Top 100 MLBloggers: Get your badge!

Congratulations again to all our Top 100 Blogs for 2011. If your blog made the list you’ve earned a Top 100 badge to proudly display in your sidebar. Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Log in to your blog’s dashboard.

2. Go to Appearance > Widgets.

3. Grab the Image widget from the list of available widgets in the middle of the window (they’re in alphabetical order), and drag it over to the top of your active widgets in the Sidebar section on the right side.

4. Enter ONLY the following information in the Image widget.
Image URL:
Alternate text: Top 100 Blogs
Width: 300 Height: 50
Link URL:

5. Hit Save and you’re all set. The badge should display at the top of your blog’s sidebar, just as it does in this blog.


Hopefully, someday, the Rockies Reporting blog could be part of this prestigious list. With some views, good blogging, and fun, the Rockies Reporting blog could make it on that list eventually. Please, support the cause and go to the Rockies Reporting blog (link below) and maybe even leave a comment. Who knows, if you go to my blog, I might go to yours (because we all love views, right? :))
Thanks, rockingroxfan

Congrats to all the top 100 fan bloggers, hope to one day achieve that greatness! Great job everyone!

Sick idea! Thanks!

Nice! The 2011 banner is extra cool looking. Thanks Mark!
— Kristen

Awesome! I’ve been secretly wanting one of these since I started my blog. Thanks, Mark!
– Malcolm

Well done, everyone! You also can see the Top 100 Blogs badge on some of the leading PRO blogs such as Jamie’s Better Off Red at — add yours if you’re on the list!

Woohoo! I am there! I am holding the baseball signed by Sandy Koufax that Joe Torre handed me. If anyone read that a couple of years ago, I won it when I attended the “Safe At Home \with Sandy Koufax” charity event.
Thanks Mark! and thanks for the instructions on the new banner.
I am super excited that Vin Scully has finally agreed to get a Bobblehead!

Very nice idea.

Thanks for the heads up on the new banner. Already got it posted in the right upper corner…..It looks great! Again thank you and your entire MLB Advanced Media hidden minions for making this blogging community the BEST!
Now we just need the calendar to speed up a click!

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