Spring means baseball books and a blog

Introducing our Spring 2012 selection of best baseball books to read as we open a new season. Be sure to follow the official MLB.com Baseball Books blog for all things baseball literature, and you are invited to be part of it as well. The blog was created not only for us at MLB.com to review our favorite baseball books, but also for fans to jump in and offer their own reviews.

Here’s how it hopefully works: If you have blogged a review of your own that isn’t already covered on the books blog, and you wish for us to include it, leave a comment here with a link to your post. We will try to highlight it, linking back to your full review. The goal is for this to be the best baseball-book outlet around.

You can find my MLB.com reviews of R.A. Dickey’s outstanding debut Wherever I Wind Up and our spring roundup, and feel free to add comments on those articles with your own thoughts about the books.


Tell us what you think of the new-look MLB.com homepage, and while you’re at it, jump into the fun we are having with our HBO friends since we did a mashup of “Game of Thrones” and MLB 2012 — two seasons set to begin. Like we said on the MLB.com Blogs front, take a look at the mashup video, and then in your own blog post tell everyone who is going to take the crown in Major League Baseball. Lots of people looking forward to both seasons.


MLB.com columnist and MLB Network studio host Mitch Williams just blogged about his American League prediction for 2012, and you can click here and find out who he likes. Make sure you are blogging your own picks right along with him and leave him some comments!


Pat Jordan’s “A False Spring” is the best basball book ever written.

Baseball Fantography by Andy Strasberg is a book that any baseball fan will enjoy. My description of the concept is at http://bluebattinghelmet.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/all-ive-got-is-a-photograph/

when is the latest leaders going up check out my blog at gojays.mlblogs.com

Excelente articulo. La comunidad blogger de MLB necesita mas y mas participantes para hacer de este espacio el mejor espacio interctivo de las Ligas mayores…enhora buena….¡

Here is an assortment of great predictions about the 2012 MLB Season with special insight into the Philadelphia Phillies!

Currently re-reading the newly revised book “September Night’s” by Tampa Bay Rays SP James Shields and MLB.com/MLBlogs.com’s own Bill Chastain. It was updated to also include the 2011 run at the post-season.
Also digging into Dirk Heyhurst’s new fun book “Out of My League” and a independently published “Game 162” that looks deeper into the fan prospective of that faithful night that Cardinals and Rays fans still beem about. Will try and work up some blog posts on these selections during the season.

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