New: Embed video in your blog

Good news for everyone who maintains an Blog: You can easily embed and share and MLB Network videos in your posts now, as Jamie Ramsey and Marty Noble have done. Look for clips that say “EMBED” among the Share icons under the video, and then copy the code. In your WordPress dashboard text field, click the HTML tab and simply paste the code where you want.

Let’s say you want to post a Barry Larkin HOF video. Search our video for Barry Larkin and find – then you see the grey “EMBED” button under the video, and just copy that html code. If you don’t see the “EMBED” button on one of our clips, it is not available for sharing yet.

I just went to our Video home on and searched for “MLB Network.” Freddie Freeman is talking about his time with the Braves so far. Sounds like a good blog post for someone on Blogs, sharing your own view on what it has been like watching him as a Brave so far. I’m embedding the video…easy stuff…here you go.

Text, videos, pics, polls, comments, awesome dashboard — lots of reasons why you need a blog in 2012 besides that Twitter and FB account. Use Twitter and FB to get people to your blog so they can see a nice-sized video player with video, and add TW and FB widgets to your blog. It all works together…now with video.


This is only available to MLBlogs that use an MLB/Team theme, correct?

sah-weet. Now I can stop linking to video highlights, haha. Thanks for making this available to us!

Thanks for the tip and great new feature. Should add even more life to everyone’s blogs.


There’s a lot of videos that aren’t embeddable at all, does anybody know why?

Glad you like it! Looks like your season is going pretty well so far!

That’s fantastic! Look forward to using that in the near future.

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