Make my MLBlog a Jumbo!

Want to be featured on the Jumbo panel at and draw a crowd?

If you’d like to see your blog considered for promotion on one of the six panels there, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s what you can do:

1. Create a new post for your blog explaining why you should be featured.

2. In the post, include an image at least 480 pixels wide, preferably with your face visible.

3. Give the post the “Jumbo MLBlogs” tag.

We hope to see you on the front page!


Please check out my Jumbo. I would be honored if you chose me.

Thank you so much for this great early Christmas gift. This is almost as good as the news of Albert Pujols going to the Angels. 🙂

I created a post explaining why my blog should be featured on the Jumbo Panel, and it would be an honor if you could just look at it. I have been with mlblogs since 2008, and it has been such a great experience for me.
Thank you,
The Manoman

Totally re-did my MLBlog Jumbo, check out the new and improved version:

Thanks for making mine a jumbo! I’m truly humbled to see my picture and links to my MLBlogs up there on the main page, next to the other great featured blogs. Since being featured, I’ve received several great comments and I know more people have their eyes on my blog now than before. Thanks a bunch!

-greg, aka Hoppers Fan <– Baseball Haiku <– Greensboro Grasshoppers fan blog

Here’s my crack at it:

Awesome stuff! My blog is in the top 50 already! So much fun!

Check out my blog and please email me what you think with positive and negetive feedback-

I would be honored to be selected.

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