Latest Leaders – April 2012

Latest Leaders logoTigers beat writer Jason Beck’s blog was the overall top-ranked Blog for the month of April, while Alyson’s Footnotes (MLB Pro) and Zack Hample’s The Baseball Collector (Fans) finished atop their respective divisions. And readers of The Byrd’s Nest will be thrilled to hear Marlon Byrd is planning on continuing his blog after his recent trade to the Red Sox.

Here are your Latest Leaders ranked by page views from Apr. 1-30:

1. Alyson’s Footnotes
2. Fantasy 411
3. Better Off Red
4. From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
5. SF Giants Photos
6. John & Cait…Plus Nine
7. Baseball Nerd
8. Dodgers Photog Blog
9. Ben’s Biz Blog
10. The Byrd’s Nest
11. Curly W Live
12. So I Married A Baseball Player…
13. The Dash Board
14. Ben Rouse’s Brewers Mission 162
15. Around the Horn in KC
16. 45 Miles From Fenway
17. Inside the White Sox
18. Blogs Central (lol)
19. Phillies Insider
21. Rattler Radio
22. TribeVibe
23. Brandon and Brandon
24. The Opening Day Blog
25. Our Game
26. Summer of ’41 Forever
27. The Futurists
28. Tommy Lasorda’s World
29. Cubs Vine Line Blog
30. CastroTurf
31. Inside the Jackson Generals
32. Bloomberg Sports
33. Cooperstown Chatter
34. B3: Big, Bald and Beautiful
35. Above the Plate
36. Newberg Report
37. Down the Line with the Phillies Ballgirls
38. Comerica Park, 48201
39. It’s All Relative
40. MLB Urban Youth Academy
42. From the Booth with Steve Stewart
43. Noble Thoughts
44. Salem Sox Talk
45. TVA Jacques
46. The Inside Pitch
47. ‘Cats Corner
48. Justice4U
49. ‘Riders Insider Blog
50. From the Nest

1. The Baseball Collector
2. Rays Renegade
3. Red State Blue State
4. Cook & Son Bats’ Blog
5. Counting Baseballs
6. The AustralianBaseballDigest
7. Beisbol 007
8. nybisons
9. Rockpile Rant
10. A’s Farm
11. mlbblogger
12. BlueBattingHelmet
13. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend
14. The Unbiased MLB Fan
15. The Ballpark Guide
16. The Brewer Nation
17. Phillies Phollowers
18. You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!
19. Observing Baseball
20. Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World
21. Pinstripe Birthdays
22. The Pittsburgh Peas
23. Blogging ‘Bout Baseball
24. Collection of Baseball
25. Fish Fry
26. Rockin’ Redlegs
27. Born on Third
28. Minoring In Baseball
29. Bjarkman’s Latino and Cuban League Baseball History Page
30. The Rays Rant
31. Brewers Rumors
32. This is a very simple game…
33. La Pagina de Tony Menendez
34. Cream City Cables
35. I’m Not A Headline Guy…
36. swingingbuntz
37. Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts
38. The Yankee Dinosaur
39. gojays
40. The Baseball Haven
41. 3 Up, 3 Down
42. Unfinished Business
43. DYNASTY League Baseball from designer of Pursue the Pennant
44. Bleacher Boy
45. Plushdamentals
46. More Splash Hits
47. Phillies Red Pinstripes
48. The Sprouting News
49. The Optimist Tiger
50. Royal Blues

1. Beck’s Blog
2. The Zo Zone
3. Mark My Word
4. By Gosh, It’s Langosch
5. Muskat Ramblings
6. Bowman’s Blog
7. Bombers Beat
8. Britt’s Bird Watch
9. Postcards From Elysian Fields
10. Gonzo and ‘The Show’
11. Major League Bastian
12. Brownie Points
13. North of the Border
14. The Fish Pond
15. Mariners Musings
16. Brew Beat
17. Haft-Baked Ideas
18. Tag’s Lines
19. Change for a Nickel
20. Bollinger Beat

Reminder: Blogs only can be tracked for this list if they use an MLB theme. If you switch to a different theme for a day or two during that month, those page views will not be included for these purposes because they cannot be recorded by



Wanted to wish you and the rest of MLB Advanced Media a fantastic “Happy First Anniversary” to salute our move to last season. It doesn’t even seem like a full year since we packed up our stuff and moved to the new format. Sure some cherished things got lost in the shuffle, but the move was exciting and did open some new avenues for seeking out new blogs and resurrecting a few ones on life support. Change tends to make all of us rant, rave and throw a few keyboards, but a year later…It was the right thing to do.

I know the past year had rough moments for all of us as we adjusted to the new “home”, but in the end we are a tighter and more exciting baseball inspired neighborhood within the strong metropolis that is WordPress. Thank you again for taking and pushing us on that journey because I know it would not have been one we would have done without our friends, yourself or MLB’s support.

OK, that’s interesting. According to my WordPress dashboard, I had 2,500 page views in April, yet ranked 46th.

Are you using a “MLBlogs Theme” — If you aren’t then your hits won’t count? That’s the only thing I can think of?


I had cracked the top 50 a long time ago, sometime two seasons ago, and I’m eager to earn my spot back this summer. Does anyone have an idea how many monthly page views #50 on the list of fan blogs gets?

Whew! Still checked in at #16 after a slow start to the regular season for me. Thanks for the continued readership everyone! I’ll be back in the saddle soon (I blogged earlier tonight already!) as I’ll soon stop working two full-time jobs.


MoreSplashHits back in the top 50 again. Doubled our best month in page views, but still only good enough for 46? Wow. Great to get another Giants blog into the Top 50.

It’s always an honor to be listed among such passionate baseball fans. As is my custom, here’s a few thoughts on the number 12.
Thanks for reading, as always.


Baseball is back! Glad to be at #13 on the list and even more glad to have finally attended my first Giants game of this season a few nights ago. Nothing quite like that 🙂 Happy May, MLBloggers!

Congratulations to everyone on this month’s list. I’m not in the Top 50, but pleased to say I had my best month since last October’s World Series and my second best month since the blogs moved to WordPress! Have a great season, everyone!

Congratulations to everyone who made the list, rookies and seasoned vets alike, and thank you to everyone who continues to read my blog! Hopefully my Angels can start tearing up the rankings soon themselves. I lucked out and was there for Weaver’s no hitter tonight and think that maybe, just maybe they’ve finally got that spark! 🙂
— Kristen

Hey, thanks to those who stopped by and checked out our little blog. Fun times.

I always enjoy my time on the mountain top in the off-season, now it is time to turn it over again to an active and great ball-hawk. I can tell you all officially, Zack got more than 40,489 page views (That was my April total). Was a great first month of baseball with tons of on and off the field surprises, a Sox perfecto, surprising injuries and roster moves as well as a few jaw-dropping Rays walk-off moments. The bad part is we have exhausted almost 15% of the 2012 season, but I truly anticipate the next 85% to be glorious….all the way to the first days of NOV.

Always a blast writing my prose, and also reading some of the fantastic news and views of others as they embrace this grand game. Thank you again, one and all for your support and comments…..Now let’s get back to the games!

New blog recently started, come check it out

Up a 1000 views and move up just 1 spot from 42 to 41 haha, everyone must’ve killed it this month, great job! Guess we’ll keep plugging away!

Thanks, as always, Mark! It’s always cool to see the list come out. #15 this month for me!
– Malcolm

Huge thanks to everyone visiting my blog, jumped from 48th to 27th this month, couldn’t have done it without all of you, thanks!

Congratulatios on #36! The 100 tag is for being on the top 100 for the year.
Congratulations on everyone’s ranking. Thank you for those that visit my blog!

Sweet! #36 in my first month!. Now how do I go about getting one of those Top 100 tags on my site?

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