF and Museum, they have a wall of baseball’s there for all of Pete Rose’s hits. I couldn’t get a good picture, so I just described the wall. Then I found a video from MLB taking about the wall and showing it. It really made the post come to life. Thanks for this added feature 🙂

~Russel http://wrigleyregular.mlblogs.com/2012/05/10/visiting-great-american-ballpark-in-cincinnati/

Thanks, just made it the No. 1 panel on http://MLB.com/blogs


Thanks for the new feature and thanks for the front page. 🙂


Woooo, alright, thanks for the mention! Keep up the great work everyone!

We are doing a jersey giveaway on nybisons. Check it out: http://nybisons.mlblogs.com/2012/05/08/jersey-giveaway/

I put the video on my site this morning- was anxiously awaiting its availability as an embed. I would’ve done it last night if it had been available then!

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