Dealing with problem comments

A lively comments section is every blogger’s dream. But what about when unwanted comments from unwelcome guests become a problem? Fear not! MLBlogs is powered by, who provide bloggers with all the tools you need to make your comments a troll-free zone.

A first layer of defense comes from’s spam filter. Should any spam messages make it through, you can mark them as spam to remove them from your visible comments and add them to the spam filter. Additionally, every blogger has the ability via your blog dashboard to customize comment approval under Settings > Discussion. You can open things up and automatically publish all comments in real time, require all comments to be approved by you before they appear on your blog, or choose from a wide variety of customizable options in between. Should you encounter an unwelcome commenter, you can blacklist both by email address and IP address — preventing them from returning to the blog under a new account.

Make sure to mark posts as “Spam” as that helps our system learn and catch similar spam posts better in the future.

Finally, consider is closing comments for old posts; WordPress can do this automatticially after a certain number days, under Settings > Discussion.

As always,’s Support section is a great resource. Here’s a link to their support page on this topic for more information.


A prime example is Herbert above whose comment has nothing to do with this post.

I’ve only had one negative comment, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. I went ahead and approved it anyway, with a curt little response from yours truly.

The Blue Jays will have to make some major changes, if they are going to compete in 2012. Because what they have chosen to do so far does not show any promise whatsoever! It does take money to build a strong competitive team, otherwise it does look like a very dissapointing future for the Ble Jays!

I have only had a few issues with bad comments on my blog.

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